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Clint Beastwood

****APD Policy Update 09/16/17****

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New Rules of engagement for Helicopters (Hovering or Flying) for ground units*

Audible Sirens are no longer an acceptable form of initiation for helicopters.**

From here onward - Officers of the APD are to initiate with helicopters that are hovering or flying by the following actions ONLY.***

- Text message to any occupants (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Passenger) with instructions

- Direct phone call to any occupants (Pilot, Co-Pilot, Passenger) 


*Helicopter in pursuit of helicopter may use sirens to initiate

**There is only ONE exception to this new policy

Sirens may ONLY be used when a helicopter is Grounded or Spooling up (starting up).


***Warning shots still apply - please make sure to give ample time to change flight pattern




Any questions or clarification please feel free to ask a Captain.

Thank you.

Chief Beastwood.

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