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  1. 10 MK200s at 40k a pop? Over 100 MK1s at 6k a pop is already 1m in guns alone, the evidence is a combination of both Y and physical inventory. If you wanted just pure money then the fed or mental is the way to go. The evidence has also been getting robbed consistently for the past few weeks, it’s absolutely going to have less loot then what everyone has been seeing previously (15-20mil) since it’s based on loot generation via seizing over a long period of time.
  2. I'm also sad, I'm pretty sure mine got reskined to default
  3. ...No. On Wednesday, at 1pm EST, no one will hold gang fort, and you will fight for the boat at 6pm EST and hold it until Sunday at 1pm EST. On Sunday, at 1pm EST no one will hold the boat, and you will fight for Gang Fort at 6pm EST and hold it until Wednesday at 1pm EST.
  4. The old point goes inactive between 1pm EST and 6pm EST on Wed/Sunday. At 6pm EST the fighting for the new cap begins
  5. The drip Plus I know for some, being able to follow civ initiation rules while UC is a benefit as well
  6. Probably not red, they're gonna get shot like crazy. Maybe a bright yellow
  7. Event doesn’t start til Friday
  8. Vehicles are not being touched is what I’ve been told. Everything else is fair game
  9. I feel like I’m gonna end up being like Opera this event after the 3rd federal event in a row, You get an MK! You get a MK! Everyone gets an MK!
  10. He might be talking about how ARMA 2 buildings can’t be penetrated by 7.62
  11. When Jewelry first came out, I thought the warlord had only spawned in after the event and despawned after 20ish minutes of success. I could be remembering it wrong but maybe it’s time to move into that direction? Could even aim to have two/three possible locations that warlord would randomly choose so that the jewelry isn’t so linear of an event?
  12. I like the feeling of an evidence being the end all be all, given the length/loot that can be achieved it absolutely should stay where it is. Fighting the evidence is one of the only federal events on cop that truly makes everyone go "oh shit" and focuses up, plus we already have 6 other federal events that require under 8 cops.
  13. Past few days, its just turned into a group of 13 roaming chop shop with ifrits killing any cops before they get past the solar towers.
  14. Or, You pay a tax on your houses bi-weekly after 4 houses (or 3.) That tax is somewhere around 100k every two weeks, or 200k a month which will allow players to own 4 hours and decide if that 5th house is truly worth the extra money.
  15. I remember when I first came back to Asylum and got captain promoted to Corporal, I thought acting as UC, I was able to allow some illegal things to happening infront of me and not get in trouble over it. So I was chilling in Kavala at 7am and having this guy with an MK200 run around while I was debating on where/when to strike as he didn’t think I was a cop. Mitch pops into my channel asking me questions about what I was doing/why I’m letting someone with an illegal firearm run around before I finally looked over and realized it was him and I go on a mad chase for this guy thinking he was going to remove me if I didn’t get him. I’m still wondering how I never got points/removed as my first week of CPL
  16. Moving red zone for civs, cops either need to either wait for a civ to pose a threat like guns pointed at them or already be red to engage
  17. So, here is what I've had. This was after a little bit of thinking but I still have some balance concerns myself, such as what if civs pull 5 minigun quillins or other civs who will randomly come and VDM etc. Cop Evidence - Priority #2, (Under Evidence, above mental) would have a payout between Evidence lockup/Mental Asylum. (Roughly 1m+ loot table, could even look into potential for Zafir etc.) Two separate routes would be available, civs must be required to take it to a drop off point in order to access materials inside. (still unsure how to flesh this out fully) Either Dump HQ -> Pygros HQ with a civ drop off point of Athira Rebel. Evidence Lockup -> Kavala Checkpoint with a civ drop off point near Kavala Rebel. Civilians are provided a 5-8 minute warning that a police convoy event is starting. The civs will not be provided what route but common knowledge that both routes must past through the center of the map. Requirements to start - 2 LT+, (They're essentially a gangs R2, makes sense that they should be the one leading/able to do it.) 10 cops and 60-80 civilians. - Reason being, this is meant to be a cop sided federal event that when pulled will want to entice players of all variety to attend and attempt to steal. Given the access that civs have with 50s, quillins etc, we want to ensure the APD has access to all equipment to protect. Convoy vehicle itself will be one/(two separate) tempest repairs (with the loot split 50/50) allowing APD to keep their vehicles moving and fixed up. Convoy itself will be a moving red zone only for those who are engaging the APD, not for random civs near by. (Assume proper use of force policy.) Payout for cops I'm unsure about, assuming roughly 1m split so about 100k per cop if successful, less of a payout if more cops attend.
