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  1. wait so he would have to spawn in the closest city, drive a car to your shed, just so he could pull a vehicle from your shed? what would be the point of having vehicle garage keys to the shed if he has to bring his own vehicle to the shed.
  2. nigga if you shoot me in kavala I’m spawning back and clapping them cheeks, ban or no ban, you’re gonna move to a new city.
  3. it needs bigger boom boom radius, my clip and tyrones clip is proof
  4. if i can shoot an rpg at my feet and live this shit needs a buff.
  5. im a busy man, i cannot be expected to do such things.
  6. its an event to entertain bored medics, why should the event take place when theres no medics online.
  7. a server restart lasts for about 4 hours, your house can burn down then a few hours later a medic finally joins and you can get your house repaired for a cost
  8. why do houses catch on fire when theres no medics online why should i have to pay money to get my house repaired after it burned down due to an event meant to entertain medics when there isnt even any medics online.
  9. i understand you typed alot of words in hopes of swaying public opinion. methlab is literally an excluded place that is kilometers from the closest city, drug dealer is in the middle of every populated city. drug dealer is going to see more traffic and be camped more in a day then methlab is. every person with 10k in their bank account buys a pdw and sits in one of the many houses that aims directly at the drug dealer which is out in the open on a completely empty street. ig you think going to an excluded part of the map is more risk than sitting in the middle of a populated city out in the open with your thumb up your ass.
  10. gonna assume you don’t have drug cartel or bust bonus for this: Let’s assume you have 5 houses full of seeds, which is kinda unlikely, unless you really no life the fuck out of this you don’t have 5 houses dedicated for this shit. You get 70 plants per house per restart (35 Sativa, 35 Indica). So per restart that’s 350 plants. Without drug cartel you lose 15%, so that’s 297 plants. 297 x 900 = $267,300. So with 5 full houses which is the most you can do, you make $267,300 per restart. You can’t make anymore money per restart than this since only 35 of each plant processes on a server restart. Now if you’re talking about letting all 5 houses completely process into plants and then start selling the math is a bit different. Lets say you really no life the fuck out of this and have 5 fully upgraded 3 crate houses. After it all processes you’d have 998 plants per house (499 Sativa and 499 Indica) So 998 x 5 = 4,990. 4990 - 15% = 4241 4241 x 900 = $3,816,900 So the absolute most amount of money you can make from bud, without drug cartel or bust bonus is $3,816,900. You may be thinking, wow almost 4 million, that’s a lot of money, needs a nerf!!1 But that’s why you’re a fucking retard. Plants take time to turn into plants, only 35 of each type of plant per restart. And that’s per restart that you’re playing for. You must be online and on the server during these restarts, which isn’t always happening. Let’s say you sit down for a 6 hour session of asylum. You’re gonna hit 2 restarts, congrats, each house just got 70 more of each type of plant. Let’s say you continue this trend of playing 6 hours a day at a time. That 4990 plants in all 5 fully upgraded houses would take alittle more than 7 days of playing 6 hour sessions. And then let’s say you immediately process all 4900 plants into bud and sell again. You’d make $3,816,900 in 7 days. I’m not seeing where it needs a nerf yet? If it takes 7 days of playing 6 hour sessions with having 5 fully upgraded 3 crate houses dedicated for the sole purpose of bud, and nothing else at all, then this is actually kinda a shit way of making money. The virtual inventory in my houses is unusable, I have to play 42 hours a week, to make 3.8mil. Your final numbers of how much money you can make in an hour is kinda worthless if it can take you days until you can even get to the point of selling it. And try sitting at Kavala drug dealer for a full hour, a nobody like you wouldn’t survive the 1st run.
  11. POV: your name is robert and you just sexually assaulted a tractor
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