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  1. Best in the game, cant be stopped! @Rodrigo
  2. Im pretty sure edge's angels drank all your rum. GOD I miss Dupe... Yeeeeeehawww
  3. The usual way for this old fat inbred. Complaints and acusations blabla. Still as misinformed as always xd |VVV| Insert hypocrit 3/4 Gnash here |VVV| billy (spiderbdj), 01/08/2013, Permanent, [RC] DD (ancilenet), DDoS Fail
  4. Back to camp coke field for eternity as usual? xd
  5. Imagine hiding a post that states that the dead game called Arma 3 is a waste of time. Garbage admin
  6. Cheech'nChong

    V2 feedback

    You're a delusional funny little dude. Who are you?
  7. This dead game cannot be revived bois just admit it already
  8. Cheech'nChong


    All I see is a guy with bad aim playing a bad game.
  9. Big Rod is just too fast for you police scum
  10. Lost my virginity years ago and im still trying to get it back :/ Still, im glad I only lost my virginity. The chromosomes you dropped out of your pocket will never be heard of ever again, Sandy Saddam.
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