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  1. in this case the asylum staff team would need to collect personal information of all players so we can get in contact with them before they are banned.
  2. Hello Sir, Admin Blake here to clarify your confusion. If you die and have gang mates within initiation range/get hospital/get res'd its not revenge killing and is allowed. however if you were to be alone in a town and die respawn and kill someone this would be against the rules. your ban was probably lifted because the admin saw your side about your friends being in the area. Thank you for reaching out!
  3. POV rat trying to understand bitrate and 4k resolution
  4. If you dont pay your bills you cant use your houses.
  5. play the game or lose your houses
  6. Blake.


    5 hours and only 5 comments? Message me on the forums when you want me to hide the post.
  7. you think kills 6 is good, wait until Rust #1
  8. Bad FPS and cant see at night! sounds fun
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