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  1. everytime we think they cant give anymore stupid toys to a whole 3 people they do it again
  2. I don't think BH needs to be anymore profitable than it already is, but having new guns to toy around with seems fun enough
  3. @FilipinoBusinessmanCan I get a new pair of Air Force Ones? Thanks
  4. Yeah this is kind of the right path perhaps. I know houses are the ultimate 'untouchable' on the server that everyone freaks out about, but if theres a guy who plays less than 10 or even 5 hours a month keeping 5 prime spots might as well just wipe his houses. It's much more forceful but its the only way to have the intended effect that you seem to want. I'm happy for there to be exceptions for people with proof of hardships or deployments or things of that sort, much like the APD has.
  5. Still feel like it doesn't address any core issues. Even if I keep playing the same amount (which is probably still a lot by normal standards, lower than the average you seem to want to be playing) I'll still hold onto the same houses forever? Someone could theoretically just pay the bill on one house whenever he feels like playing for a whole hour a month and the same issue will still exist. It seems like people who play consistently but not an absolute ton or not in the 'intended' way of playing purely to grind money every day are being punished. I feel like people may potentially play less as a whole since its only really worth it to pay the bills if you intend to spend a lot of time on in a given week. Don't really see how it deals with the inflation of money on the server either. I agree that there should be some type of running maintenance cost and way to force people to engage with the server, but not sure if this is quite the right direction. Feels more off-putting to someone like me who mainly plays casually, personally.
  6. devs didnt take tips from the cukofucko mega miner on how to efficiently mine crypto
  7. vortex be out here banning people for breathing every hour how you having issues getting help?
  8. Player data error, says to leave and rejoin but its still bugged
  9. this whole process lasts less than 3 days then its back to business as usual
  10. defund the police ACAB
  11. Only real suggestion I have is to somehow tackle the massive inflation of money. People just have too much of it. You only really need a mil to be set for everything you need to play and things are all cheap (even 'end game' items like sui's, speedbombs, LMGs). Overall though at the end of the day Arma 3 is getting close to being a 10 year old game. Wiping the server occasionally isn't going to reinvent the wheel and bring loads of new players. I really appreciate and love all the content being added lately that keeps people who do play and have been long time players consistently coming back. I hope that instead of trying to beat a dead horse on Arma you choose to branch Asylum out into other games. You seem to have the talent to develop servers across games and the autistic community to dedicate time to it. Consider branching out Mitch
  12. Also I don't care what anyone says, if you truly believe that somehow the admins won't magically have the money for the prime housing before anyone else then you obviously haven't been around the community long enough LMFAO
  13. Just seems like a massive risk to the server, could easily see it being the death of it like Sean pointed out. If the main idea is to bring the server to an even level for new players I think it will not have the desired effect. The biggest obstacle for new players is the learning curve, not the money or housing. While it's crazy that housing has become scarce and expensive, money really doesn't matter at the end of the day it's learning how to use it. Leroy has hundreds of millions but is still more or less on par with fresh spawns in the actual basic aspects of the game, for example. It's all the time invested in learning the rules and how to make/use money that matters. Housing will be the biggest make or break, and I see that being what drives most people to say no. Perhaps if each person can choose to keep one or two houses they own it would be better, but at the end the same houses that everyone wants will be gone in half an hour of playing and the wipe will have made no difference.
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