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  1. hello gamers, This morning I was made redundant along with 20+ coworkers. Would love an apprenticeship in Administrator duties/Community Managing. PM me for my CV
  2. would like it but big nugent deleted me from snapchat. fuck you
  3. first order of business. #FreeWillmong ily @Rafael
  4. can I request an authentic 1944 fuhrur costume
  5. As much as it should happen It would be pointless to ban guns in america because every retard screeching "ITS MAH 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS AND PROTECT MY FAMILY YEEE HAWWW" <---- (retard if you think/say this btw) owns 15 different guns. Its too late for gun control, would of been easier years ago. Guns are dumb, people that think more guns are the solution are even more dumb. As for the knife v gun debate I strongly believe that to knife someone requires more of a psychopathic mentality to go up to someone and get up close and personal to stab/cut them whereas with a gun its no effort pop and gone. TL;DR: 90% of americans are dumb and don't learn from their mistakes
  6. fuck you Bitch(tits) my life are these forums
  7. there is a difference between being toxic and taking it too far and being a straight up cunt.
  8. Maybe a taxi skin for people who use "taxi driving" as roleplay and answer requests
  9. americans can't play real sport so they make up their own smh
  10. i miss @Gareth2.0 and @Corgi more than anything
  11. fucking do it mate I look gorgeous after an 8 hour shift
  12. pretty bias though, ur tongue is never out his arse
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