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Ali Zeeshan *Looking for gang* Old returning player

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Hello, as the title says... I am looking for a gang.

I am former FSA member from about 4-5 years ago, quit and been caught up in life. 

I am back and I intend to stay. A little about myself:

Age: 28

Hours played Arma 3: 974 hours 

Previous Gang: As stated above, FSA

I was a constable for APD & I intend joining back

Looking to roleplay, takeover cartels, run drugs, rob shit, you know, gang shit, but at the same time I want to have fun, be respectful, and not be a part of any RDMing. Looking for a semi-serious/mature gang. 

I am a decent shot, a decent driver, can't land a heli for shit, middle class wealth I'd say, and pretty decent at roleplaying.


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We sit at coke processing 24x7 which admittedly isn't for everyone. In fact it probably only appeals to the current FSA members which is like 5 people total.

Welcome back and if that sounds like your thing you know my in game name. Otherwise enjoy your time in RUCKUS as they seem like exactly what you are looking for.

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On 2021/3/3 at 午前1時45分, Bilal Battu said:




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