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S3 Athira House


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1 hour ago, NewYork718 said:

700k for a 70crate i feel is crazy, I understand the location but there is a three crate behind your house for 580k. 

Shoot me a price you're willing to go for.

You've been on the market for a while. 

Also anything inside? 

As someone who has 7 athira houses, I can attest to the fact that 700k for a 70k is incredibly overpriced. I paid a 150k 700k. My first athira house was a 70k which I paid 450k, and that was before the meth buff which made Athira housing much more affordable because everybody jumped on the meth bandwagon. 70k is right in front of the drug dealer as well. 

Honestly OP I would take new york's offer in a heartbeat because you won't really find anyone else willing to pay that much for a 70k in athira. 


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5 hours ago, Caden K. said:

That sound very fair I did not know the market very well (I sniped this house for 70k) and wanted to start high I will (When i get a chance) lower the price to 475k. I will message you first to make sure you are the one to get it.

Okay man thank you. Message me on steam if you'd like NewYork718

Or wait til you're in game with me. 

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