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  1. FILS legend in the making
  3. Haych was an elite player and none of you fat neeks could ever dream of comparing @ me and i'll choke you out with my little finger obese virgins
  4. We been having fun with a no fucks given attitude
  5. FILS are a group of friends from the UK who have known each other for over a decade. Some of us have played on the Asylum servers since 2015 and some are just starting out. We're just looking to enjoy our time back on the server and have some fun. Requirements - Knowledge of Cartels/Banks/Feds Etc. - Financially stable - Team Oriented - Working Microphone - Good Banter - Semi Active - Don't be a cry-baby, we're here to have fun Application Format - In Game Name: - Age: - Time zone: - Hours on Asylum (My Asylum Screenshot): - Why should we accept you?: - Most fucked up drunk Story: - Any extra information?: (If you don't feel comfortable posting your application publicly, feel free to DM me)
  6. @Aslan you are single handily the most retarded person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on Asylum...and that's saying something.
  7. Can't wait to come to NA and show you how to pick up girls
  8. Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea to ask this community
  9. My mate is launching his music website soon and i've been asked to help create an 'American House party' playlist. Since i'm from the UK i have no idea what you virgins like at house parties so i need some recommendations. Preferably on Spotify and when you listen to the song it makes you want to grab the nearest bottle of spirits and down it. Much appreciated.
  10. There's something about VDM that make laugh so fucking hard
  11. altis life uk or something, was god awful
  12. Youtube removed it cos i lost access to the email, lots of quality videos lost
  13. Context: FILS (Fat Immature Lazy Slobs) Is just a group of irl friends i play with, i convinced them to buy arma 3 and try it out. Thought i would teach them on a shit server before coming onto Asylum and this is how it went...
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