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  1. But that was the best part. I loved driving Go-Karts in Kavala!
  2. Too late for that. Azeh's next in line.
  3. Accepted as Trial. Discord invite will be sent through PM.
  4. I tried to make you proud. I didn't do good enough.
  5. 2 people today that I have seen found an exploit that prevents them from being restrained. And when someone tries to restrain them, the ziptie is taken, and the bounty is charged, but the person is still not restrained. This can be farmed to rack up a large bounty as well.
  6. I'd prefer my entire screen thank you very much. I love being blind.
  7. Can we remove the option to lockpick while in the Casino so people will stop drowning everything I have?
  8. Alright boys, I'm gonna be broke. Time to spend 3 mil at the casino.
  9. Both are accepted, Message me on the Asylum Discord, and I'll get you into the TFS Discord.
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