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  1. Utilize the coding for 911 dispatch, take away the GPS message origin and make it so it references the target player + their group.
  2. Earlier today I had an issue with the way me and another were involved with an RP initiation. We were fresh spawns and picking someone up after a fire fight that ended about 10 minutes prior. The guy we were picking up was sent a text message saying hands up or die and he was in cover whilst we were repairing our cars (Someone decided to dick around and ram his gang mate head on). Me and the other fresh spawn were killed and then killed again by the same guy after being revived by a medic. I was under the impression that text message initiations were to the recipient only. So I was a little pissed when I get killed again after the fact, especially being unarmed and in fresh spawn clothes. I chatted with a mod and it was explained that since were in the same gang group the responsibility falls on the recipient to tell us that were being initiated on. I can't count the amount of times I've been texted hands up or die (In a heli, or middle of no where), or your box is being seized (I dont own a box truck), were raiding your house (Dont own one) in error. Along with the fact that what if the recipient is AFK or not in comms. I think its time to implement a group messaging system where if someone in a group is being messaged key words (hands up or die for example) that everyone in the group is relayed the same message, or implement a way for people to text gangs or groups so everyone gets the same message. Even a button where it says Send to ______ + group Texting one person to initiate on a group seems like a flawed way to carry out an initiation. Especially is that person doesn't relay the message. TL;DR: Give us a way to message everyone in a particular group or gang at once for initiation, instead of messaging just one person whom may or may not be in the area of initiation or fail to tell others.