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  1. We're working on a Chernarus zone next.
  2. Leaving this guy here, didn't want to flood the thread with a bunch of pictures and needed to run a poll for a few things. Please take the poll and leave feedback anywhere.
  3. @FudgeR and I have been working on these for the past week, and think it's time that they go up on the forums for community review. These are the final point locations for the drug cartel map. The rebels are still up for debate. I wanted to put the East Rebel on rusty, @FudgeRwanted to keep it at drug tower. The actual distance difference is around 300 meters from garage to garage. Drug tower is about 1100 meters (actual driving distance) from Cap 3, rusty is about 760 meters from Cap 3. Cap 5 and 8 might be a little too close together, there is just no better area for either of them. If need desperately be, we can try to find a new place for Cap 5, since it's a completely formulated point. Precursors to the screenshots: most walls are indestructible surrounding the caps, we designed the caps with the cover of the walls in mind, and removed pieces of walls to replace them with traversable ruined walls where we deemed fit, all slum house canopies (the sticks with the tarps on top) are indestructible because when you run them over at certain angles, they will kill you and send your Ifrit flying, the only exception to rule 1 is on capture point 8, of which all walls are destructible. Cap 1: Cap 2: All walls surrounding the flag are indestructible. Cap 3: All walls surrounding the cap are indestructible. Cap 4: The front of the shit shack is almost impenetrable, all walls are indestructible besides the ruined ones. Cap 5: Walls around the two story houses are destructible. Cap 6: I wanted to keep the construction cap we currently have with some small changes, namely, the extra staircase is up for debate, everyone but @FudgeR likes it. For some perspective, the bottom floor of the construction building on the left in image 3 is completely inaccessible from that side without the staircase. The destructibility of the walls is up for debate as well, since I know indestructible when unnecessary is just an annoyance on this server; for context, the cap is extremely attacker-sided without the walls being indestructible. Cap 7: Cap 8: all walls surrounding the capture zone are destructible, there is no house within a reasonable distance with a reasonable view of the cap besides one deliberately placed 100m away to the northeast. Rebel Outposts: South Rebel: Rusty Rebel: Drug Rebel: The poll will close on 29 August @11:59 PM EST, when the poll closes, we'll make any final changes and the map will be submitted to a dev for functionality. If this doesn't see the light of day, @FudgeR and I will make these into CQC maps for a separate server.
  4. The main thing with the eastern area of the map is if you want to add any rocks and also want to stay in the theme of the area, you have to use those shitty brown ones that you can't even climb on top of most of the time. The caps you found look really nice though, the Pyrgos rebel one is a little ehh just because people don't like tower fighting. I've been working on ones near the drug cartel caps, because I really wanted to find a way to integrate drug house into domination, that I can throw up here at some point when they're finished. Edit 1: These are the points I've been working with. Furthest distance between two points is 2.5 km, furthest distance from rebel to any point is 1.4 km. I'll get with Fudger at some point and start editing/further designing them. Edit 2: This is the updated zone after some tweaks were made. Still working on Capture Points 1, 3, & 5, but the rest of the zones are ready to go unless anyone else wants to provide feedback on them, some of them are overly simplistic in some areas and I feel like they could use slight improvements. Still unsure as to where I want the rebels to be, since the rebel in the screenshot before probably won't cut it for this map anymore with the point in Katalaki. All Rebel markers are possible spots for rebel outposts, not guaranteed ones. Some approximate measurements: Dom Rebel - ~2.5 km from the furthest cap (Cap 3), ~500 m from the nearest (Cap 5/7) Rebel 2 - ~3.2 km from the furthest cap (Cap 6), ~1 km from the nearest (Cap 3) Rebel 3 - ~1.7 km from the furthest cap (Cap 3), ~600 m from the nearest (Cap 4/5) Rebel 4 - ~1.9 km from the furthest cap (Cap 3/7), ~500 m from the nearest (Cap 4) All of this is open to suggestion. If anyone has ideas on better locations for rebels, DM me or quote/reply in this thread. I already considered a boat rebel, it's a mistake.
  5. Payouts should be based on points, not placement. Stratis is a bad map. It's too hilly and has only one road to traverse the map in a reasonable amount of time; furthermore, the only potential locations for capture points are along this road, which poses an even more annoying problem. Chernarus is a good map. It has plenty of space for creativity in capture point design and is absolutely massive. ^this, right now a single hotzone comes up the entire game, and it's usually the deciding factor https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987&searchtext=cup+terrains https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184&searchtext=cup+terrains https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1981964169&searchtext=cup+terrains ^Those are the mods Olympus uses for it's modded maps, it has something like 16 modded maps. Not sure if Maps 2.0 is required, but I have it. The reason I'd recommend sticking to these is because they're some of the best community modded maps available and it would make switching between servers less of a hassle. The new UI looks nice.
  6. I just found it really weird having you comment on my thread unprovoked with some nonsensical statement
  7. https://i.gyazo.com/b2f261105f101a89d40c75c2fb87d1e5.mp4 Is there any way for the devs to tweak the Orca's armor? These things are paper mache as of right now. Not asking for these things to be flying tanks, just that you can't get shot out through the metal parts.
  8. For the future, maybe some leaderboards would be cool. Make arsenal loadouts specific to the server, rather than being shared with others. Global Chat. **Team balancing too -- make team balancing pretty lenient so people can play with their friends
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