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  1. Cost of loadout affecting revives sounds nice, maybe the gun cost
  2. Big +1 to what was said about the crime stopping vigilantes being better at robbing people than rebels from personal experience
  3. https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/188-suggested/ new thread
  4. None removed, they just don’t all happen every restart
  5. You can’t open the doors, it would be the most far off from the current list of house buildings and is not a good implementation.
  6. Ate more money than it generated, probably the wrong money, new players I wish we still had it I'm against removing content entirely
  7. You can launch jets off the carrier with the aircraft carrier catapult
  8. Was disabled because they weren't getting the money, and other reasons.
  9. Id like to see blackfish and Huron on civ for the right price
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