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  1. so first you said REGION LOCK DOM and now you're saying the people outside of NA should just get better internet. Which one is it?
  2. and? do you want to play a dom with 5 players?
  3. region lock dom so you can lose half of the 16 people that still play. do you DH guys ever think before commenting stupid shit
  4. we've recruited a bunch of battledroids to fill our shoes but might have to start playing regularly again
  5. are u playing again mr. tox?
  6. Add Zubr to BH and gun store and make it legal
  7. Donald

    4-Five for Civs

    fuck rebel and turfs we need it at the gun store!!!!
  8. Requirements - Interest in fighting cartels/cops - Ability to listen and learn - 300 Arma hours (exceptions can be made) - Team-oriented - Active on Asylum - Enough $ for kits, orcas, ifrits. Application Format IGN: Age: Previous gangs: Hours: Do you know anyone in the gang?: ROSTER Leaders @Donald @Gagss LT @Aristant @Mithridates Of Pontus (Members and trials not listed) If you are uncomfortable posting an application on the thread, feel free to PM @Aristant your application.
  9. Donald

    Radical suggestion

    should add the Zubr to the gun store too
  10. Cops don’t want to roleplay with high bounties why do you think they created the “Menace to Society” charge?
  11. Remove gang fort
  12. That was so close to being a sick ass tower drop
  13. Getting killed by cops shouldn’t be a war death and killing them shouldn’t be a war kill either imo
  14. throw this in the tage
  15. Rando with the 200 IQ suggestions this week
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