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  1. Understandable have a nice day
  2. The real question is why are just sitting there crafting $100 mags and keeping them?
  3. how did you get it upstairs tho
  4. they let the server die for this?
  5. you're so good please can I buy arma lessons from you
  6. +1 please add this now @Paratus @Gnashes @bamf and whoever else can
  7. Yes please that'd be fuckin great, but I think that if this were implemented then there should be cartel and war kill missions too, if not mainly. This would help increase fights if there was war kill contracts or cartel captures with actual decent rewards
  8. I like it.
  9. just brings me to my videos page on youtube and all the ones i've uploaded
  10. I don't get it?
  11. It's possible to create something that can be sent straight to jail, and maybe even a static player as you said but it won't be happening because @Gnashes or whoever does it these days can't be bothered to remove a helicopter rotor script that no one likes, let alone add an entire new script.
  12. @Gnashes can you tell him to fuck off and that asylum is fine like usual?
  13. +1 @Jarvo can I get an official statement on this?
  14. why does everyone use the fucking music video version
  15. Almost all of this would be very easy to implement, and no coding would be involved what-so ever. All of the talents that involve progress bars and effects (such as reviving sickness) are easy to create, and anything else such as his 25% more valuable virtual items can be changed in 5-10 minutes. The rest of it, again it's really simple stuff. He would not code any of it like I said, he would be scripting it.