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  1. That would be within the rules. Scummy but it's your responsibility to make sure that you're in a group with people you trust. I'd say no. Use a proper pw and not 123abc. Also an issue with banning for that would be proving that none gave the guy the group password.
  2. Unless they've made a post clarifying that it's bannable then they absolutely shouldn't be punishing for that. All the senior admins stated that exact thing that it's the person that's hosting the group to make sure the group is locked/passworded. It would be metagaming if someone would have watched someones stream and learned the PW that way.
  3. It's not meta gaming to joing someones group to find their location. It's been stated many times before that the group leader is responsible for making sure that the group is locked. Is it scummy? yes it is but they won't ban for that. Though you're free to report it here http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/support/ just press new request
  4. I though we where best friends
  5. @Budbringer, @Chau, @Micheal schmeicheland @henky do we need to show this boy who the real boys are?
  6. Honestly I don't care what you where banned for. @Leady unban this dude, he deserves it.
  7. Age: Old enough In-game Name: Norwegianviking In-game Hours (Screenshot): Previous gangs: None (Too shitty to get in any) How active are you?: Haven't played since February after I was striped of my mod Why do you think you should join NorwegianAutistsClub?: I'm an Autist
  8. You didn't mention me? Life > Game. Good luck dude!
  9. I remember when we both where corporals and we stole Abrahams offroad and dropped it on top of him haha
  10. @HomeTrlx remember when we did this on cop and dropped the vehicles in the water?
  11. This is why you're not a cm yet
  12. Pinapple is simply delicious on pizza. Ain't nothing that can change my mind about that
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