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  1. 1. What do they call you around here sonny?


    2. You got a babyface kid, how old are you?


    3. How long have you been on the Island?


    4. What neighborhood are you from?

    western timezone ( Arizona )

    5. What sorry ass Mutha Fuckas were you runnin with before?


    6. Hows your stash doin?

    just started stacking again, bought 5 houses and guns so i am at 20k

    7. What sort of Mob Style experience do you have?

    Fighting at Cartels, caping gang locations, and Prison Breaks

    8. You aint a Rat now is ya?

    (Nope wanted to join but they are mostly currupt )

    9. Have you ever been deported off the Island?

    (Nope i have not, Been here for 8 months )

    10. How much time do you plan to commit to the Family?

    (10-12 hrs a day )

    11. Tell us about yourself kid.

    (im a hell of a medic, Friends with a few people in other gangs. I am constantly online and i can bring guns and my marksmanship to the table. Learning to fly and getting pretty okay at it. not a pro but i manage.)

    12. Why do you want to be a member of the Mob Figaz?

    Group is great, never had any issues. And lets be real i wanna be in a group with a chance of making it. other gangs seem to be a joke no gang ethics.

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