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    i think there was an admin event where you could get them. admin would spawn a bunch of crates in kavala and the press vest would be inside them if i remember correctly.
  2. WS leaders are setting a bad example for the rest of their gang. If they can't get kills with 2000 civ hours how can they expect the noobs to do any better
  3. Oh yea? Well at least I'm not smacking the scrippptttttttttttttt like you!
  4. give cops a .50 so they can post up 1km from bank and blow up the orca on the roof. is this a meme?
  5. +1 Make it cost like 12-15k for the gun and make the hunting license the same price as bounty hunter maybe? If you use the weapon against cops then they could take your license too. Would also be nice if we could get some other guns in the civilian gun shop like the 4-five, Zubr, and Protector and make them legal as well.
  6. Donald


    The people crying about “muh immersion” use full screen NVG’s and play in 3rd person. Where’s the immersion in that?
  7. Donald

    Cops in dom

    SRT should get paid more for uncapping flags that are owned by gangs with more points. For example if they uncap a flag owned by the gang in first place they get paid 2x the base amount for uncapping.
  8. Donald

    New admins

    congrats @Mayhem
  9. Hello sir. I would like to donate a car full of minerals to the cause. Please direct message me!
  10. just leave it how it is
  11. i am not flexible enough to reach it so no
  12. so you're telling me you've put a dick in your hands?
  13. adding it under our own bank balance in the same app would be nice
  14. Don't really see an issue with this as long as the vehicle processing takes a good chunk of time. If you make it so you have to remain in the vehicle while you process, and it cancels when you either move the vehicle or get out, I don't think it will be OP. Would actually add some risk to it because if you have to get out and fight someone then your processing will cancel and you'll have to start over.
  15. This is the best insult I have ever heard
  16. Even if you were a native English speaker you would be a horrible captain. All you do is complain every time something doesn’t go your way. This has nothing to do with you being Chinese you are just retarded
  17. we want medics at cartels too
  18. The Chinese lag a lot and its pretty fucking annoying but at the same time I would rather fight laggy players than no one at all. Some of you English speakers sit in cities alll day jerking each other off so getting rid of the Chinese would kill fights at night. Let them stay!
  19. Donald

    Housing Solution

    never seen someone cry so much that they can't find a house on an arma 3 server. suck it up retard
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