  18. Personally if this is something we’re able to add, I’d like it to have the same attention it gets from an evidence. Tons of cops/civs plenty of warning for civs before starting. Requires 1-2 LT+ to start and it’s loaded with some loot that is extremely rare to obtain that would pull more then just the cartel gangs. Civs would be required to take it to a different marker if they are to secure it in order to access the contents or if successfully delivered it would be a decent payout for the cops. I had some ideas on it fully fleshed out but I’m away from my computer but I’d be happy to throw my full take on it later.
  19. I've been around since 2017 with a 1 year break and this is the first time I've ever seen this or even heard of this. It's honestly funny considering how rare this is, and I doubt it affects as many people are you're making it out to seem.
  20. Jr4life24

    s2 vehicle rule

    Oh no, the server that gangs use to print money is being hindered by 4 cops shedding ifrits
  21. This is an accurate description of CPT chat since Innate has taken over. Please send help
  22. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY APD/AFD Cooperation During a Federal Event, any EMT+ who has chosen to assist the APD may join the corresponding APD Federal Event Channel in order to assist. The EMT+ must follow these rules when joining the APD channels EMT+ CAN NOT join police channels if they are gang affiliated to the rebels. The EMT+ May still choose to assist the APD without joining their channel. Upon joining the cop channel the medic must change their teamspeak name to indicate they are on medic by putting Medic in parentheses after their name. Ex: Strict Tac-Comms will be enforced. The Medic(s) can not give callouts of rebel positions, nor assist the officers in any form of transportation until both the event and combat is over. The EMT+ will Introduce themselves, and let APD personnel know that they will be assisting them for the duration of the event. The EMT+ may inform officers that they are attempting to revive them, or that they are unable to be revived. Once the fighting has concluded the medic must leave APD channels and return to AFD channels. Abuse of this policy will result in disciplinary action on both factions up to a blacklist depending on severity. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please reach out to a Captain or Fire Chief.
  23. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Menace to Society has been removed: Menace has lost its original purpose over the year to combat those who would wrack up high bounties vs cops. Instead, has been used over time on civilians who primarily engaged in civ vs civ combat. We will instead be aiming policy to those who are continually aggressive towards the APD for long periods of time. Straight to Jail Offenses: Any officer may now send a subject straight to jail for having 6 or more federal event charges. (Number is subject to change) Federal Event charges include: Bank Robbery Federal Reserve Robbery Jewelry Emporium Robbery Raiding the Evidence Lockup Prison Break Shipping Robbery Mental Asylum Robbery Constable Playtime Requirement: Constable Playtime has been reduced. Constables now have to maintain 5 hours every 3 months, instead of the previous 10 hours. Gang Fort/Boat Update: Gang Fort/Boat will now be treated as an illegal area when uncontested. When Gang Fortress/Boat is contested, Officers may only enter for: -Active and visual pursuit -APB Tracking Inactivity Policy for returning Constable+: In order to streamline returning members of the APD we are creating a standardized policy for those who are returning who previously obtained the rank of Constable. This is not retroactive, and will only apply to those looking to renter the APD after 12/14/2022. Anyone at the rank of CPL+ who steps away from the APD may be placed at their previous rank or lower based on CPT review From date of removal to 1 month APD question only interview, reinstate to Constable From 1 month to 3 months of removal Can take an extended interview, combination of both regular interview and extended with multiple GB questions. If pass will be reinstated to constable. From 3 months to 1 year Regular interview, 3 day cadet period 1+ year Regular Interview, 1 week cadet period Any questions please reach out to a Captain!
  24. We already have cops/civ BH quitting the server because people think it's cool to just kill themselves to avoid roleplay in a light roleplay server. Something like this is just going to drive people further away.
  25. This is why you get RDM'd by me. Need to put that menace down before you cause more harm
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