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  1. give me your burger flipper savings ill turn it around for ya
  2. Bamboo Union the Asylum equivalent of SHIP, TOPS and KTOV I would say fraud stocks too like WKHS and NKLA but they printed me money somehow
  3. Fun change list for all factions nice
  4. Kawaii

    'Twas Fun

    they grow up so fast congrats on moving on from arma honestly, enjoy real life now
  5. well there was your first mistake there laddie
  6. Seethe more shitter
  7. This was the best hotfix in a while and you are all crying holy shit please take a good drink of the kool aid. (No more using Hunters because you're too poor/pussy to get an Ifrit seized) ✓ (No more cooking Crank in your house so you have no risk of getting robbed) ✓
  8. Strife was great, really enjoyed the conquest style gameplay and being able to use most of whats available in Arma. Jets were too broken, there were too many capture points, it was buggy and the AFK paychecks were broken but I feel like this is all relatively easy to fix. A KOTH/CQC server will not do well IMO since theres already established options for those and the modes are stale.
  9. Make the Hunter an illegal vehicle
  10. i already told you dumbass i own it
  11. Make the cartel Kavala castle and Bamboo will join
  12. @Mitch (IFRIT) Is there any possibility that Strife would ever come back? It wouldn't even need to be connected to Asylum cash for it to be fun, could just be its own standalone thing.
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