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  1. Dom will prob be shut down for a bit, then adjusted and go from there was the comment said.
  2. "Hi guys, I grinded between 1-4 years ago and have stacks upon stacks of cash and have turned a light RP life server into a wasteland server. Now that I'm no longer able to play this like a wasteland server I no longer wanna be here." Crazy.
  3. Already having an active discussion with SA's/Devs atm.
  4. Effective Immediately Armed Prowler Officers may only use the Armed Prowler to pursue, engage and seize a civilian controlled Armed Prowler from the Shipping Robbery Federal Event. Once the civilian Armed Prowler is secured/seized, all APD Armed Prowlers must be seized. Federal Event Priority List Update 5/31/2024 Evidence Lockup National APD HQ Nikolai’s Compound Casino Heist Federal Reserve Bank of Altis Jewelry Emporium Altis Shipping Prison Break Gas Mart Robbery
  5. Effective Immediately Bank Delivery Mission Officers have probable cause to stop and search occupants of the Green Camo Bank Hunter Money Laundering $10,000 - Anyone found in possession of Illegal Bank Notes from the Bank Delivery Mission. Officers need to impound the Camo Hunter because it's being used illegally Civilians will be provided an Spar-16 by the bank. Those firearms are Legal even without a Bounty Hunter’s License during this mission. If the civilian uses the supplied spar against officers and does not have a Bounty Hunter License it will be considered illegal. (Spar-16 can only Legally be posses during the legal variant of the mission and as long as they have not used it against the APD) New Vehicles The APD has acquired funding for new vehicles to help combat the rebels of the Altis island due to the previous success of the Ghost hawk being implemented. Going forward - A SGT+ will be limited to one armed vehicle per individual, and will be responsible for the safety/security of the vehicle. Sgt+ - Armed Jeep Up to three armed jeeps may be active at a time May be used for an HQ defense or to assist in Federal Events. LT+ - Armed Quilin Only 1 active at a time May not be used along side the armed Ghost hawk Only 1 Qilin per Lt per restart. The Armed Qilin may only be pulled for the following reasons. Heavily out numbered at a federal event Constant federal event spam with no reprieve (3+ federal events back to back) HQ defense - Active assault of 5+ individuals Stash Houses Will be treated as a turf going forward. LSD Factory Due to the new location of the LSD Factory, constables/corporals will no longer be able to patrol it in a helicopter solo Zubr Zubr is now a legal firearm
  6. I mean, you could learn it through trial and error instead of trying to min-max everything by having the data handed to you.
  7. Effective Immediately APD Drones ED-D 1D Pelter - Captain Only Only 1 active at any given time. Must only operate within a 7km radius from the operator. Standard drone policies apply UGV Stomper and MQ-12 Falcon - Lieutenant+ Must only operate within a 7km radius from the operator. Standard drone policies apply. Standard drone policies are as follows. Only 1 active drone per Sergeant+ at any given time May not patrol illegal areas APD Suppressors APD officers may no longer drop suppressors under any circumstances. Officers may only use the following suppressors while UC .45, 5.56, 5.7mm, and 6.5mm suppressors. Charges High Power Rifle Changes - Possession of Elite Weapons - (Zafirs, RPG-42, Mar-10, M320 LRR, Cyrus, .45, SPMG, Lynx, Type 115 .50 cal mags) $10,000 Possession of Illegal Weapon Modification - Applies to anyone found with possession of a suppressor. - $17,500 Driving an Illegal Vehicle - Applied for the Ifrit, Strider, .50 cal Offroad, armed Jeep, Armed Qilin, and Minigun Boat. Illegal Vehicles must be seized. Domination Officers are not to drop any weapons other than the mk20 they spawn with
  8. Lmaoooo, I saw corporal Nathan and Constable Payton. That clip is at least 3-4 years old or more
  9. I saw I got @‘d a few times, and I’ll read the individual stuff later. The reason they’re lower chopping price is that cop ifrits are A) cheaper (our ifrits are 70-80k?) and B ) all cop vehicles are cheaper due to the frequency we lose it. Not saying I’m in agreement with why it’s the way it is, just giving our info.
