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  1. +1 for old Inventory. At the minimum make it so when you hit your inventory button it defaults to your physical inventory, and T for virtual. Also make it so it closes with the inventory button as well. Edit: Also make the default value 1 instead of 0
  2. I imagine it would be a scroll wheel option like everything else on the server
  3. Take the bounty to advanced interrogation at skiptracer
  4. http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Bounty_Hunter_Guide
  5. Akula


    Buy a rebel house, stop spawning therisa. Boom problem solved
  6. In-game name - The Reaper | Akula Age - 21 Timezone - MST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://gyazo.com/0857aff9943491f2efb5b97c8118ec4f Bank Balance - 3.5 mil~ Previous Gangs (if any) - Og Primitive, some other old ones APD Rank (if any) - Constable
  7. Akula

    For honor beta!

    PM me your uplay name
  8. Akula

    For honor beta!

    I have 1 more beta invites for PC if anyone wants one
  9. How can you see out/in windows and shit, whenever i play its just pure white or pitch black?
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