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  1. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Kowalski in For people who haven't played in +- 3 months   
    We just need another big streamer to restore Kavala's population and then it'll be business as usual.
    When a server's population is reserved to hardened bitter veterans, it makes sense that new players aren't sticking around. Think back to when you were a new player and what got you into life servers.
    What made life servers fun for me was chatting with randoms in populated areas, doing a variety of jobs, both legal and illegal, just for the fun of it, and getting into some crazy situations with gangs willing to RP. One time I got downed and kidnapped by a group of rebels, only to end up getting paid by them to help them defend cartels or break their buddies out of prison after chatting with them in their car for a while. 
    Now think about being a new Altis Life player in 2019:
    You join the server, and even Kavala is mostly devoid of life. You ask about making money on side chat and the answer you get is "meth in orca/hemtt." Well, good luck with that. You have little-to-no money, no gang worth their salt will accept you due to your playtime and skill level, and if you try doing a run in an offroad, not only will it take a LOOONG time, but after 45 minutes or so a group of rebels fully clad in body armor and magnified 7.62 rifles will drop in on you farming ephedra and kill you on sight to boost their bounty, even though they literally own the cartel you'd be paying at the end of your run. You can try to group up with some friendly dudes and try again with some 9mm SMG's to protect yourself, but chances are you'll still get wiped by the guy with thousands of hours played and RainMan-level knowledge of game mechanics.
    Okay, so you aren't elite enough to play with the gangs and make the big money (or get anywhere near an illegal zone without getting clapped for that matter), so how about trying a legal activity? Tough shit, pal. When the 15-gang members on a 20-pop server get bored of guarding their uncontested cartel, they're gonna find you at peaches. Last thing you'll hear is "handsuphandsuphandsuphandsup." (In fact, that's probably the only thing you'll ever hear in direct because most chatting happens over TS/Discord now) Never mind the fact that you're unarmed and outnumbered; some people get a hard-on from padding their bounty, so instead of getting kidnapped and going on some wild adventure, you're just gonna get killed, revived, and killed again. Because fuck you.
    TL;DR It's hard for new players to get started on a server dominated by autismos who religiously play it like it's their job. I'm not knocking the rebel lifestyle, but when it gets to the point where you're bullying new players off the server, you need to go outside and sort yourself out. A good way to start rebuilding our population would be to make the server more inviting to newbies. Whether you're a career rebel, full-time cop, Kavala troll, or whatever else...do your part and do some stupid crazy fun shit with a noob today! You'd be surprised at how fun this game can be when you put your gun away.
  2. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Slick in CLOSE SERVER 2 SO WE CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A FULL SERVER   
    Listen to this man @Jesse and @Clint Beastwood.
    I know I'm usually toxic but this...is the golden idea.
  3. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Allstarplaya in CLOSE SERVER 2 SO WE CAN ACTUALLY HAVE A FULL SERVER   
    Take down server 2 and wipe everyone's bank accounts and garages start fresh with V2. Won't be the popular opinion but it will get people to come back who haven't played in years and even new people since they don't feel so far behind and helpless when people roll around in Ifirits and Orca's non-stop. robbing them doing peaches.
    May be rough first week or so with people feeling butt hurt about losing there stuff but other games like ARK & RUST for example wipe servers on weekly/monthly basis and retain a huge player base. If this is done it will spike the player base of the server because people will have a need to log on again even if nothing is going on the server (gang on gang or gang on cop) they would have a sense of accomplishment when they acquire enough money to buy there first house or first ORCA again.
    This would also give admins a better chance to fix the economy which is obviously been in shambles for years as well as market prices for (Houses, Weapons, ETC.)  
  4. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Reapered in @clintbeastwood @jesse @whoevercares   
    Yo you gotta advertise your new mission file, post on arma forums and arma subreddit about your server and give explicit details on everything. Make sure you say it’s under new ownership and that you are willing to look at perm bans for all the plebs who were banned years ago. Tell them about your new mission file, you gotta fucking market this shit constantly, can’t just expect people to flock back. Make posts wherever you can.
