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  1. I don't think people realize how severe the camping is. I've been killed every day in all towns at all sources for the past 3 days. athira drug was fucked, kavala is as always fucked, q19 camp the kavala sell points and pygros sell points, lsd covers all lsd stuff, and thc covers all weed stuff. they all own the houses near drug dealers and houses that are for sale cost millions, or hundreds of thousands. the point is that initiation in these zones make it too easy for geared players to destroy everyone else. you know damn well there are typically at least 3 people camping these points and they will never show themselves until you open a menu or start an animation. text to initiate can be exploited, wait till an animation starts or they enter a menu, then text them and wait 2 seconds then shot, you cant close the menu quick enough or comply even. maybe make there be a timed warning for the legal sell points or processing points so they cant just text when you cant comply. Edit: texting to initiate has little to no roleplay value, people have a generalized message(ie. "Land, park, put your hands up or die.") that they text. no interaction and no time to comply. Its an RDM tool.
  2. I dont do coke nor have I ever owned a hemmet box. I get killed doing backpack only runs. Im not failing and being obvious, people own houses next to every sale point and camp them. no matter the circumstances its hard to make money in the server. I'm trying to introduce people to the game and server but the toxicity of high level players has turned many friends off of it. I get it its just how it is, but really think about the experience newer players are having, its a detriment and can lead to a degradation of players if it really gets bad(not saying its that bad). there are at least 3 major gangs, all own nearly every house near all sell points. They either kill you or you kill them and they keep respawning right next to you. Im just thinking of a way to limit the power of these high levels that have access to long rifles and stuff that just camp drug dealer, jewelry, dispensary , and all the processing points. even discreet legal work is very risky. Ive done every money making method and have been killed doing each one at different stages, and it typically is initiated by text from a sniper miles away.(you cant even comply most situations because you will be in a menu and people kill in 2 seconds after initiation.)
  3. Im only recently playing arma life again and I've been meeting noobs and trying to help them make money, unfortunately every time we go to process or sell there are people camping nearby and they just text us and kill us all. they typically have rifles and are just camping money making areas or processing areas. We had to stop trying illegal money methods because every major gang camps each area and owns all the houses so they can respawn and keep killing. texting to initiate is a broken method. they message anyone in the group, not even near the rest then just kill everyone from far af away. usually they seem to know who the noob is and text them, so no one even knows its happening, until its too late. so far every money method other than afk farming paychecks has ended with someone camping the sell point processing point or mining spot and just texting one person and killing everyone. and yes this happens in all activities, even legal ones. the meta seems to be geared people camping sells to kill low levels or noobs who cant defend themselves and take what they have. the texting just makes it impossible to defend yourself, you cant even see them usually, just hiding in a ghillie suit far off with a scoped weapon. I know people are just going to say get used to it but it seems like an oversight to let this happen. Its like an exploit and has turned every new player I've tried to help away from the server. the suggestion is rework initiation circumstances.
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