  10. Effective Immediately SGT+ will be allowed to deploy SWAT officers to cities/HQ’s during extreme circumstances under the following stipulations: The highest ranking officer (SGT+) on duty is solely responsible for activating SWAT and will assume command of the entire situation until SWAT is deactivated. Failure of the activating officer to command and direct the entire situation will result in severe repercussions. A set amount of SWAT officers will be deployed depending on civilian count in the cities and must report directly to the SWAT deploying officer as well as adhering to standard SWAT policies. Failure to follow the command and direction of the SWAT activating officer will result in severe repercussions. The SGT+ may currently authorize SWAT officers for the following situations: HQ Defense Having a suspect in custody worth 200k+. Can not be used for someone who has turned themselves in. HQ is being actively assaulted by 3+ civilians Riot Control Any Suspect(s) involved must be using high caliber weapons 6.5+ or explosives Inability to bring stability to a city after 3+ attempts with 5+ suspects identified Once SWAT is called, a crate of illegal loot will spawn inside of the city and officers will be required to attempt to gain control of that crate once it is unlocked. An LT+ may call for officers to disregard the crate allowing civilians to obtain the crate uncontested from officers. (If a call to disregard the crate is made, a message must be sent to the active captains on why that call was made.) Once the SWAT activating situation has been handled (per the activating officers discretion) all SWAT officers must be deactivated. Casino/Athira Entertainment Policy The Casino/Entertainment Center will be off limits for on-duty APD officers. However, officers are allowed to go to Casino/Entertainment center with legitimate reason, such as: Active Visual Pursuit Rescue a kidnapped officer Once officers arrive at the location they may only retrieve the suspects involved. They may not restrain anyone else at the Location, you may only apprehend the suspects involved in the active visual pursuit and the suspects involved in the kidnapping. Any questions/comments/concerns please reach out to a Captain.
  11. This was a comment made roughly 6 months to 1 year ago? I don’t keep up with Dom all that often other than I know it was a huge huge money printer for most gangs.
  12. Honestly, those who have been dealing with me over the past few years should know that I've preached a pretty consistent message. This is a light RP server, not a wasteland server. Relevant communication A push away from favoritism to involve more of the community It honestly feels like the longer I've been a part of this community, and as someone who's assisting in leading the APD, it feels like those three points feel further away than they did when I first got here. I've been an active Captain for 1.5 years and an active player for 4-5 years and personally speaking, some of the decisions that I've seen been pushed through I do not agree with and have made it very clear that it would do more harm than good. I'm not perfect by any means, but I do try and strive to strike a good balance between ensuring the APD is not a punching bag for the server and making sure the APD isn't too overpowered on a normal day-by-day basis. First - There is no more incentive for people to grind on S1 since the creation of Dom. Many of the cartel gangs that would hold cartels, do payouts, etc now just play dom to get their money and harass cops. "Why fight for a cartel when I can just sit on dom for 2 hours and make 500k-1.2m" ~A quote from a member of a large gang. With that type of money coming in, people don't worry about the passive cartel money anymore, or even go to feds to make money but just to kill cops. The second there are 4 or more cops, we get turned into a QRF that has to sit here and respond every 20 minutes to some new event. This, in turn, has made a lot of cops frustrated as a whole due to events now becoming the main part of the APD and not the roleplay, thus most of us go straight lethals now to finish the event quickly to go back out and patrol for what little time we do have. I've personally suggested a much longer cooldown in between federal events but instead had a "security measures" feature implemented to raise the cops required per successful federal event. (Which has done nothing.) We currently have 10 federal events (With 3 being added in the last 3 months.) While the