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  1. Staff may also actively run a gang or share the property with them.
  2. Wait don’t we have a group button in the phone that makes your names green?
  3. It's primarily for trolls who abuse their license and the kidnapping/ downing mechanics in game. If you feel like the APD is misusing it, you should report that officer.
  4. So old donor town? "No" - BIS monitization rules. Cosmetics is the only thing we can do within their rules, and it keeps the server running, it sucks for us too, because there's many things we could do if we could.
  5. Shotguns were abused to hell inside cities when they were in the gun store, zubr is probably fine to be legal
  6. So Rebel or BH license? You'd need one or the other to access the rebel clothing shop which is shared between both groups except for the suicide vest
  7. We're sorry for the delay in this update, tomato season was coming to an end and they needed to be picked. Added: A toggle for an additional earplug volume level. Can be found in the phone settings. Default is two volume levels. Re-added a reworked Hunting Grounds. In Depth changes can be found on the Asylum Wiki. AI controlled animals. New hunting shop. Small ambient map changes. 2 smoke grenades to the default cop loadout. Two times per restart, a shipwreck will spawn at the bottom of the ocean at a random location. Near it, briefcases with virtual loot can be found. Rich list/welcome message message upon joining the server. Wetsuits to rebel outposts. Loot stashes around the map. Briefcases with some virtual loot can be found in remote/hidden spots. Rangefinders to the APD, AFD, Rebel and Bounty Hunter shops. A notification when toggling lethals. Drug effects, drug addiction and drug rehab. If a person in your group has a GPS and is restrained by cops or blindfolded, a marker will show their last location on the map. Added the ability to boltcut handcuffs for a guaranteed unrestrain. Added boltcutters to the Master Bounty Hunter item shop. Black Type 115 to the APD undercover shop. US Assault Pack to rebel clothing shop. Second bank location added near Athira. New designs for both banks by @Jbdragon. Will operate the same as Pyrgos bank. Reworked Evidence Lockup. Decreased timer between downs while within the fence zone. Anti-Air capabilities have been added to the defense systems of the lockup. The fence and AA zone is marked on the map via a blue polygon. Seized inventory is now added to the loot pools. Any Arma 3 physical items seized from a player or vehicle will always get put in to evidence storage. There is a 50% any seized virtual items from a player or vehicle will go in to evidence storage. The items will roll over through server restarts and will continue piling up until someone spawns the evidence loot. Cops will dynamically spawn in the fence while the defense systems are online. Cops have a max of 2 lives spawning inside the fence. There are a few possible loadouts you can spawn in with. Follow on-screen notifications to spawn at the lockup and use the spawn menu when redeploying or re-spawning. The dome will require an explosive charge to break in to the dome and will require you to hold off the APD for some time to get that juicy loot. Cool down for evidence lockup has been reduced, obviously the more frequent you do the lockup, the less chances of getting good loot. Quest System - WIP Due to several reworkings the quest system is partially in. You cannot do quests at this time but feel free to have a look at the list of various quests and seasonal quests that will give you various in-game benefits and cash upon completion. This would've been done but it has been reworked like 3 times now to be more advanced and better than originally planned. Changed/Tweaked: The scroll wheel action text of "Bounty Hunter Training <price>" to accurately reflect the cost ($12,500 instead of $6,500). The uranium radiation zone to match the red circle. Cop redeploy menu to allow escape pressing (to exit the menu). Cop re-gearing to allow re-gearing without a primary weapon. The re-gear price will also more accurately reflect the actual loadout price. Jail breakouts to not clear your charges. Various scroll wheel actions to not show up if the the target is in a vehicle. Reduced the prices of the Qilin and Prowler by 33%. Increased the sell price of meth by around 13%. Some minor performance improvements. You must be combat free for several seconds to utilize the redeploy menu or redeploy as a cop to evidence lockup. Fixed: Protector 9mm missing magazines in the cop shop. Vermin missing magazines in the UC cop shop. Fuel not saving when storing a vehicle. Cop boat garage not working properly. Ability to pull undercover vehicles from cop garage without using the undercover role. People being able to move with godmode when being unrestrained while downed. "Aiding escape from custody" charge being given when escorting someone in civ restraints. The incorrect title being set for some titles when joining the server. Red jetskis attempting to apply the incorrect texture. The group revive request bypass not working. The ability to autorun while injured. Incorrect Mk14 magazines for BR and the weapon shop. A text message exploit. Charge being applied when restraining group members' bounties while having the Master Bounty Hunter talent. A potential cop prestige wipe. Bounty not being removed from bounty hunters' lists when paying off your bounty at the courthouse. Damage being applied to you from placed objects. Cops being able to find drugs in drug runner planes before it has been loaded with drugs. Arrest location of Sofia skiptracer to be where intended. The "Send to jail from anywhere" action disappearing. A "code loop" being created every time you die. Vehicle inventory seizing not cancelling if the cop car drove off. A duping exploit. Removed: Armor stacking with Tracksuits. Temporary rewards from the May donation goal. The Terrorist talent required to buy and use suicide vests. Hotfix #1: Fixed the SpyGlass disconnect when attempting to repack mags. Fixed misc map issues. Hotfix #2: Fixed more map issues. Fixed the action for toggling the Athira lighthouse. Fixed rangefinders not showing names of players with a mask. Fixed some Evidence Lockup issues. Removed suicide vest from the APD undercover shop. Hotfix #3: More Evidence Lockup fixes. Hotfix #4: Changed shipwreck loot to not get cleaned up. Fixed an issue with the Evidence Lockup fence. Fixed Evidence Lockup deploying only working if in a vehicle, rather than if not in a vehicle. Changed how clothing skins are applied to be more reliable. Changed the loadout system to save clothing skins. For this reason everyone's loadouts have been deleted, and they will have to be saved again. Fixed an issue that caused loadout slots in the loadout system to not show up. Changed meat cooking to work with rabbits and snakes. Please report any bugs and/or exploits that you found via the support ticket system or message @Jesse or @Azeh. Thank you. Oh also, we added @Solarmender to the development team and @Ignis to our Web Development team to aide My Asylum development.
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