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  1. Donald

    Housing Solution

    never seen someone cry so much that they can't find a house on an arma 3 server. suck it up retard
  2. Donald

    Housing Solution

    "go touch grass" yeah bro thats what we're doing while ur on the forums crying about how you can't find a house. gotta be depressing
  3. Nice no recoil script and I like the pre fires
  4. Donald

    Housing Solution

    this is retarded stay away from my houses goon -1
  5. these videos changed my outlook on life. thank you so much
  6. gang fort is retarded just delete it already
  7. no need to write an essay over this lol
  8. so first you said REGION LOCK DOM and now you're saying the people outside of NA should just get better internet. Which one is it?
  9. and? do you want to play a dom with 5 players?
  10. region lock dom so you can lose half of the 16 people that still play. do you DH guys ever think before commenting stupid shit
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