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  1. @Mitch (IFRIT) has no plans to open a second server
  2. @Mason Statham I’d suggest more badass orca skins since we have a lot more ifrit skins (I think) and people use orcas more
  3. Good luck! I got mine a few weeks ago I think
  4. Congrats @Sky! The decision to make you Chief was an easy one due to your capabilities and work ethic! But who the hell decided that @Master27411 should get a promotion?!?!? (Just kidding, congrats )
  5. I think this thread has gone on longer than needed
  6. Jake


    If I wanted to see the sky I will look up or google some real images rather than see your shit tier pictures @Tyler Being serious now, go for it brother, always happy to see people succeed in life regardless of their path (even if it’s one of my piece of shit best friends )
  7. Why? What is wrong with the group option?
  8. You know what’s fucked? The fact that BH gets a Hunter in the first place
  9. I too would like to see this....
  10. @Clint Beastwood it has been great being an admin for you since you @BaDaBiNg_10-8 and @Jesse took over the task of ownership and direction of operations. I am glad I was able to work for the three of you, and even happier of the friendships I have made with each and every one of you. Enjoy the less stressful life and tell Bada to “pound sand” if he doesn’t like sharing the oxygen tank with you
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