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****APD Policy Update 05/11/17****

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Weapons trafficking is getting a change as it should be only used for its actual name, the transport or selling of illegal firearms.

The weapons trafficking charge should only be applied to Individuals who transport or sell illegal firearms. This charge should not be applied for a fugitive that was caught with a couple firearms during a fight. Instances where it can apply for example, transporting/selling a large amount of purchased/made weapons to a home for storage. Weapons trafficking charge starts at the first 2 illegal weapons found and is stacked for each other illegal weapon found. (RPG Tubes included).


Newly promoted SGT+ staff are unable to take an absence request for their first 2 months in office. 

There are exceptions if important IRL issues arise, please contact a Captain about this who can assist you.

We have seen too often where newly promoted staff are putting in absence requests right after being promoted when they were put in that spot in the first place to assist the APD. 

Absence requests submitted from this point forward may only last a max duration of 2 months. If you have to be absent from the position longer than 2 months, you will be required to vacate the position for someone else who can fulfill it in the meantime. Once you have returned from your extended leave of absence, you may contact a Captain about returning to the rank. If you fulfilled your duty during your time in that rank to the fullest, you should not worry about being denied your return to the rank.

Please note these absence request changes only apply to SGT+


If you have any questions or concerns about these policy updates, feel free to contact a Captain


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