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  1. Gen. Henry Arnold


    Double the highest bid here
  2. Stop rushing us and asking ETA every day then
  3. I am handcuffed to a pipe in Mitch’s basement writing out the next patch. Occasionally get to eat what the dog doesn’t finish in their bowl, haven’t been able to go outside in a few weeks so I think I’m safe from the virus. Been using Mitch’s face towl as TP but I don’t think he has noticed yet. Waiting for the national guard to find me, SOS, till next time the Hughes Net satellite comes around to give WiFi where ever the fuck this basement is.
  4. I'll make sure to sneeze on you, we're due another owner change
  5. Mission file is already filled with my bugs, not like we can't handle the coronavirus
  6. Come on pocket admin @YuSheng, you don’t need sleep or food, back to work in the shock collar.
  7. Like? That one NVG you showed gives thermal vision. I’m genuinely curious as to what kind of things would be better options, list them out.
  8. So more remote and profitable than scotch is already?
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