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  1. Finally @bbgreg17 Congrats @Ken.and @bbgreg17
  2. HomeTrlx

    New Mods

    Congrats and welcome to the staff life.
  3. welp I am coming back. @Mayhemlets go on our quad.
  4. Good luck and congratz
  5. Usually their bodybags spawn where they Cl and not when u pull the person out. Next time drive back and look for the bodybag .
  6. And we will never change the way of how we inform you guys if action has been taken or not...
  7. All I am gonna say is "lol". I can careless about it, since captains may and will bend the rules of the guidebook to their desire anyways.
  8. 1st: We (staff team) try to play as much as we can but of course unlike you or any other non "staff" player we do have other "jobs" that we do and most of the time a normal player like you won't see it, but I have to say that we admins or mods are "gamers" too and like to enjoy other games aswell. And I wouldn't say that we 100% rely on the APD higher ups however they're long time players and know the server well and we have easier access to communicate with them unlike civs, and if you do have an Idea feel free to post something this topic. I can assure you that they'll be looked at but I cannot promise you that everything will get implemented that people suggested. 2nd: For the server crashes... well....unfortunately we cannot do anything about, since we and other server/s are being targeted by ddos. I know it sucks and I personally wish that it would not happen because it ruins the fun... Nonetheless we got to stay strong and endure it.... If any of you guys lost stuff please submit a comp request here! Edit: Idc about any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  9. Fucking hell... Necro..
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