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  1. william

    trump 2020

    lul wut trump was literally at all of epsteins under 18 sex parties and multiple women are coming forward saying he sexually abused them.
  2. william

    trump 2020

    somehow with brexit and the ferrit we have for PM we are still better off than the us
  3. william

    trump 2020

    imagine the best candidates your country can come up with being these idiots, lmao. All paedophiles, all racist, all homophobic, all retarded. gg wp
  4. ??????????? how arent you dead in that 1st clip sick song btw was gonna use it in one of mine like 3 years ago
  5. u get hit in the head or something
  6. back in the day i would sit on the massive rock near HQ and just lethal everyone i saw, got some points for it but it was worth it for keeping the streets of kavala somewhat safe
  7. william


    @Alec-I is also a massive virgin ask him
  8. william

    Csgo highlights

    its been wild out in the desert for him, legends are his brother was jihadi jim
  9. william

    Csgo highlights

    came for vulcan stayed for luke
  10. buy @RoguePilot's IP Spoofer for just 49.99 today!!!
  11. fuckin amateurs i been spinnin on kids since 2016
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