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  1. should also add landlords to evict the motherfuckers that haven't paid their rent and the ones doing illegal shit from their apartment
  2. big poggers from both parties present
  3. Most of the time during a robbery, cops will take control of first instantly, because there's no point in playing there as a rebel. The cop on first will then proceed to be useless the rest of the fight. Unreachable gets a bullet in the head every single time which is shit design, there shouldn't be a ladder-only position with a 100% lethal rate. Lighthouse is pretty underutilized; on one hand, it's, in my opinion, one of the best positions for attacking the current bank; on the other hand, most cops don't even touch it. I think incentivizing cops to go up there is a step in the right direction. If it is too oppressive in practice for a rebel to start the robbery from up there, adding an extra building which blocks the view from lighthouse towards the back of the side building is probably the balancing move. I'll address bank slamming in a bit. I don't understand how this can even be of concern. Not only did they just promote ~10 constables -> corporal in the past 4 months, but constables can't win the current bank without access to armor. If there's no SWAT on against a group of 4-6+, you're fucked. Not only that, but I think that my bank actually makes it even more winnable for constables, with very clear and powerful attacking positions to take control of that apply real pressure on the defending party. I also encourage you to think about the bank being pushed WITH armor and smoke. Especially when adjusting the design to make it doable without such tools and keeping it balanced for both factions. It is really, really hard to find a middle ground and I think this does it pretty well, or at least better than our current iteration. In the current iteration, there is 0 cover around the bank building itself. Even if you live in your hatchback, you can't even get to the point where you can foot push the bank because the roof sees literally everything around the bank building, and it's all open field to the bank/side building from cover in a 50m radius, even more in most spots. I personally think first ATM is a huge noob trap and doesn't serve any purpose in the current bank. No rebel plays up there, the cop that inevitably ends up there never does anything. First ATM incentivizes a 2017 playstyle that people have adapted to and work around rather than contesting. Arma 3 is not a first-person shooter, you need to be ACTIVELY pressuring someone to peek/move or you won't make any progress. Even when people do peek, first ATM is just way too far and way too slow to capitalize on it. That position needs to be moved closer to apply any real pressure, but you can't do that without providing rebels with yet another bank roof to sit on, which is the entire reason for the redesign in the first place. We're kind of at the point in this game with federal events where you need to play for the objective to force rebels to move out of super fortified positions, and I'm trying to incentivize that by adding positions closer to the bank with tighter angles that are more difficult to dislodge but super rewarding to control. As of now, first ATM feels like an excuse of a position. It's braindead easy to take and provides no actual pressure on the objective. It doesn't even have a shot on the vault room. Especially in this design, with how weak the bank roof position will be when cops reach the back of the bank, first ATM just sucks. TL;DR: I think the issue with the current bank is the outdated playstyle that the layout encourages, so I designed a bank with tighter-knit buildings that provide more powerful positions from rooftops that are accessible from multiple avenues on foot (no ladders except lighthouse).
  4. That was pretty much the entire reason for the redesign. I don't think that many people enjoy that playstyle nor is it very effective. If you're playing like that, you're not really playing to stop the bank, but instead playing to pad your lethal k:d, which I don't think is very interactive or enjoyable for members of either side. I'm trying to discourage the sniper elite playstyle and encourage downing and restraining. That is already true with the current bank design. It's probably even worse currently.
  5. A couple months ago, Skimancole asked Fudger to redesign some fed events/make new domination maps. I like designing this kind of stuff, so this is what I came up with for the bank. Full overview: Closer shot from old first ATM: Closer shot from the gas station: Left side of the bank (facing from the front): Overview of the back of the bank: Back of the cluster of buildings on the right side of bank: Closer shot of the back of bank: Another angle of back of bank: View inside from the drive-through ATM's: View inside from the front of the bank: Unrelated to the bank: This is another design I was working on, maybe for a jewelry or something? There are only two van spots on either of the long-side walls. The top of the diesel power generators are accessible and have substantial cover for suppressive fire, but have no safe truly 'safe' position from all angles, and there are walk-over staircases on the left sides of each gate. I can't get the mission.sqf for this as of right now because I'm out of town, but this is a screenshot I took while I was working on it in late February. The location will not be bank peninsula, it's just a decently flat plane for building. Feedback is welcome, if any dev's want to actually implement this design, message me somewhere and we can get it done.
  6. when porto gets added im uninstalling Gonna throw up a bank I finished a couple months ago, I sent it to skiman and nothing ever happened.
  7. Isn't Dump HQ like 1-2 km from LSD Purification and Fungi? Just die twice at the fed and respawn up there, no need to fly a heli or spawn in Athira.
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