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  1. cant tell you how many times ive been told "never to be unblacklisted" just stroke his e-ego a little and tell him you wont do it again, but give it a month or 2 first. Thats about the going rate for a perm blacklist/ban
  2. holy shit i remember this guy being announced as a new mod
  3. 25$ per 100k!!!!!!!!! +no battleye ez
  4. Name - william Fun Fact - When the Nazi Party was in power, murders and persecution of 6 million Jews took place
  5. i speak for the whole community when I say no one cares
  6. i show bobs and vAGene
  7. i wake up every morning and ask myself the same thing. Today I want to be a woman
  8. am i the only one wondering who the fuck is @Vista never heard of him
  9. sorry brother, we all know its actually @Weeaboo Jones
  10. just do x amount into the gang bank depending on players online
  11. make skins for mitch so he can sell them for 25$ and keep it all
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