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  1. Like this post, I’m the reason Ron is permbanned and permanently restricted from posting on forums
  2. Don’t make me get another harassment ban on your ass. Get the fuck of my forum. There’s a no faggots restriction on this thread.
  3. currently if you're restricted from posting on the forums and you want to make a support request then you're shit out of luck cuz the shit aint gonna work. easy solution: make it so you can make support requests even if you're restricted from posting.
  4. oh snap, you reached level 2. "retard" is now available in your roasting lexicon.
  5. dont you know removing that much money can through the whole asylum economy out of order?!
  6. the issue doesnt come from uranium use, the issue comes from the uses of everything else.
  7. when vouchers become your haters
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