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  1. I'm not opposed to a price reduction, but I don't agree to 15k, Ifrits being 60k, and a hatch being 5k, I could see it going somewhere in between that price range, lower than its current price. It's the best vehicle in game.
  2. I don't agree to qilins with doors coming back, for the reason of making actual armoured vehicles obsolete like before, or with the cost coming all the way down to 15k, they are the best wheeled vehicle seating 5-6 people.
  3. It is only affected if the APD seizes the license, losing it to jailing by any means does not prevent you from getting it again
  4. The radiation does not reach the black market north of the power plant, I will look at making it just match the redzone, swamp is unused though and there’s no player homes in it
  5. I’d like to remove that and require rebels to defend their bomb plant once it’s been placed
  6. Added: Most recent gang wars winners given in-game title. Old winners removed. Added autorun via custom action 5, supports swimming too. Added group member names under hexes when the tilde key is pressed, last 5 seconds. Added a 3rd Skiptracer north of Sofia, replacing the old bounty hunter shop. Added olive legstrap backpack to rebel and regular clothing store. Black added to Donor 10 Coyote added to Donor 9 Added air spawns to Athira and HW patrol HQs. Added IR Laser to Rebel/Skiptracer & Cpl+. Added a Check Mailbox scroll option on ATMs as alternative to !comp. Medic "Partnership" system Scroll on any medic to become a partner. Wiping you partners will not wipe you from others, they'll still pay you if you wipe yours. Added scopes to evidence lockup loot. Added an additional toggle for earplug volume, toggling between full, your custom setting, and half of your custom setting. Changed/Tweaked: Increased bounty arrest cap 175k to 1 million. Moved shotguns to rebel only, made both illegal and unable to cap cartels. Having your bounty hunter license revoked will keep you from getting a new license until the next server session. <-- See Hotfix #1 Changed bounty hunter jailing to only be allowed at Skiptracer/Prison, no longer possible inside cities and Therisa. Renamed Skiptracer map markers to Bounty Hunter Base. Checkpoint gates will now be open after a restart. Added MXM to Evidence Lockup loot table. Spike strip weight 10 -> 12 Ammo/Scope/Attachment prices will now be more consistent across Altis. In 2019 we promised a permanent 15% reduction on Rebel weapons, We have made back-end changes that resulted in that 15% discount being removed and have instead reduced prices to compensate. In most cases you shouldn't notice a difference at all, if you find odd/clearly broken prices leave feedback! Intentional Base price reductions below. P90 $8000 -> $6,000 LIM $35000 -> $30,000 MK 200 $30000 -> $25,000 Key ammo Price Changes LIM Ammo $5000 -> $3000 MK 200 Ammo $4000 -> $2500 APD MX-GL $6000 -> $3000 Medic revives will now pay 15% of the amount to all medics online (excluding yourself). Reviving medic will get the other 85% - if you have partners that 85% is divided among your partners. Giving too many items to a player will now let them know what you tried to give. Ability to revive group members even if they don't hit "Allow Revive". Katiba Added to UC Store for SGT+ Removed Removed lethal payouts and pardon. Removed red zone from Skiptracer. Removed bounty hunter shops within cities. Removed police virtual item shop from inside Evidence Lockup. Removed Kavala HQ dispatch desk. Removed split medic groups. Fixed: Fixed various exploit methods. Fixed missing Swat garage at Air HQ. Missing Donor 8 Van. Fixed revoking permanent house keys. Fixed map drawing exploit. Hot Fix #1: Bounty Hunter license is now equal price as a Rebel License ($12,500) Changed spelling of licence to license when purchasing Reverted Revoke license change Added ability for Corporal+ to revoke BH License for remainder of server restart (See policy update from Captains for when to use) Fixed metal plate gathering in prison Fixed blackjack tables Fixed a script error for redgull
  7. Prove that it works, because Arma and the script are designed in a way that this cannot work
  8. Can be scripted and optional via a phone setting, doesn’t need to be an armoured helmet
  9. What if tapping tilde with custom hex's on shows names under each group hex
  10. It's cosmetic only, but I have considered making it act like a rebreather or do something else
  11. 1/100 chance that the crafted nade just drops to your feet and you have to run out of the room
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