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  1. that guy who asked if you were initiated is what separates boys from men.
  2. Make me a sound mod with vanilla sounds just quieter helis
  3. you read one sentence and you're like damn, this is pretty funny, then you read the next and it gets even funnier, by the end im rolling on the ground laughing hysterically like a mad man. this shit is gold serious RP cartel APD trainer to assist in Proper Cartel training 100k salary daily to the trainer
  4. im sorry brother, i cannot agree with this. https://www.speedtest.net/result/10893977165 dont let that download speed fool you, my internet is shit in arma. and i dont know why ask all the people i dsync rammed
  5. dont forget an apron, you always need an apron for safety in woodworking
  6. I don’t like the wall between square and clothing store, there needs to be a wall, just not that type of wall, that wall ugly
  7. arent you the guy too broke to buy a house in a city?
  8. physical inventory of corpses lootable if in a red zone, cartels, drug fields, ect.
  9. i remember that hal moore guy, think i clapped him in kavala
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT) been a few years, can we finally get those special ascii characters you theorized would work without issue?
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