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  1. You note to not mention times LTs got publicly shamed on the forums yet are asking to call out LTs right now which will then publicly shame them on the forums lol. Without derailing this thread more, LTs have absolutely been punished in multiple ways as zdeat has mentioned, over many years. It happens every now and then. No you won’t get names. That’s public shaming. It’s not meant to be a “HEY GUYS, THIS LT FUCKED UP!!!! LOL”. It’s “internal” affairs for a reason. Other APD staff can see when an LT gets slapped with something beyond a talk via their app (points, etc). Same with other APD staff in similar situations. That’s embarrassing enough of the time to not get them to do shit again since their peers take note of it.
  2. Sounds good! Sent a friend request on discord. “kremityt” This could be pretty cool! Good stuff.
  3. Already got some gears moving in regards to this. He’s definitely one to look out for. I recall his distaste for Asylum yeaaaaarrrssss ago but maybe that’s changed since. You never know! We’ll have to see I guess 🙏🏼
  4. Gang Wars again would be nice. I remember when I was tasked to stream it back in like 2017. That was a great time that saw 300-400 viewers which was insane even for that periods viewership. I wouldn't even mind helping out with that again with other streamers alike. First one that comes to mind is someone like @zdeatHim and I could be commentators. That was my role in that Gang War all the way back and it was super fun. With admins too and the owner. --------------------------- Not only that but you need to some how market your product. I understand the game is dead. But there's still about 7,000-10,000 people that play Arma daily. There's still some hope to reach out to new people that've never played the server or even returning players to some degree. If you have a product that only relies on word of mouth to market, your product will never see the light of day. There needs to be someone who reaches out to content creators, streamers, etc. Some sort of plan. Maybe with a small budget to help promote the server with these creators. I've done the research as a successful creator myself and there's still hope with some specific streamers and youtubers that could possibly give the server a try. It's a slim chance, but making plans with these creators during an awesome server update with good timing could see GREAT results for people wanting to try it out. The Youtube scene for Arma 3 still gets great views, with a good bit still around entertaining Role Play-like videos. The Streaming scene still gets alright views with a few stand out streamers that do RP-like stuff. I'd love to work with upper staff to try to make this happen. I've been apart of Asylum for over 9 years now. I'm a creator that to some degree is bigger than 80% of the ARMA creators (400k on youtube, 500k on tiktok, almost 100 million total views over my career, etc). Let me be your leverage to try to help bring some eyes to your product here. I'm retired from the APD so I have all the time in the world to help focus up with marketing and everything with you guys. I cant escape this community. I come back every now and then. I'd love to make another appearance but this time make a difference with the whole server, rather than just the APD ♥️ I'm down to try if you are. @Rogue@HunterB@Akula
  5. This actually sounds pretty unique and genuinely fun. Would love to see where this idea can go. Great suggestion!
  6. I didn't check the modifications just yet unfortunately. That update slipped my mind.
  7. Glad to see the welcome screen and the new player search made it in ❤️
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