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  1. It depends on who you get to deal with it I suppose and who is reporting it. It's happened that people in Kavala were told to not interact with eachother since it was a never ending drama, though I am pretty sure things like blowing up or burning houses and killing were still allowed. I think gameplay 'harassment' is mostly limited to unnecessarily kidnapping the same person over and over again. If a newer player had this issue there's a chance an admin would intervene, but I'd assume that you're on your own since you do have the time and money to defend your house if you wanted to do so. Just might not be entertaining to sit in Athira square all day for it
  2. I for one welcome extra HQs to terrorize
  3. So how many unbanned cheaters have been rebanned for cheating? lmfao
  4. jesus if you love him so much why dont you just fuck him
  5. picking the client side poppies and plants was the most cancer thing ever
  6. Personally I have an overall indifference to a wipe but I do believe after seeing the test in action that it is likely not the answer, at least not a full wipe. Housing has always been a gripe and that seems to not be changing even with a wipe, as people will grind a day to get their houses/a sustainable position and the status quo will continue. Money seems to be the bigger issue more than real estate itself, so wiping that may be an easier and less contentious decision. The main thing that seems to have been made clear from the wipe is the lack of content being added to the server. In no way am I trying to attack the devs as individuals or a group, but frankly there seems to be a lack of either ability or interest in producing new content for the server. These two facts are usually deflected by saying 'well the community/community council hasn't given us any new ideas, what are we supposed to do?', but being able to imagine a new gameplay concept/function and implement it is a key part of being a developer, just as Cuckratus/Jesse/slick have done in the past. It would be nice if we could produce ideas and they magically get scripted in, but creativity seems to need to come with the territory of being on a dev team. Any fun ideas that have made it through seem to be hindered by the aforementioned lack of ability. My biggest concern is for the community as Reforger/Arma 4 slowly but surely loom closer. I am not sure if the current team of developers and managers personally have the ability to create a server from the ground up as Cuckratus/Jesse have in the past. It's pretty rare that a server owner is not the original creator/developer of the mod or mission file that it uses, which will be a unique issue for Asylum to overcome. I'd love to know what @Mitch (IFRIT)'s honest opinion is on this matter and what the plan may be for the community as we try to look ahead as opposed to dwell on what has been. again, not in any way trying to be rude or attack anyone, just trying to keep it one hunnid with all my bruddas
  7. @Michael Gambettiwow im sorry you are offended by a server full of hate speech and harassment, good use of the word faggot there though that was a very nice touch to the post
  8. rando nerfed governor messages. sofia plunged back into poverty, lfg. house weed was stupid after the first month and should have never been processable at drug dealers. glad its gone
  9. goodbye burn barrels i miss you
  10. Enjoy life and have fun
  11. interesting idea but everyone will cry so good luck
  12. could fit two captains in his neck alone, great man
  13. what brought this along after all these years and how will this actually work lmfao @DarkKnightyou got out just in time they tryin to bust your balls
  14. wow i dont let my gang minions speak bad about us. if you have any evidence please pass it along and he will be dealt with promptly. bamboo is an honor based organization
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