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  1. How many pets do you have under 100kc again??
  2. @Tyler Always being a jerk calling junk
  3. Booooooo! Mason is a shitter! Boooooooo!!!!!! #NotMyCM #TeamLeady @Mason Congrats
  4. I do a lot of bossing and ToB, this is my username:
  5. Jake

    Admin Events

    Hey gamers, Last night @Mayhem and myself held an Admin Event that we came up with called the "Mortar Run". We did it a few times (due to the first time or two being scuffed).... Anyway, between Mayhem and I we feel like we want to be more engaged with the community itself rather than just doing reports behind the scenes. There haven't been the Admin Events that are fun both for the community and us, we want to change this. Mayhem and I are looking for more ideas on what we could do for you, the community. We have plans to keep doing this Mortar Run event as well as some other things we have planned in the future (ie: convoy event). What we would like are some more ideas (non-script ideas that Admins can make quickly). If you think you have a good idea please either PM myself or Mayhem via forum messages (please provide extensive detail for us to understand the concept/design). We may want to speak with you if we either 1- don't understand the idea or 2- like the idea and want to know more. For those that missed the Mortar Event, it was rather simple: We provided transportation to the Salt Flats, made Point A and Point B, and told people to run from one point to the other all while the admins shot mortars at them, whoever got to the second point without dying recieved a prize Let us know what you think/thought of the Mortar Event that we created, as well as what could improve with it. Once again, please do send us more ideas that are simple yet fun that get the Asylum Staff and you, the Community to be more interactive. -Thanks Admins Jake and Mayhem
  6. I would love to see jets implemented
  7. Oldschool is the rs you know and love... the RS3 varient sucks Playing as an iron would be awful
  8. LOL I swear I will teach you
  9. Learn to do ToB peasant
  10. You have been cleaned by the sand casino for like 3x more than you have won to be fair lol
  11. I loved shooting Jets with AA, but I know a lot of people didn’t like Jets so I could agree with limiting the ammo, but I think it would be shitty to remove Jets entirely
  12. Drive around in the AA like I did, great against Jets and infantry/helicopters/jets..... but not so great against the tanks
  13. To be honest I loved playing strife, but it was broken with the paychecks
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