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****APD Policy Update 11/16/17****

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Assisted Kidnapping has been added as a charge. 

This charge is worth 5k.

Do not stack this charge.

There will not be an option to add this charge using the scroll wheel. You may add other charges that equal to 5k. Do not tell them what charges you are adding. Just RP with them and explain that they are being charged with Assisted Kidnapping. 

Not to long ago the rule on kidnapping changed. Here is the current rule from a previous policy update.

Kidnapping is only to be added to those who escort someone in restraints. This also applies to those we drive/fly/sail people in restraints as well.

This new charge is added to anyone involved with kidnapping that does not meet the criteria above. For example, two bounty hunters are inside Kavala HQ. Bounty hunter #1 downs two officers. Bounty hunter #2 restrains and escorts the officers out of the HQ. Another officer downs and restrains both bounty hunters. Bounty hunter #1 would be charged with Assisted Kidnapping for downing the officers. Bounty hunter #2 would be charged with two counts of Kidnapping for escorting both officers out of the HQ. Obviously this is a basic example. You will run into situations that will be more complicated. Use your best judgment when adding this charge. Do not add this charge to a civilian just because they are in a group with someone who is being charged with kidnapping. Make sure they are truly assisting.

Any further questions/concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.

Thank you.


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