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  1. Idk how that equates to me not going outside lol? You are player
  2. But if it’s seized outside of a HQ you have a better chance of stealing it back compared to being inside HQ. Outside it goes to the nearest police car where in HQ it vanishes into evidence
  3. All good, it’s good to have a partner take you where they can sling load you in a sub with upgraded vehicle storage. It’s also good to collect for crafting supplies.
  4. you mean the event that spawns 2 wrecks a restart or the ship wrecking money maker in general? The one that spawns (if you get there first) drops a bunch of flawless diamonds and has chances of dropping gold bars and treasure maps. Off the flawless alone you can look at 150k minimum
  5. FYI not everyone stays inside all day, some of us enjoy the sun
  6. LMAOOOOOOOO please go ahead... enjoy your day
  7. I don't believe he is home right now, i saw the comments and decided to respond. You really shouldn't believe everything you have heard from someone elses mouth especially when they got removed from that gang and decided it would be a good idea to spread a false rumor to try and get him removed from staff. The fact you made me read your responses made me feel like my IQ lowered a bit. I also don't know why you thought it would be a good idea to post this when this is about congratulating the new captains..If you have an issue with a staff member you need to bring it up to the CMs or Mitch with your proof... That is all.
  8. Now you are changing your story? First he was the one who posted the links? but now hes the one who was deleting the links william and josh were posting? Im so confused.... or are you just spit balling anything william and josh tell you?
  9. You’re an idiot lmao, I was in that discord when William sent the link and then vortex deleted the links cuz he didn’t want that shit in the discord. Please don’t speak out of turn
  10. I gave some out yesterday. You just have to be in game and not dead when they are given out
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