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  1. This actually sounds pretty unique and genuinely fun. Would love to see where this idea can go. Great suggestion!
  2. I didn't check the modifications just yet unfortunately. That update slipped my mind.
  3. Glad to see the welcome screen and the new player search made it in ❤️
  4. Wow, god forbid there's a few mistakes in a big server update. You know what we should do Nuvo!? We should berate the developers! I think shitting on them by being sarcastic and asking for new devs will make these fixes happen quicker and hopefully teach them a lesson to be perfect! Man... Too bad there isn't a full island with 10+ years of developed systems/activities with dozens of other things to do to help pass the time while they fix things via reports. Genius.
  5. Going by <time within 6 months> could be bad because what if that person isn't on for 5 months. At all. The houses they own just sit there untouched for almost half a year. Then the final month they get 30 hours in and then disappear for another 5 months. Then you're in an even worse situatiuon that OP suggested (being over 3+ months with no playtime). I dont think thats a healthy situation either unfortunately. Keep that in mind. They also could just hop on civ and afk for majority of those hours too. They could do that already of course.
  6. Should the counter to Mobiles be allowing spawns inside houses? I think that’s ass backwards to the solution and tilting the balance deeply over the edge in this case. If anything, Mobiles being removed would be a closer balance rather than allowing spawning inside strategic houses near feds If you could spawn inside a house, would it be limited? Or just no restriction at all in general? Us finding houses and like being able to do something to prevent further spawns could be fun with policy involved in all honesty, but I don’t think that’s the end game solution to this supposed problem. Also my usage of the verbiage “unethical” was strictly for talking about a cop force blowing up a civs house. How it doesn’t make sense from a government perspective. Not used in the same way you’re using it now, in a numbers comparison.
  7. Have one or two roaming in ifrits with an RPG looking for Mobile. Or even one dude high up in an Orca and another on ground ready to go to ping from where Orca sees the Mobile. If you find and blow it up, we don’t have it for the rest of the event on timer unless fighting continues after. Likely won’t pull it again at the end either for 99% of people since that would lead to a net loss anyway. On the contrary- APD can’t blow your house up and prevent you from infinitely spawning. I guess we could with flash bangs but that would just get ridiculous, pin pointing your house, hunting you and the house you’re spawning in down, etc etc. It would also be unethical for a cop force to destroy a house like that if so.
  8. Lets gooooo 🔥🔥🔥
  9. This is the sole reason really why my "rank of the month" idea didnt include Constable or Corporal. Because the main argument was it'd be a slap in the face to whoever got it. Even in a situation where they wouldnt have been promoted anyway, and was just "the best in that rank outside of who got promoted". It would still be seen as embarrassing to some extent most likely. So we just have SGT/LT of the month which has now been successfully running since the start of the year without issues thankfully. Giving the APD Staff extra things to achieve for monthly with perks/rewards. All of which I'll detail publicly on the APD Wiki when I have the chance over the next 24 hours. (All has been approved by multiple Captains/Admins/SAs/Owners over the course of its 2-3 month conception).
  10. I spent ages brainstorming “rank of the month” on the side making sure it’s fair and not OP. Eventually coming to just SGT and LT for a list of reasons. Many other higher ranking and lower ranking also behind those reasons. Right now you get either by just being the best over performing SGT/LT of the month. It’s voted. During the LT meeting, the LTs vote who they think deserves SGT of the month. And is Captains review it. Captains vote LT of the month. You get $ and some perks. I’ll make a section for it on the Wiki in the APD section when I have the time soon.
  11. I agree with this to a degree. Corporal - 1st LT definitely sees struggles trying to snag one of the 3 UC slots at peak time, but we have to also consider the many 2nd LTs and Captains/Retired Captains that have a "cop all slot" which means they get to be UC at all times as an option. So we're already looking at quite a chunk of the APD being able to be UC already. Could there be one more slot for 4 total slots? Sure. I don't think adding at least another UC slot is the end of the world, but increasing it beyond that could spark issues if at peak times 20-30%+ of the APD is UC depending on what ranks are on. Things to consider.
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