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  1. garage in the North meth Lab circle price: 200,000$ picture: https://gyazo.com/062ed32b498c37c9057f325f26717834 (the reason why there was no circle is because Meth is on the East side)
  2. In game Name: Collin Hours on Arma 3: 232 Bank Balance: 601,756$ Experience with cartels/banks/etc: yes im very skilled in cartels,turfs and feds, im trying to improve myself on bank but so far im half decent at doing them. What are you looking for in a gang?: i want to do fun things with people and make $. Why do you want to join this gang?: i heard a lot of good things about nova and i want to help out with this community and make new friends. What can you bring to this gang?: im very skilled at doing fed, and protecting people while doing illegal things such as doing meth etc.....
  3. in game name: age: Arma 3 hours: current bank balance: Experience with banks/cartels/etc:
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