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  1. Change your primary weapon key to 4 instead of 1
  2. Why would we let people who have no server responsibilities decide what communication methods we use?
  3. I like being able to sit idle in teamspeak and be available to support or do AFD related matters without having to leave my own discord that im chilling in. I'm sure most APD and AFD higherups would agree. I will not be sitting in asylum discord all day like i do in teamspeak.
  4. Yeah i don't want medics to be able to revive civilians with it
  5. Something like this might work but only if medics are able to emergency revive other medics. I don't like the idea of medics being able to revive any civilian if they don't request because of the reason that @Farmer Steve already said. I believe civilians are able to revive gangmates without requesting so something similar for medics wouldn't be a horrible idea.
  6. 1. Chance to not consume redgull 2. unlimited redgull (must have at least 1 in virtual inventory to work) 3. Chance to get revived and not have debuff or cooldown timer 3. Smoking weed gives 2x longer sway reduction (maybe increase sway reduction to 24%?) 4. Cocaine makes you run 1.5x faster than before 5. Ifrits spawn with 3 smokes instead of 2 6. Faster defib/ repairing / lock picking / bolt cutting / blood-bagging and fak 7. 50 cals, quilin miniguns, armed jeeps spawn with 1.5x more ammo 8. 10% chance to not consume RPG after firing 9. Not really related but it would be nice if the dab vape gave you like 20 seconds reduced sway every time you use it. It’s kinda useless right now since it just makes your screen shake every-time you log in with no real incentive behind it
  7. Welcome back! If you have any questions about the server don't be afraid to ask. Look forward to seeing you around!
  8. So you want to improve roleplay yet you complain when the cops roleplay with you when you have speeding tickets?
  9. @blackstar12swe please repost this in the specific thread of the gang you are applying for
  10. Keep the doors off but make them cheap again
  11. edited by @Miranda Cosgrove
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