    @Clint Beastwood @Jesse
  5. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Lucien in @clintbeastwood @jesse @whoevercares   
    r/arma thinks altis life is cringey as fuck but other than that +1
  6. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Crossfade in v2 Bounty Hunter Discussion   
    TBH i dont even play anymore but i wouldn't want to see Bounty hunters removed if i were playing.. Everyone who says Remove them are salty rebels who get shot in the back at a cartel.. if you want to fight without that risk fuck off to a cqc server  this is a lite RP server... Bounty hunters have been in the game since the start and tbh it gives new players a way to make money while fighting... I do think it needs to be changed a little in the sense of yes they are very Over powered in some aspects of the game but other parts they are not.. For example.
    Zip ties shouldn't last 10 minutes unless the person who restrained you is within 5m of you (prevents you from being downed, restrained and left) if they down/restrain and leave you then they should last 2-3min.. 
    I think it shouldnt be as easy as down, restrain, arrest. there should be a time involved, example. you must take them to the court house wait X amount before being able to arrest, a counter to this is if you down and restrain someone in kavala then you would have to wait 5-10min, however driving/flying to athria/pygros would remove this time. this is a good way to prevent people from sitting in one city/bounty boosting/people sitting on the atm roof because they would know they get hit with even more time, not just the 45min in jail it would mean them being driven to another city or 10mins of waiting. 
    Guns.. some guns are too cheap for how good they are. ammo should be more expensive. i remember people having 20-30mags on them per loadout... like wut. 
    the talent tree needs a rework, not too sure on what because its been awhile. 
    Edit: being tracked for a 5k bounty is cancer, maybe raise it to 10k or add a (Chance) too it, so if your bounty is 5k-10k you have a smaller chance to get tracked than someone who has a 15k. idk, but 5k is just shit. 
    Just my thoughts. 
  7. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by johnSmith757 in v2 Bounty Hunter Discussion   
    People who try to gatekeep a community discussion should suck my knob.
    I like the idea that Bounty hunters can fill in when police are not around but I think a better way to handle abusive hunters is to say deny bounty hunter licenses after a certain amount of charges related to abusing the license. This way, an abusive bounty hunter cannot get the gear or the license for X amount of time due to their abuse of their power.
  8. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Mayhem in v2 Bounty Hunter Discussion   
    I’m fine with having bounty hunters but I think the MX should be more costly and have them only in stock if players are crafting them
  9. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by danile666 in v2 Bounty Hunter Discussion   
    I really believe equipment should stay as is with a raise in minimum bounty. 
    Bounty hunters can go where cops can't and serve a purpose. Policing the server where and when the APD can't. 
    If you remove or need bring back cartel raids and lower the requirements from before. 
    People shouldn't be safe to do crime because they are afraid of being out played.
    Also I think the poll should be remove or nerf. Then a second poll about how to need once concluded. Votes are gunnanbe split heavily this way
  10. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by bbgreg17 in Change age requirements to join APD   
    In seriousness, we have allowed younger officers into the APD prior. It has not ended well. For this reason the APD has put a 17+ age requirement.
  11. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Sean That Irish Guy in Price reduction   
    Some legal weapons need to be cheaper regardless. PDW costs more than all 6.5's right now.
  12. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Skoal in Can't add scopes to ak-12   
    Was just about to post a video of this, it's genuinely bugged. Even after dropping the weapon, only way to buy another scope after is to buy a different weapon. It'll just keep eating your money.
    @Landon1 you should definitely do things the right way and make a bug report instead of making 2 posts on the forums bitching with little to no information on what is even happening, even after one of them was locked.
  13. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Reformed epTic in What is unused / not needed?   
    Too many cliques have formed in the APD. Back when I played the majority of promotions were given to those that deserved it. Whenever promotions were announced, you could see the names promoted and say "Yeah, they deserve it. I've played with them before and they're great roleplayers." Nowadays it's "Oh, he's the mong that always is stuck up the sergeants ass."

    Obviously it's hard to break up the cliques, but there has to be some kind of quality assurance in place so that you don't have the vast majority of higher ups in the APD in the same short bus sharing crayons.

