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  1. 07 Pappy @BaDaBiNg_10-8, wish you all the best with everything! Congrats @Jesse
  2. Congrats @Codie Alterman, well deserved. I wish you all the best! =)
  3. And just where do you think you are going?
  4. Was not being an ass about it. He said what he had to say and so did everyone else. So where does it state in the world that I too am not allowed to voice my opinion? If you take offence to what I or anyone else has to say, you are more than welcome to close the post down and move on. You are not forced to read what anyone writes or has to say. If you chose to add your two cents to the conversation than that too is your right, go for it! This conversation started by someone posting something that included me in it, so I think I am allowed to comment on it.
  5. In all honesty, no I do not mind being in a channel with people. Regardless of the rank they hold, I rather enjoy talking to people and getting to know them. Besides even a cadet can teach me something new about the game. Just because there is one higher ranking officer in a channel does not mean those individuals are knee padding. God forbid someone enjoy playing a game with someone else. (Madness I tell you !!) I however have noticed that those who whine and cry and accuse others of knee padding are usually the ones who do so. They just get pissed that after all the kissing ass they do it still gets them no where and so they place the blame on others to make themselves feel better. Let me guess you kissed up to someone to what get a rank? or an old position back and you didn't get it like you thought you should and now your all butt hurt over it and want to punish someone for your short comings? Maybe, just maybe you should stop trying to find the easy way and actually put some effort into it? (just a thought)
  6. If you want a good rp story, sit through one of @Cherry long ass 20 min stories. Some of them are actually pretty funny.
  7. Now, why would I be jealous of you?
  8. For the record, he said signal because the guy had his name as Signal is a retard
  9. BadBunny

    Bye Everyone

    Jake, you are an ass at times but you had your good moments too. Not sure if I will miss you or anything, a little glad there is one less troll I have to deal with lol You know I am just joking I wish you well in life, take care and best wishes!!
  10. Sooo, have you guys declared who has the bigger dick yet and can we move on??
  11. In Game Name: Bunny Hours: 539 Money: 500,000 give or take Age:1-80 XD Are you a member of the APD (rank):No Have you been banned on Asylum? If so how long and what for?:No Any previous Gangs:Fish
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