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  1. LOL he was mentioning that earlier when I was looking back
  2. I can vouch. I'm newer, but when I have dropped MKs, it's only 1 or 2 for SGT if we need them. Given what I heard about 16 people were at the event, which means 6 SWAT slots over 3 SWAT officers + 2 dropped MKs. Definitely was SWAT is were the confusion is deriving from, making it seem like loads of MKs were dropped.
  3. Been meaning to comment. Sick drip tbh. Would cop 100%
  4. Whether this goes through or not, huge props for putting this much effort into this. Good shit.
  5. It's like a case of, Want what the APD have? Play as a Cop. Want what the Rebels have? Play as a Rebel. APD doesn't have everything. Not even close. In contrast to Rebels - we don't have access to certain vehicles, certain weapons, Cartels, Housing, money making methods (besides bounties pretty much), RPGs, Grenades, etc etc etc. We're pretty damn barren as a faction in regards to what we have and can do. It's not a luxurious life being APD. It's really an acquired taste to have fun on cop, and especially climb the ranks. We've just got cheaper gear basically kinda lol.
  6. Not hate or anything, but can you just fathom the sheer chaos that this would cause? LMAO I'm just picturing it. Cops have to respond to a bank. 5 Rebels with 7.62 downing (defensive positions) vs 8 Constables/Corporals with 5.56 downing (pushing in papermade cars) and all the cops get downed within minutes and kept down by rebels for the rest of the ^10 minutes. Bro
  7. It's a police force. We've gotta have at least a few things that the civilian population can't have. You know... "Government issued equipment that's heavily regulated."
  8. This would be sick. I remember this. Would love to see it back
  9. Sandwich


    It affects cops, therefore they have a say. Similar to when cops want the smallest thing and "people who only play rebel" pitch in. More pardons would be horrific tbh
  10. The 9mm Defeater Keep it up, GGs
  11. Thank you Looks like a solid update!
  12. Best of luck brother! I promise if you keep it up and keep trying to optimize tags, content, etc - you’ll start getting views. You got this!
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