    Losing people like Leon, Tanner, and Olivia (no matter how scummy her exit was) really hurt the APD's ability to improve the quality of officers. I know @TheCrestedPenguin used to do his best to host trainings, but they were often pissed on by other higher ups who just wanted to troll. 
  14. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Leroy Jenkins in What is unused / not needed?   
    First off, THANK YOU for all the work you've put in...hoping V2 will run clean and smooth!!!
    - bring back the Asylum Exchange;
    - implement more craftable items (CSAT's, Tactical/Raven/Carrier Lt Vests), Balaclava's, helmets, etc.), & SCOPES...please;
    - remove DP missions;
    - increase rubber payout for Oil Barrel Processing or implement a rubber tree to farm latex which can be processed into rubber;
    - fix Scotch...we are currently paying the cartel to both process and sell...let's pick one like the illegal drugs;
    - increase sea turtle payouts for guys who've abandoned it entirely;
    - increase Mohawk inventory space since I've only seen two of them used by player in a year;
    - a Pyrgos or Athira airshop would be nice
  15. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Dillon in Viet Mong   
    Smh my head my head
    Pretty sure it was an exploit form killing medics at spawn island and then they had that gear you could loot off of them.
  16. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Slick in V2 - "Official Release Week"   
    They need to get on this shit with "away" cops, you're one of many that post on the forums saying "Oh I haven't played in months because the server sucks" but are still Cpl, Sgt or LT. The fuck? Get em outta here for someone that wants to contribute.
  17. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by ItsFevver in what the fuck have i just made   
    This is better
    @Donald Clinton 
  18. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Mayhem in V2 hype   
    Hoping some new money making methods.
    possibly add crafting of scopes onto your gun if you have 2 iron ingot, 1 glass
    maybe add crafting RPG rounds.
    also curious how scotch will be affected. Not sure if this has been addressed yet but everyone knows you need to show storage for scotch to age. Since inventory is going to be different now getting rid of the use of crates. Are scotch barrels still going to be a thing? And if so does that mean you can have barrels plus extra inventory for Y inventory
  19. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Elaiscancer in Is This Worth It?   
    People need to stop buying her shit so she'll resort to porn
  20. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Jayshawn in My Asylum experience (POLL)   
    Get sent to jail faster, respawn faster, regear to kill cops faster. 
    Sit there restrained for 15 minutes because @Scott is sitting in the water pegging cops in the ass with an SDAR and the cadet's are getting yelled at by every higher up to not process yet..

  21. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Dust Runner in What is unused / not needed?   
    I like painkillers. Just because you think it's an inconvenience doesn't mean it shouldn't be on a semi-realistic life server. The little details count. Wouldn't you rather feel the impact of being shot more than an arcade shooter? Realism is why I play arma 3. If all the small cool realistic details start getting removed for convenience  I'll just go do GTA RP or not play at all. Little things make big impacts.
  22. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by Bazzajack in What is unused / not needed?   
    Major crimes
    Cops didn't become cops to be budget Cartel fighters at a constant disadvantage, it's boring getting on cop to be repetedly go from bank to prison to Fed
    - Remove Major crimes happening simultaneously 
    - Add a flat cooldown between all Major crimes, about 30 mins
    - Fix the cops tasking payouts for bank, prison, Fed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ( Every cop used to get the tasking but anyone getting it these days its about 2, also make it just payout to every cop at the end of the event because softloging removes it anyways) 
  23. MR. COW liked a post in a topic by •ÐŠ• cHIP oTLE in What is unused / not needed?   
    Weapon prices need tweaked considerably.
    for example:  you can spend 6-7k on a PDW at fun store, or go to rebel and get an Katiba, Spar16, AKM or AK12 close to that price.  Or, at rebel, you have MK1s (none on market) at around 12k and P90s at 14k??? 
    I think all guns should have a set price. (Of course still hold the turf ownership discount for rebel weapons)
    edit: this doesn’t really fit in this thread, but I’ll keep it posted for awareness
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