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  1. Thanks! Appreciate your feedback.
  2. ye its a pain
  3. Gold 3 atm. Highest is Gold 2. I only have like 200 hours.
  4. I've only been playing for a few months.
  5. First Siege Montage. Criticism is appreciated.
  6. Couldn't remember your name so I did @Young Bull
  7. Thought that I would make this post because I don't play asylum anymore. I would like to thank everyone for a great experience this past two years, but especially these people. @BananaGoatPC Fighting Rodopoli with you was always awesome. Thanks for all the fun <3 @Cougar. Joined your gang called "Exiled Hunters" then we joined Mayhem. Had a lot of fun with you. <3 @Blake Kingsin Cgxkillzz, Great friend. The heroin runs were great and a lot of fun. <3 @Keen12321 Cutie <3 @Ryang_000 We fucked shit up at Rodopoli <3 @JackH Pain in my ass, but I still love you <3 @BeastMode We made a lot of money together. Had fun <3 @Capt Lelo Had great times with you even though we didn't play a lot of Arma together <3 @Huan Lee Had a lot of fun with you and a few other people in "Vortex Mafia" <3 @Mr. Fenwick Some things just don't work out. Had fun times with you at Rodopoli and Panagia <3 @thrLLz I LOVE YOUR COWBOY HAT! Had great times with you dude <3 @KingBean Had great turf battles with you <3 @Cory B Thanks for all of the fun man. Wish that things could of been better, but it is what it is. GL with everything <3 @Penguin_ I love you so much. You were always a great guy to be around <3 @UNDERC0VER I remember first meeting you Theo. Won't forget the great moments we had <3 @Twinkie Love you twinkie. You were great to be around <3 @Shaq Daddy Funny guy to talk to. Love you man <3 GL with everything @FoBi3s Funny guy. Hopefully, your still taking care of my Athira houses <3 @PublicEnemy Nice guy. Had some great times with you <3 @Nameless Cool dude. GL with everything dude. <3 @Mr.DabBoi We had some good times, but sometimes you are a little shit. <3 @SFnader Greek Salad. We had great times dude. I remember when you shot down that heli <3 @Walter White Nice guy to be around. I love you man. GL with everything <3 @Dredd I miss you man. I took my ridealong with you and failed, but that pushed me more to get a constable. <3 @D.Wade One of the nicest guys that I've been around. Thanks dude <3 @Kevingreen23 Cutie. I hated you at first, but then I learned to love you <3 @Alshiq Fatarra Love you man. Won't forget you and the great times that we had <3 @Silver-Spy Really nice guy. I'm gonna miss playing cop with you in the morning and night <3 @Buck Cool dude. Gonna miss you man, we had some great times and a lot of fun <3 @J. Urbanowski One of my favorite higher-ups on P2. Gonna miss you man <3 @revise Cutie <3 @Tyler2K Cute dude. Had a lot of fun with you man <3 Take care @YoungBull Had great times with you man <3 @Nomadox <3 Love you. Gonna miss you <3 @Xehons <3 Cutie <3 @SafeMode Had some good times with you in PUBG and Arma <3 @X Jake Cutie. Had fun <3 @Alex Hardy Cutie <3 Love you man. You were really funny and it was fun to play with you <3 @alex lao <3 Love you dude. <3 Please Forgive me if I forgot to @ you <3
  8. Rodopoli is mine CLOUD
  9. gonna raid u with rockets later
  10. Song gives me cancer. Other than that good job!
  12. AHAAHAHahAhA
  13. are you like 12 years old?