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  1. A hut? Tin shack? Do you mean a shed?
  2. If you shoot anything at a cop they’re going to take it from you
  3. How about a phone app like thing to listen to it wherever and whenever instead of just a car
  4. You already gave it to me, we know about it already....
  5. Wiki updated with new additions: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/LSD http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Weed http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Asylum_Exchange http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Random_Events#UFO_Crash
  6. Check out the Asylum Exchange listings for corn
  7. You can craft BH weapons since Feb 20 patch, and a ton of new items too.
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