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  1. My guy this was almost 5 years ago, I don't think he plans on responding.
  2. We are recruiting apply today
  3. Smoooooth operatorrrrrr
  4. Message on this thread or dm me on discord (junker03) if you have any of the following parts Mining -PC Cooler Metal Detecting -PC Case Excavation -RAM Federal Reserve -GPU Bank Robbery -Motherboard Gasmart -SSD & PSU Mental Asylum- CPU Console -Crafted at Illicit Fabricator
  5. It's lit. Does this mean new quests are going to be added next patch?
  6. The rules would prevent whatever you are trying to say from happening.
  7. Being able to spell "montage" is a big step for him
  8. Once again, I have tried to advocate for this in the past, but it is mostly up to the captains of the current APD at this current moment in time to allow for there to be policy. If they don't want responsibility they should just make SRT its own faction for dom and you can be whitelisted separate from cop and its ran by different people like other servers have it.
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