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  1. when will you step down and let someone else have a chance of being a captain? not saying you're a bad captain or anything you've been one of the best but with the constant decline of Arma other people are gonna wanna have a go before its too late. food for thought
  2. if it was split 0.1 seconds apart and its clearly not tampered with then I would disagree with denying it. I can see why it was denied but in the future just record past 5 minutes.
  3. this is the toxicity asylum needed to see again. thank you. while im at it, KYS @Luke SwagWalker
  4. https://medal.tv/clips/3GfM9oMTc8f2V/PJr2ivbOopDo
  5. during my time as a cpl I shot multiple people out of ifrits with my type115/MXM, maybe im just a god? also shot 1 bullet and downed 2 people with the mxm in an orca so the penetration ability is definitely there.
  6. adolf beastwood im a big fan xx

  7. its retarded now. really is a 50/50 chance you blow up
  8. Honestly watching these gta players montages its so obvious that 80% of them are cheating it’s ridiculous
  9. get a job, bone bitches, beat up your grandpa idk
  10. hahahahahaahhahaahahahah that was funny
  11. Id be down to make it like olympus where you can send anyone wanted above a certain amount
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