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  1. Would be cool for custom textures for gangs on backpacks or articles of clothing, where only members of that gang can wear it
  2. Yeah you’re right. Why bother making a video that can help explain in further detail about how a money making method works. Rando for support
  3. Uranium video coming soon
  4. I still wanna see a shotgun only bank
  5. I really don’t get it. Everyone kept complaining for them to release v2. So then they finally do and the performance has been fantastic. Now people are complaining that “there’s nothing to do” yes a few things were removed but are most likely being optimized to make them better. There’s still plenty to do. would you rather play v1 where your in the middle of stuff and server just goes down, or on v2 where you can do anything you want and not have to worry about server crashing
  6. On one hand he messed up which was a simple mistake that he can learn from. On the other hand you just got a free pardon
  7. I’m fine with having bounty hunters but I think the MX should be more costly and have them only in stock if players are crafting them
  8. the one thing i miss there was the prison, putting prisoners in solitary confinement, or having them do "yard work" for early release.
  9. Should of died but you know. It’s arma
  10. Hold onto them in case the exchange ever makes a return
  11. You should see @Mitch (IFRIT) on GTA lmao it’s funny as shit
  12. Should just remove it entirely or increase the cost to sky dive. It’s rarely used anyway
  13. I always repack if I know I’m not getting to rebel anytime soon otherwise I leave a few bullets to refill at rebel
  14. That’s just more money you aren’t making by waiting
  15. Mayhem

    V2 house crates

    I believe @Jesse said there is a script that should carry everything over into your houses. The items will remain there. The only think you might lose is the loadout you’re currently wearing
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