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  1. If your night vision is on when in restraints they are put into Mitch's house when a cop seizes your illegal items.
  2. Server came up so I went to my house. I pressed T and my NVGs dipped the fuck out, again.
  3. If you have your night vision turned on while: - Interacting with inventory - dying - logging out You can lose your NVGs.
  4. If you log out with your NVGs on you will log back in without NVGs. @Gen. Henry Arnold full screen NVGs are a great feature but needs work @Azeh please fix this feature
  5. Bump for ability to use rival turf drug dealer.
  6. This video single handedly convinced me re-install the game a few months ago.
  7. He is playing DayZ and not very well I might add:
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