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  1. wow i dont let my gang minions speak bad about us. if you have any evidence please pass it along and he will be dealt with promptly. bamboo is an honor based organization
  2. So far I don't really like how much it feels like DayZ, but in terms of a life server I think it's a much better base both graphically and mechanically. There's some good hope there. Maybe Mitch can summon the souls of cuckratus, Fat G and Jesse to create a quick life server
  3. 他很会躲,是的。顺便说一句,你喜欢 Kanye West 的“Flashing Lights”吗?一直都是好歌
  4. Firipinobusinessman not enemy #1??? disrespectful
  5. billion in this inflated asylum economy
  6. malden life no choppers no 7.62 no ifrits lets weed out who the real men are
  7. one of the first things i did as a noob was get an m900 to fly around as a taxi. first taxi request was bad blood and they slammed it into the ground
  8. I'd be super down to just retire S1 for a bit, put it in the freezer and run something like Tanoa life for a month or two. If that went well I'd be more open to a wipe of the main server
  9. Relatively indifferent to a wipe but I see it probably net losing players than gaining players. There's definitely no turning back after it either way too unless you really wanted to keep a backup
  10. Can we region lock your house? If your parents want to play they can submit a VPN request
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