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  1. heard normal users can't see total money on other people's profiles, but they can see the leaderboard for richest
  2. I want it scripted/working as the rebreather so you could possibly wear a armoured vest underwater
  3. You can store weapons grade uranium, up to 50, for the intent of crafting. That was released with the update to crafting in the most recent patch.
  4. So if you do case 1, and someone offers a price higher than your set price, what happens? And with case 2, if the bid time ends, are you forced to sell to the highest bidder? What if people just want to see what people will offer for their house, where do they post? Don’t think this forum needs rules for this
  5. No, I took the coke castle from the north and copied it with a script replacing east arms location. So you have the coke castle on arms Island now
  6. East arms is now coke castle btw, there’s no cap for it yet, just a domination cap or event location
  7. Most of these are in for donors
  8. What do you think the other 4 days of the week are for when domination isn’t running
  9. Did you go to the map marker of the body bag
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