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  1. You can still gather barley there though Scotch is illegal
  2. New rain in NVGs, in Kavala, 58 FPS
  3. We already have some upcoming changes to address this and we will test them out in the next patch. It does not involve increase in times. It should cater to both sides and continue to allow the events for the reasons some of the groups do them.
  4. Maybe something easy like 5,6,7 yr veteran or add the year to the title
  5. Will add this to our tracker, this is something we've discussed to add to all KOS zones when you enter them, with a simple message in the corner.
  6. You got the wrong william
  7. Yes this is doable through sqf, please make a separate suggestion thread and we will review this as a team
  8. Would just disabled sling loading on the vehicle also chop shop time trials
  9. What if vehicle spawns at chop shop and you have to take it to the other one ? shuffle inventory that way it behaves like drug runner and you don’t have to go out to the random vehicle spawned on the map and leave your vehicle behind successful delivery gives you cash on hand just like chopping and focuses the activity over the main road Center of the map with plenty of traffic and opportunity to be stopped by another player or cops
  10. Exactly, rating is only used for titles and leadboards, and the current war rating trades involve more skill than before, people just mad they get told they suck from the war point loss in chat
  11. Its a combination of point differences, loadout prices, distance, heights, weapons, location and kill streak. It's about as great of a calculation that it can be, it is definitely a factor of skill.
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