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  1. Name: dot Hours: 5700+ Previous Gangs: All renditions of Instinct, Tenacity, temper, old Rebel Department Why should we accept you?: a lot of exp, i need friends Vouches: Eazy, maybe Walt & Bunni
  2. i missed the tenacity revival again ill be back next year
  3. governor suit you MONGOL THE PINK ONE
  4. my tail rotor was out hahahah i have that clip in my goodbye asylum montage, good times
  5. iirc, someone else bought it for me. don't really remember who, may've been Reapered, Quenton, or Roice I think had an extra for some reason. I actually think I have it in the first clip, it just fades into a clip of my not having it
  6. a call back to better days any first montages?
  7. i was talking to gareth the other day in the asylum discord teamspeak* wHeRe HaVe YoU bEeN?! i been hanging out with other friend groups, arma kinda died a long time ago for me. i still play it some but it's really just a glorified waiting/whining simulator if you're trying to fight cartels AND TO ADD TO MY OVERWATCH RANT -orisa + sigma tank meta is oppressive and boring -sym, reaper, mei, doomfist dps meta is super oppressive and boring considering those picks are based around the stupid tank meta -lucio + moira being the only good healer duo and th
  8. r6 is kinda scuffed rn cuz of hackers and ddos'ers but it's pretty good overwatch has a shit meta but new patch should make it a little more bearable to play, orisa sigma is fucking cancer really not any game out there i personally can play for more than 2 hours and not be kinda bored or kinda tilted if you're looking for shooter games^, league and moba's in general are dogshit imo
  9. anyone who has ever fought a cartel on more than one occasion should be banned then lmfao
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