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  1. ms paint aint cutting it anymore huh?
  2. its from doxing ron, never got unbanned
  3. clearly you've never been restricted from posting for a year
  4. trade 4 kavala shed, u wont leave kavala anyways
  5. ive only suggested this ya know, a bunch of times over the years. dont worry tho, inflated money is the move rn apparently but a second fresh separate server would be pretty good idea
  6. theres people to rob in the north side of the map?
  7. where would all your vehicles go in your shed if its filled with physical inventory stuff? clearly too much clutter
  8. looks like some ion corporation shit, atleast like 2 years ago.
  9. definitely needed to be a suicide vest there
  10. ran out of things on the list that was already on the server before?
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