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  1. This is awesome. Haven't been this excited to play in forever
  2. Prison is dope. The other stuff on your profile like the Kavala Square/PD redesign, and especially the bridge across Pyrgos Gulf are sick af
  3. making the guns cheaper when they are illegal could solve this
  4. It would be interesting if there was like a weekly ballot that popped up where people could vote on making certain guns illegal or legal for the next week. Adds some democracy to the game. Or if thatโ€™s too hard let the governor choose
  5. Why do you think it should be illegal?
  6. I want to walk around Athira LARPing as Jesse James. Vote yes if you love freedom
  7. I lose thousands of braincells every time @manhuaposts on the forums
  8. There were more minutes in this video than there were frags
  9. Donald

    unwhitelist medic

    To be honest I'm not completely against making the faction public again to some degree. I think the issue has to due with regulating medics on the server. If it is completely public, there is no way you can enforce any type of faction specific rules. This means that medics will be swarming cartels, be personal medics for gangs/APD, and be held to zero professional/RP standards. I assume that most would say who cares, but then after they kill someone at a cartel that keeps getting revived multiple times without a cooldown, they're opinion might change. Another issue is the vehicles currently available to the AFD. How will the armored vehicles be regulated? Will they be removed entirely? Or are we going to give every medic hunters and striders and let them run loose? The public medic days were a lot of fun, but its easy to forget the amount of VDM that took place with dirt cheap vans and helicopters. A solution could be to make the vehicles just as expensive as civ, but this makes it difficult for new players to make a profit on medic. It's easy to dismiss the AFD as useless when you spend all of your time on the server fighting cartels or doing federal events. What about the newer and less competitive players who have much more frequent interaction with medics? The new players who get fucked over making money are very often saved by a medic who, if the faction were unwhitelisted, would not come to revive them. I recommend either adding a couple public slots with limited equipment for new players to try it out, or relaxing some restrictions on medics being at cartels/federal events to make them more involved with the cops vs. robbers dynamic.
  10. the LT's aint gon see this bro
  11. getting shit on all the time with the amount of tools at your disposal is definitely a skill issue
  12. the snowflakes who made shedding bannable
  13. fastest bullet i've ever seen @3:27
  14. I don't see why they needed to add a whole gas station event. They could've just added more around the map, increased the payout, and increased the time it takes to complete. Other civs could pull up and take over the robbery and get the payout so wouldn't necessarily require a police response but they could also increase the payout for stopping them to incentivize police to show up.
  15. 1. **Economic Balance and New Player Experience**: - While your suggestion to create a new server to alleviate the domination of major gangs and the unavailability of houses is well-intentioned, it might not address the underlying issues. If the game's mechanics inherently favor established players or groups, these issues could simply reemerge on the new server over time. - New players may initially find it easier to start on a new server, but without changes to the game's core mechanics, the disparity between new and veteran players could still develop. 2. **Server Population and Division**: - Splitting the player base between two servers can have unintended consequences. While it might seem that a new server would attract more players, it could also dilute the player base, leading to less interaction and potentially less dynamic gameplay on both servers. - There's a risk that the first server becomes perceived as less desirable or "toxic," which could discourage new players from joining it and harm the overall game community. 3. **Role of Law Enforcement and Roleplay**: - Your suggestion for more nuanced and realistic roleplay, especially regarding law enforcement, is a valid point. However, implementing such changes requires careful consideration and balancing to ensure that it doesn't lead to unfair gameplay or frustration. - Enforcing more roleplay and less "robo cop" behavior could be beneficial, but it's also important to remember that different players have different play styles and preferences. Too much emphasis on roleplay could alienate players who are more interested in action or strategy. 4. **Changes to Drug Gathering and Cartels**: - Increasing the range for drug gathering and modifying cartel dynamics are interesting ideas, but they could have unforeseen impacts on the game's balance. It's crucial to test such changes thoroughly to ensure they don't disrupt the game's economy or make certain activities too overpowered.
  16. we should let medics have this too, yknow for vehicle repairs and stuff of course
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