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  1. Jake

    Moving Forward

    V2 wasn’t created for new content, it was created to fix a fucked mission file. From the looks of it, it has been successful, they are adding things when time permits
  2. Supposed to be off work at 2:30pm every day since we hired a second manager. Due to cleaning etc I’m still working 5:00am to 5-6pm every day. I moved I think 5 months ago now? So I am no longer tied to a Fire Dept./EMS service at the moment, but buddies at the station I was on said just lots of briefings but same business as normal other than now dispatch asks customers if they have symptoms regarding COVID-19 so they know how to prepare for the patient
  3. True story^^^^^ Cops do spend more than you realize on loadouts. The lower ranks die plenty, if the less they spend means they keep more, but also giving themselves less of an advantage than say an MXM. It's apples to oranges at the end of the day and I believe the reason cops have that incentive is due to one reason which was already mentioned: giving rebels people to kill who are willing to die due to lack of major risk. This topic has been argued over and over and at the end of the day, the system still works. On the flip-side of things... If you think cops make more money than a half decent rebel group then you are mistaken... Simply put, I lost money on cop and gained money on rebel. That aside, even if I never upgraded my loadout from the default, rebel still makes far more money than Cop. Banks are easy money, feds are still relatively easy and payout extremely well. Steal some shit from the people who are less geared. Rebel money > Cop money
  4. Jake


    @Steve Cot dammit Bobby! Forehead for 4head, I know @Mitch (IFRIT) didn't come up with that by himself
  5. @Mitch (IFRIT) has no plans to open a second server
  6. @Mason Statham I’d suggest more badass orca skins since we have a lot more ifrit skins (I think) and people use orcas more
  7. Good luck! I got mine a few weeks ago I think
  8. Congrats @Sky! The decision to make you Chief was an easy one due to your capabilities and work ethic! But who the hell decided that @Master27411 should get a promotion?!?!? (Just kidding, congrats )
  9. I think this thread has gone on longer than needed
  10. Jake


    If I wanted to see the sky I will look up or google some real images rather than see your shit tier pictures @Tyler Being serious now, go for it brother, always happy to see people succeed in life regardless of their path (even if it’s one of my piece of shit best friends )
  11. Why? What is wrong with the group option?
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