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  1. We already have 7 rebels and back in the day you only had 3, you'll be fine.
  2. o7 and it's been a pleasure to work with you for the past year
  3. Facts. Fuck the anti fun police @Ronald
  4. You mean like the last 6 patches?
  5. Remember that SGT/LT are required 25 hours a month, with a majority of the staff actually pushing 40-50 hours. LTs are earning 300k per 25 hours, which is the equivalent of 3 ifrits just by doing their required hours, SGTs are a bit less as their armor is not nearly as expensive
  6. Effective Immediately The Following Charges are NO LONGER STACKABLE Weapon Trafficking - Now a $5,000 charge This charge is applied when an Individual is in possession of 3 or more weapons that exceed the limit of Personal Use. Possession of Federal Reserve Gold (Gold Bars) - Now a $15,000 charge This charge is applied when an individual is in possession of gold bars Money Laundering- Now a $10,000 charge This charge is applied when an individual is in the possession of Banded Bank Notes Policy regarding event vehicles Any legal server spawned vehicle will have the following policy in place. Shipping, Evidence, Mental, Jewelry vehicles are all standardized to 1 minute all clear to seize, or 3 minute APD control to drive to the nearest HQ. Any Illegal server spawned vehicle will have the following policy in place. Example - Jewelry/Shipping Minigun Quillin - 1 minute all clear to seize, or 3 minute APD control for an LT+ to drive to the nearest HQ. APD VEHICLE Update The Marid has been replaced with the Marshal. The Marshal will follow all previous policy of the Marid. CPL+ can Utilize the APD Rhib Boat which can be Purchased at Boat Shop (This falls under standard vehicle use policy)
  7. The idea is that the Civ needs to do something for a captain to step in, Where as previously it was that the captain can just do what they want when they want to. Things like an incredibly toxic civ can go straight to jail, not sending cops to a 4v15 bank in order to keep our officers on the server and enjoying their time. As of right now it only applies to the active seating captains so myself, Hunter, Innate and Djmon and all of our actions can be checked by the SAs where as prior captains were unchecked by anyone but the owner.
  8. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY We will now grant ACTIVE seated captains the authority to take unconventional measures when dealing with heinous individuals/groups who consistently violate/disrupt the community. Captains will be allowed to exercise discretion/alternative methods outside of the guidebook to address misconduct ensuring a more effective/immediate response. This is meant to encourage Captains to create an environment where lower-ranking officers can actively participate in an enjoyable experience. Captains will still be bound to the guidebook on these sections with zero leniency. Marid House Raiding Cartel Raiding Professionalism Captains actions can be subject to review via SAs for severe cases of misconduct and will be handled on a case by case basis.
  9. Please welcome @Djmon to the rank of Captain! Please give him a little time to adjust to his new position.
  10. Why not gangs who have active 10-15 players minimum who have been established for over 6months-1year
  11. Helping fix the economy, one malding civilian at a time. Happy to help!
  12. We also had some of the best fed officers on last night and every officer was wielding an MK1, versus two gangs that normally fight in Athira. Do keep that in mind as well. They had us for a while too when trying to take rebel between the 2nd evidence and 1st mental that popped. It was very back and forth until the last evidence.
  13. It is in the Vietnam mod/DLC. Pretty scuffed but it does work
  14. Crimson stands for freedom and will not let that happen
  15. We were hella bored and fucking around. after that we pushed in hatchbacks/armor and stole the money from them because they didn’t play 1st floor
  16. Jr4life24


    So, the reason why it's so horrendous for a majority of players is that we have our saturation set to 200%. If you play at 100% it's actually more manageable in terms of muzzle flash etc. It's not a perfect solution but we're the ones who choose to up our settings like that when it isn't the default.
  17. Jr4life24


    Also this, while I def agree with the idea, the amount of times I've had to either re search them or that I accidently searched them because the 10 million scroll wheel options would cause more issues than anything
  18. I believe the only thing we aren’t getting is nitro? @Sandwichwas testing it out and looping the rest of the CPTs in so he’d know what the APD have
  19. Jr4life24

    evidence lockup

    It’s been a hot minute since I’ve bought one, my load out for the mk200 was roughly 52k so was taking a guess
  20. Jr4life24

    evidence lockup

    10 MK200s at 40k a pop? Over 100 MK1s at 6k a pop is already 1m in guns alone, the evidence is a combination of both Y and physical inventory. If you wanted just pure money then the fed or mental is the way to go. The evidence has also been getting robbed consistently for the past few weeks, it’s absolutely going to have less loot then what everyone has been seeing previously (15-20mil) since it’s based on loot generation via seizing over a long period of time.
  21. I'm also sad, I'm pretty sure mine got reskined to default
  22. ...No. On Wednesday, at 1pm EST, no one will hold gang fort, and you will fight for the boat at 6pm EST and hold it until Sunday at 1pm EST. On Sunday, at 1pm EST no one will hold the boat, and you will fight for Gang Fort at 6pm EST and hold it until Wednesday at 1pm EST.
  23. The old point goes inactive between 1pm EST and 6pm EST on Wed/Sunday. At 6pm EST the fighting for the new cap begins
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