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Standard Operating Procedures

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)


To establish a standard that all medical personnel should abide by while on active duty.

Standard Guidelines

As a First Responder you will be expected to follow the AFD's Standard Operating Procedures while on active duty. All fire/medical personnel are expected to remain courteous and professional at all times while on duty. While on active duty, you are required to role-play and follow all server rules at all times. Breaking server rules will result in disciplinary action on your permanent record, up to and including potential termination from the Altis Fire Department


As a fire/medical member of the AFD, you are expected to set a good example to others on the Asylum Server(s). This requires discipline at times, and if you cannot comply with the Policies/SOP's set by the AFD staff, or if you feel like someone/something is getting on your nerves, you may need to take a break for a while.

While on active-duty as a member of the AFD, you must adhere to the standards of an AFD member. Below are simply a few points of the otherwise long list of characteristics:

  • You MUST role-play ALL scenarios
  • Be respectful of EVERYONE, this mean all factions (civilians, fire/medical, and police) as well as Asylum Staff
  • Do NOT use profanity in an way, shape, or form
  • Do NOT discriminate racially, religiously, sexually, or any other form of discrimination
  • Do not lie, being honest is a must, even if it is admitting to doing the wrong thing

Additional Notes

It is important to remember, that as a member of the AFD, you are held to a higher standard than a non-whitelisted player, you represent the server and community as well as yourself. Regardless if you are playing as a Civilian, Fire/EMS, or Police Officer, you should strive to set a good example to any player you may encounter on the Server(s). You are expected to know and obey the Server Rules found here. If you are found guilty of breaking any Server Rules, you will be held accountable not only by the Asylum Staff, but also in your Altis Fire Department career and record.

Any questions/concerns may be directed to the AFD Staff.


-Asylum Fire Department

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