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  1. You know what’s fucked? The fact that BH gets a Hunter in the first place
  2. @Clint Beastwood it has been great being an admin for you since you @BaDaBiNg_10-8 and @Jesse took over the task of ownership and direction of operations. I am glad I was able to work for the three of you, and even happier of the friendships I have made with each and every one of you. Enjoy the less stressful life and tell Bada to “pound sand” if he doesn’t like sharing the oxygen tank with you
  3. Still b2b WW champs though
  4. Even better with deer salami, but you aren’t man enough to shoot a big buck
  5. Jake


    We will get to it when we have time
  6. We know you don’t have to remind us
  7. 1- it’s funny how people bitch about a group of friend yet NOBODY has come to me about it aside from Asylum Staff 2- I’m VERY aware that people think that though I think more people should have reached out to me than cried on the forums 3- there is very very few people even accepted let alone made staff, as @Sky said, it’s to iron out the kinks, I actually plan to have more people I don’t know (who are also newer to the server) join the AFD staff structure, but for now, I’m keeping it small to trustworthy non-troll people for testing purposes 4- There are currently 52 applications for AFD staff, that isn’t even counting the 4-6 I ignored that weren’t even filled out... why did I ignore them? Because if they can’t fill it out the right way they obviously can’t follow simple steps and therefore don’t need to be staff
  8. Risk over reward Scotch is the best money in game and takes little to no effort and only requires a small amount of time (invest small>profit big) It was balanced, nothing more to it TLDR? Stop using 80k loadouts, 30k loadouts last a long time and are relatively cheap, especially if you use said loadout to do banks and feds which are relatively easy
  9. Jake

    Farewell All

    Legit was thinking this when I read Admin chat but was too busy at work to respond
  10. Easy solution.... don’t die?
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