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  1. The length of a ban on a player is not your concern. If a player is breaking the rules, you need to report that player and not retaliate by breaking the rules yourself.
  2. 3 32 KC Callisto, 73 Kc Arma, 278 Kraken, 13 Kc Skotizo, 208 KC Giant mole but you have a ToB pet and got a scythe. And both mutagens.
  3. @Jake gets a scythe on stream but when I get a pet, all he says is Fuck off
  4. Mayhem

    Admin Events

    Can't sadly We plan on doing this and maybe witness protection at some point. Takes a lot of coordination with the APD This actually sounds fun. Last person found wins. We were planning on doing a race possibly. Marathon might be hard unless we did a team race where player A has to reach teammate player B before they can get to final point. We plan to do the mortar one more as well, but we wanna mix it up a bit
  5. You can RP rent lol. With perm keys you can purchase a house for market price and rent out keys to others with the risk of them using it to make money but also having other “tenants”
  6. What FOV do you play on?
  7. Idk some random guy, I think he’s Canadian
  8. I’ll kick you in the shin
  9. I’ll take away your immunity lol
  10. If it was minecraft Would it be vanilla or a modded version. Modded is pretty fun if it’s FTB or something
  11. I just sold a 40k and a 120k long house close to DP3, so they should still be up for grabs
  12. Welcome, make sure to read the server rules and check out the wiki for money making tips http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Also feel free to join the teamspeak and enter the general support channel for any assistance
  13. Well then fuck lol. Either way it was never worth doing
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