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  1. you still ugly though whenever i add money to my bank, i remove it from you to balance the books
  2. well thats not entirely accurate anymore now isnt it haha
  3. List here inactive CM, i chased this dude with a Pawnee and lasered him with a spawned in .50 cal. Was funny as hell tho haha he was a chill dude
  4. Can still parachute then detonate on landing. Just not detonate while free falling
  5. I like this idea maybe for claiming it uses blood money?
  6. Regarding this, can send an admin message on game and see if one is on. If not then take a few screenshots of the crash and the medic request to show his body isn’t there and make a comp. I I’ll look at it and issue comp
  7. Can’t roll with the pack if you can’t afford to fight. But should check gang applications and try and find an active group. Most gangs will require you to have some starting cash and be self sustaining
  8. There are some gangs that only do money making and will occasionally go for a fight. I know @Nick made a gang for new players to make money. Could always join up and help people with the process
  9. Deal, transferring ownership after I receive picture proof of puppy
  10. Negative , but sometimes I’ll ask Siri to pick a number from 1-your bounty and that’s your ticket, had a 110k bounty guy get a 2000 ticket from it
  11. If i ever process you i ask you "How do you plead?" if you say not guilty i flip a coin, heads you get pardon, tails you explain charges for a reduced ticket
  12. The length of a ban on a player is not your concern. If a player is breaking the rules, you need to report that player and not retaliate by breaking the rules yourself.
  13. Mayhem

    Admin Events

    Can't sadly We plan on doing this and maybe witness protection at some point. Takes a lot of coordination with the APD This actually sounds fun. Last person found wins. We were planning on doing a race possibly. Marathon might be hard unless we did a team race where player A has to reach teammate player B before they can get to final point. We plan to do the mortar one more as well, but we wanna mix it up a bit
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