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No longer a gang -RIP-

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Velocity is a gang that is friends with one another. We don't fight each other, we fight with each other. We do cartels, banks, and prison breaks from time to time.

Our main focus is to have fun and fight! We are a new gang so it will take us a while to grow. Once we get our 10 good members we will be a force to

be reckoned with.


Financially Stable (600k)

Know Arma Mechanics

1000+ hours on Arma 3

700+ hours on Asylum

Good Tac Comms

Great Overall Player

Know how to have fun

Good Role-play

Application Format

In-game name:


Hours in Arma (Screenshot):

Hours in Asylum:

Bank Balance:

Previous Gang(s):

Why do you want to join Velocity:

What can you bring to the team:

Do you have anyone that can vouch for you in the gang:

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