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  1. Get rid of names in dom
  2. Community Meeting Sunday 2/19 at 6 EST If this doesn't work for you and you have ideas message me on discord |Panda|#4199 I will be taking notes on all suggestions and ideas. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the server, we would like to see you there. This will be hosted in discord in the Community meeting channel.
  3. Panda

    NVG Suggestion

    Where's the ZB-11 extract on customs?
  4. If you see Ronald flying, drive the other way. You’re bound to get slammed into.
  5. I don't mind fighting, but at least make where everyone can use MK's to level the playing field and that's why if this could be implemented then maybe it would get more people into fighting more then just two lives.
  6. Maybe a good idea would be that cops that want to fight rebels during federal events become SWAT so that both sides can have MK's to make it somewhat even and people who don't want to fight federal events can patrol normally. Also, if there is only like 4 cops on then have it revert to normal APD policy where all officers have to attend and depending on the amount of rebels doing it give the cops SWAT without needing whitelist. IDK just an idea, but will be willing to hear some opinions. So please comment and let me know.
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