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As the title says I am an old veteran returning for a bit to see whats changed(are we still on the altis island?) but everytime I get the mission file downloaded, it just boots me back to the main screen. I noticed I hadnt allowed ARMA internet connection at first since it was my first time booting up after uninstalling but I allowed access and still nothing. Mission file downloads and back to menu.

What gives? 

Also, if anyone wants to chime in on differences from about say.. a year to year and half ago I'm all ears. Excited to see whats changed.. If I can get on that is. Never had this issue before.


Edit: Also, what happened to my old account on the forums? Did something change? I wasn't even able to log into it or retrieve password as it did not exist.

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adding something

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Are there no mods on? I'd like to get this issue resolved and people can't even see my post...

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Just now, Donald Clinton said:

Restart your game

Didn't do anything. I just go back to main menu after downloading the mission file.

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Turns out deleting the old mission file did it and I was able to log on.

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Do you have a custom face?

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