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  1. The song choice is beautiful
  2. They could have the server pop up on a timer or do it manually so like "Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays Strife will be up the whole day to play". This would mean that the other days players would be 'forced' to play the main server. This could also attract other players who are first introduced to Strife to then move to the main server since they dont have other places to go, in turn actually boosting main server pop. Who knows, there are tons of ways the staff could go about it ensuring the main doesn't crash.
  3. Be my Sergeant I need to be the once great LT TO I used to be
  4. I got a career and degree. Life adopted me. Now with all this free time who knows where I’ll land hehe
  5. Bro.... I missed this shit so much. ._.
  6. Jesus lord... some fucking people. I’ve been away for 6 months and nobodies changed. If you’re gunna comment hoping the server dies and shit, just fucking leave already and save your fingers some energy. Your negative ass thought process is half of what’s creating a shitty environment for people. That’s one of the reasons we don’t see new people who actually stick around. In game and on the forums. Nothing but toxicity and some inbred form of hatred.
  7. Feelsbadman. Never realized using a civ in civ restraints was justified and allowed. Always thought “meatshielding” was just a universal, all around thing you just couldn’t do. Hmm. This could make for some interesting RP scenarios, although I’m sure it’ll only be used in combat knowing how civs are lmao... not like a “BACK UP... I HAVE A GUN TO HIS HEAD, MEET MY DEMANDS” as you’re escorting him and stuff. Good to know though.
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