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****APD Policy Update 2/7/24****

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Effective Immediately


New Federal Event Order-

  1. Evidence
  2. APD National HQ Robbery
  3. Mental Asylum
  4. Nikolai's Compound
  5. Federal Reserve
  6. Bank of Altis
  7. Jewelry Emporium
  8. Shipping Robbery
  9. Prison Break
  10. Gas Mart

Nikolai’s Compound - 

  • Civilian side - Will follow normal 2 life federal event rules.
  • Cop side - When a SGT+ is online, the highest ranking officer must be the one to authorize a breach into the vault. Due to the small window of the vault being open, this is to ensure any/all officers will have sufficient time to enter.

    In the event of no SGT+, a unanimous vote will be required to authorize a breach into the vault.

Stash House -

  • Is a restricted areas. Officers may only enter them when in active visual pursuit.

New Charges - 

  • Tobacco - Possession of Illegal Tobacco/Cigars - $15,000
  • High Power Rifles - Possession of Elite Weapons (Zafirs, RPG-42, Spar-16S) - $10,000

Prestige Weapons -

  • Officers are not allowed to use any prestige weapon without the appropriate prestige tier
  • Do not drop prestige weapons to officers without the proper prestige tier
  • The MXSW is now the only firearm that can not be dropped under any circumstances
    • Edit 2/8/24 - Due to the Spar-16S still having a Bipod bug, it may not be dropped under any circumstances.
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