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****APD Policy Update 9/08/2022****

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The following has been added to the guidebook:

  • Officers are not allowed in the purge event zone unless:

    • Active Visual Pursuit

  • If officers pursue a suspect into the purge zone they shall only be allowed to obtain that suspect from the zone. No other suspects shall be removed from the zone.

  • Officers may only actively engage other suspects within the zone to apprehend and remove the suspect they followed into the zone on active visual pursuit.

  • Officers must ignore any charges that occurred inside the purge zone.

    • Officers are still allowed to charge the suspect with crimes that occurred outside the zone.

  • Vehicle Air Drops

    • APD Officers discretion to attend.

    • Standard Red Zone rules apply.

    • 1 minute all clear prior to seizing the vehicle is required with the following exceptions.

      • If there is no combat when the officer arrives, the vehicle may be seized immediately

    • Officers are not allowed to return to the engagement if you are killed (one life rule)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or would like to discuss a policy change, feel free to contact a Captain.

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