variety is nice we want to get out, patrol, etc and not be strung along from fed event to fed event. Part of this is the reason why I've calmed down on my playtime myself, I used to play 50-80 hours but now I can barely push to 20 a month because between 12 pm-10 pm it's just non-stop federal events from a gang. Personally speaking, my longest play sessions have been the nights that there is the least amount of events going on. We're told that we have to be punching bags, and have been for god knows how long now as Civ v Civ life has died down. Due to that we've had to implement policy/benefits to allow the APD leadership to try and push things more in the cop favor to keep our cops playing longer, as it's been stated time after time again. "Increased cop playtime = Increased civ count." A lot of these benefits that you've seen us use, I barely have even used them myself other than a handful of times. The Marshall is a joke, the ghost hawk that I've gotten to use once and it was pretty mid, "being able to break the GB whenever" I think I've done 3-to 4 times to send people to jail because their language was getting out of hand and once on an entire gang because they were spamming events as a group of 8-10 vs 3-4 cops. Second - In terms of communication, it's sporadic, to say the least. As of recently with the last two patches that have come out, the two "regular" captains get cliff-notes of what is going to happen and are expected to write a policy without even understanding the full scale of an event or update. The last update was a 12-17 hour heads up, (Given at 8 pm est and the update went live around 4 pm.) When there has been discussions around potential balances etc, and I've asked for information about it I'm told. "Sorry you're not an admin so I can't share that information with you" and expected to decide on not having all of the facts which sometimes leads me to the wrong answer without knowing. Lastly - when it comes to favoritism it feels like it happens more and more with zero attempt to stop it. When discussing the APD leadership team, and certain gangs holding 50% or more of the staff positions, I've been told "It's natural and should be expected." When I attempt to regulate by blocking those who may not be good candidates but were voted in by their friends, I'm either outvoted or the rest of the staff team goes in an uproar over it. I've been told that "I am not allowed to talk about x staff member because you did something similar." But when a similar situation came up for a different staff member, I was allowed to openly discuss. I was primarily blocked on the first conversation because that original staff member was a friend of the Captain. We've allowed an APD staff member to hold a "retired" status 2 months early, Doing only 4 out of 6 active months because of his affiliation with the captains/admin team. And honestly, I'll go out and say it. Both myself and Djmon had actively mentioned/fought for @DarkKnight to be the current chief of police, but it instead was given to Austin M because of his affiliation with HunterB and told "We believe he's deserving of this position over DK" (The guy who is highly regarded as one of the true captains for the APD that has respect from a large group of the player base.) Ever since then, the communication between Captains and SA's have fallen dramatically. Instead of a "Hey let's open a discussion and talk about XYZ." Now it's "Hey I already talked to the SAs and agreed upon this going forward." Meaning that if I were to contribute or have a conflicting opinion, it instantly become a 4v1 or 4v2 as they all had aligned themselves prior. I do love this community, and the people that I've met and interacted with but as someone in active leadership, there's a lot of frustration that I deal with because of the shadow games that are played between friends and some of it has made me lose respect for my peers/"bosses" and to a point has started to make me less involved with the community as I've seen my opinion not be valued anymore now that the friend group up top has the majority. I've tried my best and I'm not perfect by any means but some of these issues could have been avoided by choosing who was right for the role instead of who we wanted.
  13. This was a rough draft policy written by myself and @JimJim, never gained any traction with the other CPT's before they went into SA. Some of us do want it, there's just a decent bit that goes on behind the scenes that prevent certain things from becoming reality.
