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  1. Ok I will try
  2. If there is nothing in mind can we atleast get our money transferred to altis because I wouldn't have worked as hard as I did on Australia if I knew I would loose it all.
  3. I was wandering will there ever be another modded server. When Aussie was out I understand not many people played it and I didn't even enjoy the map that much but I really loved the mods. Having Mack trucks and amazing sports cars added a lot more variety to enjoy. Another thing is I worked so hard to get a ton of money and u guys said u will transfer when u make the next modded server..... well when will that be I really don't want to loose all my progress. Personally I think a modded altis would be great. Me and my friends would play it all the time and we had a blast on the last modded server.
  4. Is there any possibility of someone taking the time to add this tho because it would be very nice
  5. The pick does seem to over powered but I do agree just change a couple things. I think they should add a system where u can choose small medium or large bounties because getting 4 bounties over 300k that are all in the same gang at a cartel is very annoying. Second I think there should be talents u can learn them and they will make the range the bounty can be from u smaller because when me and my friends are hunting in pygros then get 4 people in kavala it is very annoying.
  6. I think the server should add lights to houses. Lights would make the houses look a lot nicer and not needing nvgs in ur house all the time would also be nice. It doesnt matter if the lights just turn on when u hit a switch or if u need to buy lamps from the home improvement, just add some kind of lights. I was recently on a server that when I bought a house I could scroll and turn on lights would appear. If I would click the button the room became all lit up. The lights don't need to be fancy chandeliers or anything just add lights.
  7. wait wrong message didn't mean to reply to this because it's that sad of a comment
  8. none of that would happen
  9. No, what I'm saying is it should only work if the bounty hunters target who got assigned to him/her gets restrained by the bounty hunter and the the target that is restrained gets sent to jail if they leave, I'm not saying if anyone is restrained I'm saying it should only work if it's the bounty hunters target that leaves while restrained by the bounty hunter.
  10. I would also bounty hunt more and enjoy it a lot more
  11. Ya, but it's also not as common with cops
  12. Yes I know reporting is an option but I don't want to spend half my day reporting people all the time
  13. Me and my friends are bounty hunters and 4 out of our last 5 bounties combat logged while restrained right before we turned them in. Then today i lost connection while restrained by a cop and i got turned in automatically. This made me realize how to fix combat logging while restrained for bounty hunter, we should do the same thing. it would really help if u guys made a system where if the bounty hunters target leaves while restrained they will automatically go to jail and have the bounty hunter automatically get the reward. Many other people and myself would bounty hunt a lot more.
  14. Haha mg