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  1. Link me this post one more time on TS and i will give you -1000 Rep
  2. I like this idea but maybe receive 50% of the value back and need a check for virtual/physical upgrades if those were able to removed as well
  3. This may be an issue if a player doesnt have the funds to pay it
  4. He’s gone at this point so I’m just gonna close this topic
  5. On top of this, we do have lives outside of this game that takes priority. Tickets get resolved when someone has time with them. Sometimes a ticket can take 1-2 hours and sometimes can be open for 2+ days. Just have to be patient @Hviox
  6. It’s a giant yellow ball in the sky that gives off light and heat and many other things
  7. I’ve seen people put down an age but the wrong DOB that didn’t match that age. It’s quite funny when you see it
  8. Generally what I do if someone RDMs or VDMs, if they offer them comp in their appeal I will allow them to do so but more thank likely we already gave the player comp so I’ll just take that comp from their account. If it’s their first offense I won’t take their money especially if they are already broke before. I’ve seen a guy get unbanned and owed 175k comp but had a 8k bank. When he got unbanned he made the money then joined TS to comp the player
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