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  1. Patato's weight 80 -> 200 Obi Woki's weight 600 -> 400 lel
  2. Why would you want to punish yourself like that?
  3. Action Taken does not always mean a ban has been placed. We do not need to justify why a ban was not placed but most of the time we do explain the reason. We also have 3 Senior admins you can reach out to also regarding that video, its DH you are fighting and when you exit the ifrit that other ifrit is already flying full speed at you and with chinese players ping you may have still been inside for them. They probably arent aware of what caused you to go flying but you could request comp for the loadout but I personally wouldnt ban the player for that situation
  4. do you have any pics to compare them? i dont play those other servers so i havent seen it
  5. Maybe increase rate of the rubber produced by cartel ?
  6. Lets just remove skiman. hes so corrupt
  7. i am not sure what was worse, your insult or your ping? Could be the fact whenever you die with your 500 ping you claim the person is hacking or abusing admin.
  8. Have you ever considered that your ping is causing your bullets to not register? Also you were warned to stop making posts such as this. Next time make a normal report. This will be considered your last warning Manhua
  9. that was absolutely fucking hilarious but why was i not top of the list when i removed all the Money? im offended but i appreciate the IRS tag in the vid
  10. Did you say guava at the end lol i know its a different language but close your eyes and listen. It sounds like "Whatcha piece of guava"
  11. I agree it does depend on which admin you have but it also depends on the type of situation. Where as if you got banned for RDM and the banning admin is busy but you have counter proof, any admin can lift that ban for you. I have done that many times before. But you are right theres small groups that are treated different whether it be playing favorites or keeping them banned for the longest length possible Unfortunately I don't make the ban lengths but I personally feel it should be reduced. Especially because sometimes its really just lag being a factor but whenever I handle a DPI report, we have multiple peoples opinions before placing a ban and I know some of the other admins do the same thing.
  12. I mean when players have a bad history of bans, they won’t learn their lessons. Most bans with rdm, vdm, and cl are usually resolved fairly quickly and lifted with warnings. Then you have players blatantly DPi glitching or vdming others to gain a huge advantage. We cant just slap them on the wrist when they continuously break the same rules. Accidents are one thing but when we receive videos of people purposely hitting someone with a vehicle then getting out to kill them. We have to ban them and let them think about their actions
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