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  1. Your in game rep matching your forum rep now
  2. clown this dude pablo: @NovaCharged
  3. the retard mass recruits don’t use comms, the only callout I knew was that they were at arms. Good attempt though. And I posted it to clown them, not to make myself look better. I’m sure literally anybody could of 1v4ed them. don't worry, part 2 is you screaming at me in discord saying you're going to get me kicked from my gang this that and the other. make sure to put this on for tomorrow alright
  4. I lost 700k in the lottery to some random. There’s your money sink whore
  5. they call me metagamer and I say no nigga imma megagamer
  6. there’s a part 2 coming out maybe tomorrow, even better than this
  7. yall niggas just needa let this die. its been 6 years
  8. then we camp the fridge! i was a real rat back in those days man
  9. I liked dirty money, but it should be used for more than just cartel money. Like upkeep for gang houses or something
  10. no better feeling than camping rebel to get 100k dirty money from some sweaty loser
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