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  1. The way ours works allows groups to ping multiple areas of interest without overwriting each others pings. For this reason, the ping length was reduced down to one minute to where they then self delete. I prefer to have multiple targets highlighted than to have each one get overwritten and forget where they were. To alleviate confusion from the 3D marker being the same (where as the map marker has a unique identifier), a small text can be added under or above the ping marker in the 3D world space.
  2. Just showing off upcoming chasing death cam, which is live on the servers now! Have fun making montages of your deaths
  3. @Phillip What are you asking?
  4. Couldnt even make blackjack smh no
  5. A good idea, just need to find a balance to make 40k, 70k still worth getting and not have the garage be as good as a shed
  6. 1-Coming very soon as a January goal. 2-http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Housing_Guide is up to date on the new housing system
  7. Yes, a lot has changed https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-patch-notes/
  8. Obligatory fuck BHs. interested to see poll results
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