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  1. Best in the game, cant be stopped! @Rodrigo
  2. Im pretty sure edge's angels drank all your rum. GOD I miss Dupe... Yeeeeeehawww
  3. The usual way for this old fat inbred. Complaints and acusations blabla. Still as misinformed as always xd |VVV| Insert hypocrit 3/4 Gnash here |VVV| billy (spiderbdj), 01/08/2013, Permanent, [RC] DD (ancilenet), DDoS Fail
  4. Back to camp coke field for eternity as usual? xd
  5. Imagine hiding a post that states that the dead game called Arma 3 is a waste of time. Garbage admin
  6. Cheech'nChong

    V2 feedback

    You're a delusional funny little dude. Who are you?
  7. This dead game cannot be revived bois just admit it already
  8. Cheech'nChong


    All I see is a guy with bad aim playing a bad game.
  9. Big Rod is just too fast for you police scum
  10. Lost my virginity years ago and im still trying to get it back :/ Still, im glad I only lost my virginity. The chromosomes you dropped out of your pocket will never be heard of ever again, Sandy Saddam.
  11. None of the actual good gangs are active. If they would be we would see your dumb ass complaining on the forums a lot more.
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