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  1. Maaaaaaaan when rebels get away with cash you just pull one of these
  2. Bob 'n weave in your shiny APD hummingbird
  3. @Leady Blackshot is a great choice, he won't fail you!
  4. Shave completely when it becomes an issue
  5. The music made me puke
  6. I dont even know what to say
  7. I can't seem to get ahold of nudes from @Roice perhaps you could help out? I'll pay a fine price.
  8. I don't have align right but i do have centre.. what the fuck is this shit
  9. I think i belong to the 5% of people that never made a montage and just plays for fun instead of ego.
  10. @Boris Can we start a gang that generates enough money to sell for 1,5k dollars a month? We'd get good servers.
  11. How much we're talking about?
  12. I thought you felt like they censored things by modqueuing you or other individuals. Its also true you've never done anything to me but it's called reputation. From my perspective it was on topic but since you cleared that out ill just go back to lurking. Cya!
  13. Eh believe me it's a hype, everyone is just actively doing this because it's a hot topic. It'll move over
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