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  1. so many hours too i feel bad for him honestly. would be a shame if he ended up like his favorite rapper, i really hope not
  2. God bless you sir. This shall usher in a new era of peace in Athira between Bamboo and Drunk Squad. I am happy for Leeroy, he is my favorite 50 year old fossil on Asylum.
  3. Assuming it's balanced why should it be a Captain only thing? Do they not have enough exclusive toys to make them feel special? Add it to SWAT or give LT.s the ability to spawn it if it's added. Also should be able to be driven by civs and have the option to be destroyed so cops can't just full send it in
  4. Where will the fresh spawn VDMers go now
  5. Did you try sitting in the interview lobby with a girls name? It'll go much faster
  6. It used to be a think iirc, or it would just say X downed X
  7. Pretty sure it's abandoned/sectioned off, not sure I'd be able to go
  8. I'll likely finally be going to Lemnos this coming summer, assuming the corona situation will finally die out and allow for travel. Will probably be spending at least a week here I'd imagine, so if there's any places or houses you'd like a photo or clip of I could possibly try to go and see it (if it exists). So far, my current planned visitings are- All of Kavala and a Hajj to the Bamboo Union gang house, Scarface house, etc Drug Runner 5 airfield + Molos Pyrgos Castle Drug Castle Arms Island Ballsack Bay Don't suggest anything close to any military installa
  9. Don't really think a press to initiate button would help at all. Has obvious issues Bag pointed out and is really just for cartel autists who aren't used to speaking to others irl let alone a video game avoid having to string together a sentence before shooting someone
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