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  1. Would love to see this. Would be a nice breath of fresh air, to an extent.
  2. o7 A wildly OG member. Best of luck Leady. Much love brother
  3. Damn. Great points. That's a shame though. I guess it really isn't that easy though at the end of the day huh?
  4. I definitely get where you're coming from. My goal for this was to just come up with some sort of idea that could be a nice fun event that the Devs could help create to have the APD get a little more involved in something that could be healthy for the server. VDM would of course be something that could be likely, but use cops could try to prepare for that in some way? Maybe the civs would know we've be confirmed recording and they've be reported? Etc. But for sure that would be an issue I'm sure along with desync. Of course we could do the convoy event now like you said, but there would be so many extra steps that would be a pain in the ass to check off for a successful version of that. Getting all the applicable vehicles, undercover to grab an expensive hemtt, then more money likely spent to be the reward in the hemtt, then more money spent to send out the notification and the news tower, etc. Sure we could do it, but with the money that we'd take out of our own pokets, you likely wouldnt see it done. Even if it was, it'd liekly be very very rare to get a group of people to pool money for it. This idea would basically allow cops to not have to spend money on it (except for their own loadouts) which would have you see it actually happen. And I guess I didnt word that right. There likely wouldnt be much policy you could really put on a specific convoy event in general. Maybe just "dont use the event more than once per restart or else" type of thing and the # of cops needed. No need for a list of policy like the raiding. Pros and Cons right? Just throwing an idea out there. I've been there brother. I definitely know what you mean. I've been in my fair share of convoys that get shitted on. If this idea went through though, there would be not much loss other than a failed event and a loadout in that case. I'm sure (hopefully...) would be SGT+ willing to persevere though the BS of failed events in strive for the occasional ones that are successful. We'll always have a handful of ass events like that, but the ones that go well would I feel be kind of worth it. Just do these when not much on cop is going on. Kind of like a "whats there to lose? Might be successful and fun" kind of thing.
  5. We've seen it tons of times in the past - nice little admin hosted live events where a handful of APD officers take a convoy from one side of the map to the other that have valuables/goods in them for the rebels/civs that successfully take the convoy. How about we have a system where at HQs, there's a scroll wheel option for SGT+ (or something similar to this) where a scripted few armored vehicles (2 Hunters and a hemtt) spawn somewhere nearby. After the vehicles spawn, the cops have 60 seconds before a server wide notification goes off and alerts the server. If the convoy is successfully taken to the other side of the map, the cops can seize what's inside? Maybe? Maybe this could just be a Kavala/Sofia thing? Maybe going from the other HQs would be too short? It could be seen in part like a federal event of sorts. There would be APD policy involved of course to this. Something along the lines of (can/will be changed): -Only 1 APD server event per restart -There MUST be 7+ cops present and taking part for convoy (including SGT+) -If any SGT+ is found to be misusing the system, there will be serious consequences in the form of points/possible removal (similar strictness to LT raids) -Etc The convoy can be the first server wide APD event tested over a handful of months. Then maybe we can come up with others and then go from there! Lets talk it out and see what people think. People have been wanting new things added to the server. This isn't inherently new, but would be a nice breath of fresh air occasionally when the event is conducted! Overall, I genuinely believe having a system in place where SGT+ have access to a fun server-wide event would be healthy as long as there is APD policy in place.
  6. This could be a fun idea. Especially considering that it cant be put into a garage and there's only one. This wouldnt just be something the cops toss around, it would need a convoy that assists in its protection as well. Like a detail of guards (1-3 people maybe) that move around with it. Sure there are pros and cons to it, but worst case it can be tested with some juicy APD policies along with it. If majority of people dislike it for legit reasons, oh well. Take it out. At least we tried something new. I genuinely could see fun in this for all sides. Extra juice at fed events, utilization for other activities like maybe Rebel Raids, etc. There could also be a new training for APD that revolves around Mobile Police HQ Protection/Tactics. So much good could come from this if done right. I'm definitely all for it. Might as well test it out for a month or so. +1
  7. I see where you're coming from, but I haven't been around in ages so cant comment fully with confidence. I hope there still is a spark. From what I've heard, it seems a life server is already in the works - but if this happens and is executed properly, this could be THE spark to ignite things within the entire community. If a Reforger server pops off and is able to be maintained, it could boom the entire community like I've mentioned previously. Most people that have Reforger will have A3, and if they like our Reforger server a % of that community would likely try out our A3 server, etc etc. It would be a very nice snowball effect that could make way for quite a handful of new faces in the community -> again leading to a nice boom for us, moving Asylum to even more of the face of (vanilla) life RP
  8. That's amazing to hear. If Asylum is able to hop on that ASAP they can take massive advantage of that. I really hope to see some dope stuff soon! I think Gen. Henry mentioned in the discord they're already working on a life server. Super excited for that.
  9. Genuinely would be great for Asylum to consider branching out to some extent. New community to dip into? Right now it looks like it wouldn't be the BEST life rp server type situation, but having some sort of basic base server that has basic stepping stones to that kind of system would be a great at first. I'm hoping they'd add more vehicles and other things moving forward to the game so it would make life easier for Devs and enable more possibilities for life rp. I can guarantee others will have pop up servers and successfully take advantage, so if Asylum can figure that out and execute it before they do, we're in the lead. As much as it isnt a competition, it really is at the end of the day.
  10. I'm sure this is an idea in some way already, but if possible we should try making a Reforger Asylum server as soon as possible. As someone who understands marketing quite a bit now since that's a big part of my career, being one of the first ones to place your foot in the door in something is a huge advantage. I'd absolutely love to see this community thriving in numbers like it used to and with new game, that could be a massive reality. Again, I'm sure there would be so much work into doing something like that, but having a very basic server at first would be great. There will be a huge wave of popularity revolving around the game for about 1-2 months until the peak starts to move down with the eyes on the game. That time frame is obviously when you want to try to get as much out of it as possible. That being said, getting people from Reforger would also trickle to A3 and the main server. It would arguably be a necessary leap of efforts for the likely future betterment of the servers longevity overall and a great first leap into the future of Asylum for Arma 4 down the line. I can guarantee others will have pop up servers and will successfully take advantage, so if Asylum can figure that out and execute it before they do, we're in the lead. As much as it isn't a competition, it really is at the end of the day. Business is business Really hoping that can happen and if it does, we'll do our best to help populate servers and spread the word! Edit: Looking into the map and game further after almost a day and speaking to a handful of others, this map has quite a bit of potential. The different buildings, furnished insides, etc. Saint-Philippe is big enough to be the Kavala of the map. With many other town areas, and even another 2 quite big towns (Saint-Pierre and Lamentin) there's loads of potential for a 60-80 person life server. Once mods come rolling in that help with skins, clothes, UI, weapons, systems, etc - this will be amazing. This is the next big push for Asylum in mine and many others opinions. Really looking forward to what the future holds. So much opportunity.
  11. They could have the server pop up on a timer or do it manually so like "Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays Strife will be up the whole day to play". This would mean that the other days players would be 'forced' to play the main server. This could also attract other players who are first introduced to Strife to then move to the main server since they dont have other places to go, in turn actually boosting main server pop. Who knows, there are tons of ways the staff could go about it ensuring the main doesn't crash.
  12. Be my Sergeant I need to be the once great LT TO I used to be
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