  14. Thank you for the reminder, that policy has been updated to include the ghosthawk.
  15. Effective Immediately New Federal Event Order- Evidence APD National HQ Robbery Mental Asylum Nikolai's Compound Federal Reserve Bank of Altis Jewelry Emporium Shipping Robbery Prison Break Gas Mart Nikolai’s Compound - Civilian side - Will follow normal 2 life federal event rules. Cop side - When a SGT+ is online, the highest ranking officer must be the one to authorize a breach into the vault. Due to the small window of the vault being open, this is to ensure any/all officers will have sufficient time to enter. In the event of no SGT+, a unanimous vote will be required to authorize a breach into the vault. Stash House - Is a restricted areas. Officers may only enter them when in active visual pursuit. New Charges - Tobacco - Possession of Illegal Tobacco/Cigars - $15,000 High Power Rifles - Possession of Elite Weapons (Zafirs, RPG-42, Spar-16S) - $10,000 Prestige Weapons - Officers are not allowed to use any prestige weapon without the appropriate prestige tier Do not drop prestige weapons to officers without the proper prestige tier The MXSW is now the only firearm that can not be dropped under any circumstances Edit 2/8/24 - Due to the Spar-16S still having a Bipod bug, it may not be dropped under any circumstances.
  16. I got you @Fitz Changed/Tweaked: -Removed Zafir/Spar-16S from gun game Excited to finally spend some of the money for more cop benefits
  17. Bring back signal left signal right
  18. Jr4life24

    Suicide Jets

    Any jet could be suicide jet if you use it right
  19. This isn’t as spicy as I’d thought it’d be. I’m disappointed in a lot of you
  20. Effective Immediately Jewelry Charges Two new charges have been added based around Jewelry Emporium Possession of Illegal Jewels - $10,000 - Applies to jewels from the emporium. Some examples include - (Watches, Blood Diamond, Sack of Gold nuggets, Bag of Exotic Jewels, Engagement Ring etc.) Possession of Illegal Antiquities $7,500 - Applies to Rolled Gold/Silver When a civilian is in possession of Illegal Jewels and Rolled Gold, individuals will be charged with Illegal Jewels. This follows the same methodology as drugs and their purified form when civilians are found with both. Drug Drop - The location of the drug drop will be treated as an illegal area following standard rules. New Charge - Possession of Pixie Dust - $12,000 - Applies to Pixie Dust Federal Events The Gas mart has been added, only requiring 3 officers to start; it is meant to be an entry level federal event for newer civilians on the island. As such, Lt+ may limit the amount of officers responding to a gas mart robbery effectively allowing other officers to maintain current patrol. If done so, the LT+ must respond to the event themselves to ensure that it will be secured. The new federal event order is as follows Evidence Lockup Mental Asylum Federal Reserve Bank of Altis Jewelry Emporium Shipping Robbery Prison Beak Gas Mart Robbery
  21. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Going forward, we are implementing new activity requirements for our APD staff. This is meant to put a balance towards more in-game presence while retaining our current staff amounts. We will be standardizing additional playtime at 3 hours per one activity instead of the incremental increase as before. Meaning an LT with 5 interviews must do 28 hours, or a SGT with no RA's must do 32 hours etc. Lieutenant - 25 hour requirement 6 Interviews 6 other activities Sergeant - (No change) 25 hour requirement 2 Ride Alongs 6 other activities Any questions please reach out to a Captain.
  22. Effective Immediately Casino Policy The Casino will be off limits for on-duty APD officers. However, officers are allowed to go to Casino with legitimate reason, such as: Active Visual Pursuit Rescue a kidnapped officer Once officers arrive at the casino they may only retrieve the suspects involved. They may not restrain anyone else at the casino, you may only apprehend the suspects involved in the active visual pursuit and the suspects involved in the kidnapping. Changed charges Possession of Reggie Weed -> Possession of Cannabis/Marijuana Disobeying an officer - $500 -> $1000 (Still warn, ticket and jail for 3rd offense.) These charges are now must charge if observed due to increased ticket price Discharge within city limits - $500 -> $2000 Landing within city limits - $500 ->$2000
  23. Jr4life24

    Rebel Camping

    We already have 7 rebels and back in the day you only had 3, you'll be fine.
  24. o7 and it's been a pleasure to work with you for the past year
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