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  1. go try it in editor, there is no damage reduction to people
  2. But there's 7.62 AKs with 75rnd mags, and LMGs exclusive to rebels like the Mk200, LIM-85, Zafir, RPK-12 and you have your 7.62 rifles.
  3. Someone want to make a table of sorting risk vs time vs reward?
  4. Should be prevAction nextAction in Common controls
  5. In the process of a major update, send your cap/map designs in, and any last minute suggestions for the first update
  6. Thoughts on changing the caps to cartel like? They can be contested if 2+ gangs are inside, and they cap in 30 seconds (same length as the scroll wheel), and could use the new mechanic allowing a group of randoms to play and cap the cartel for the group leaders gang. Cap size would remain the 10m around the flag, same as the current distance for the scroll wheel action.
  7. Next Arma update, UFOs may get a tweak
  8. Car bombs? Now there’s going to be IEDs littering the streets
  9. Getting some cap updates coming in, will see where they fit in etc. If anyone has locations for caps, please include rebel locations, cap designs should be able to fit in any setting.
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