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  1. I prefer my LIM that shoots GBU bombs
  2. But barley still remains illegal tho right
  3. Can you even talk in direct under water and initiate on someone?
  4. its been 10k for a while now, it auto messages players after 5 min to press escape and open the wiki, reading is boring, some get rdm'd and leave before that happens
  5. I added a poll, if there’s more broken ones than normal, good luck crashing the housing market and value of existing homes within days
  6. happy thanksgiving🦃

    1. bum41


      shut the fuck up

    2. Bag


      Happy thanksgiving coon!

  7. I hate to break it to you, but you can buy them at rebel now, again
  8. I can get this on Asylum using a script, I can host a small event in game and anyone can show up to fight it for a reward as part of play testing
  9. Updated the cap -someone blew up most of the tower, it's usable, but easy to push and easy to die on top peeking -two rock formations added to slam, one for the main castle, another for the right wall -main castle has 2 gradual slopes now for the defenders to get on to it from inside cap, attackers will probably use the slam at the rocks to get up
  10. That tower can be removed or replaced with the one that has stairs up to the top
  11. Just throwing an idea out there to get feedback and votes. The cap in the image is not final and needs some small tweaks. The castle was copied from the actual coke castle location using a custom script and can be tweaked based on prior complaints in 2016 threads. The cap can be an additional Arms rotation, or a Drug rotation with a chance to have a two caps on the island for some new gameplay. Revised version based on feedback: Old version (Direct copy of coke castle
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