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  1. Aha aah haa ahhaaa x 50 + Telephone ring .Idk sounds like a long loop to me.Where is the build up, drop, or riff or anything I wouldn't put this in my playlist. But i have a feeling you're definitely progressing.
  2. So why pacman? You channel that spirit animal when pushing cartels? I would personally love a black ifirit with a cool design on it. It's hard to pick a design i agree to that.
  3. Skin looks well made to me tbh but i just don't get the theme. When im driving an ifrit i wanna look cool, not some fortnite level of "arcade" skin slapped on top of the vehicle. Thats just my two cents.
  4. The Asylum Store doesn't look that great and when you look at the products there is nothing appealing about it. You just see the a colored icon of a chest with the name of the crate and how much it costs. I suggest that you are able to see a preview of some (or all) of the loot in the crates. I think this will interest people into buying more keys, more $$ towards the server and shouldn't be too much work. Just as an example when i check what i can get from a CSGO crate i start drooling and really want to buy some keys. @GO7NEY @Mitch (IFRIT)
  5. When i read this i instantly thought about Jim, where the fck is he?
  6. Hmm probably mixed it up in my memories, either way congratz!
  7. @Sky Just checking, are you that Sky who was really dedicated about bounty hunting like 3 years ago?
  8. Only clothes/vehicles then? If so, the higher quality the looks are the better they sell consistantly. People are gonna wander around and see that sick ass geared rebel/cop walking around and wonder how do i get that?! It's probably alot of work, but i feel like thats where u can get alot of money from. Maybe let community come up with designs and try look what is possible to make ^^
  9. That instrumental seems to have more layers to it, i hope you know what i mean. It variates more than the one you made. And seems like you got to find yourself a vocalist or someone to colaborate with to make music. If thats your goal ofc anyway i have 0 experience or info about making music so these are just my 2 cents. Maybe @Roice has some feedback for you, he's the real deal.
  10. I'm all for constructive criticism. This is just a monotone beat for 3 minutes with a few things like gunfire added into it. As it is right now, i'd find it boring and don't like it. But you could turn it into something great or shit so i'd say keep working on it and show a final product. Is your aim with this to go instrumental or will you add vocals to it later on?
  11. Midamaru


    So to get nice picture you need an EMP and a good camera?
  12. I was wondering the same thing, but i guess that just happens when you don't play anymore.
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