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  1. You can RP rent lol. With perm keys you can purchase a house for market price and rent out keys to others with the risk of them using it to make money but also having other “tenants”
  2. What FOV do you play on?
  3. Idk some random guy, I think he’s Canadian
  4. I’ll kick you in the shin
  5. I’ll take away your immunity lol
  6. If it was minecraft Would it be vanilla or a modded version. Modded is pretty fun if it’s FTB or something
  7. I just sold a 40k and a 120k long house close to DP3, so they should still be up for grabs
  8. Welcome, make sure to read the server rules and check out the wiki for money making tips http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page Also feel free to join the teamspeak and enter the general support channel for any assistance
  9. Well then fuck lol. Either way it was never worth doing
  10. Last I remember, you need a skinning knife and after a player does, you can scroll wheel to harvest them. This will “execute” them and give you a charge. You have to be a decent distance away from any major city. You cook them on a fire and sell them to wongs. I haven’t done this in so long but if you’re looking to do it for money. Not completely worth it since you can only harvest I think once an hour. Might have been changed since.
  11. @Jesse how many treasure maps are there? and whats the rate of receiving one?
  12. I downloaded it again the other day. Played a hacker 2 games in a row then lost interest
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