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  1. Whatever you say MITCH!
  2. If you are looking for a gang, you need to apply on their forum posts following their format if they have one. That is your best shot of being accepted into one.
  3. No but if you spawn athira, get a backpack and a quad, then go north and collect phosphorus and sell it to the market. You can afford one
  4. There’s plenty of money making opportunities that aren’t checked often. If you make some friends to do runs with, it makes the runs more fun and less likely to be robbed. Try and join an active gang for some “protection” when making money. *hint* don’t use large vehicles to do runs. Do small runs to maybe a house if you have one or just a hatchback sport of 1 item.
  5. More like a Declaration of Unkept promises
  6. Looking forward to trying it out. Hope it’s as good as MW2 use to be
  7. Oh god mem leaks were the worst. I’d prefer a crash over a mem leak any day
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