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  1. Congrats!!! We have our first Active Captain CM.
  2. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY UFO CRASH EVENT: You may ONLY enter the event area if you: Have active pursuit. Have an APB located there. Have a Warrant located there. Possession of Element 115 shall be issued for possession of Element of 115. LSD (ILLEGAL): New LSD red zones shall be treated like normal illegal zones. Possession of Dark Fungi shall be issued for possession of Dark Fungi. Possession of LSD Pills shall be issued for possession of LSD pi
  3. Damn. This looks amazing. Too bad I cannot drive. Might have to take my shoes off and drive with my ankles...
  4. It happens everytime a Captain is on. I patrol fields in a prowler 80% of the time. Flying around in helis gets boring really fast. I find it funny someone like you is even bringing this up. All your group did was feds over and over removing the cops ability to even go on patrol. The real question is did CEO ever win a fed without a cheater?
  5. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Seizing Hunters Corporal+ now have the ability to seize hunters. The criteria for seizing is simple. The civilians using the hunter must be agressive towards the APD. This means the civilians must kill or attempt to shoot an APD officer. Hunters will not be seized for any other reason. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  6. A montage with just me? I feel special now. Nice shots.
  7. Effective Immediately Federal Reserve Any civilian or vehicle seen inside the federal reserve can be searched. Demo charges will now fall under possession of explosives. If the APD gains control over a vehicle involved in the robbery for three minutes the vehicle may be searched and seized. Control is defined as no rebel fighters in the immediate area of the vehicle. At 5 minutes to restart officers may search and seize vehicles involved once control of the vehicle is gained. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  8. This is the best joke I've heard all day. This guy thinks cops make money.
  9. That combat is trash. It's so wonky. Plus I already know you had to turn on your monitor crosshair to win that lol. All GTA has is good graphics. Everything else is trash and would take 9 years to dev up a good server.
  10. I have never done anything that Irish mentioned. I play to have fun and I want others around me to have fun. The only time I break the rules is when someone truly deserves it. Captains have always been able to bend the rules. It has been appart of the rank since day one. It's what separates the Captains from the Lieutenants. We are trusted to make these calls and to not take them to far. If it does go to far then a report should be made. The past has shown that Captains are not untouchable. I understand that being on the other end is frustrating. I have been on civ plenty of times with a diffe
  11. There are only 3 active people plus a few retired Captains on the APD that can use the bipod. To give every rebel a bipod just because the Captains have access to it doesn't make any sense. To be honest this isn't even a change. The Captains have had access to the bipod ever since the MXSW was added. That was months ago and no one cared about it then. The only reason it was added to the buy shop was because the devs added a script to remove the bipod off of weapons since the Spar16s was added. There will always be in game items that only one faction will have access to. Rebels have plenty of t
  12. Effective Immediately Illegal weapons Rebels now have access to the ADR-97 (P90), Type 115, and the Katiba GL. All of these weapon are illegal and must be seized. Parole Parole has been removed. We felt that parole has eliminated the need to role play. Officers have been handing it out way to easy. Civilians can either explain their charges or pay a ticket. Hopefully this will increase role play and give us more memorable interactions. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  13. Effective Immediately Spawning Vehicles at Civilian Garages No officer shall leave their vehicle unattended at any vehicle spawn point with the intention of blocking a civilian from spawning their vehicle. Therisa (Donor Town) Policy Change We have removed fugitive pings as a form of probable cause to enter Therisa. To gain probable cause to enter Therisa, you must gain one of the following forms of probable cause: 911 ping Warrant tracking APB tracking Parole violator Active pursuit Just a reminder that no officer should remain in the
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