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  1. I'm sorry been gone for a while, what is the ratio? Is there an X amount of cops allowed per civ online or something?
  2. R.I.P for all the non forum users who will probably not find the server back and move on.
  3. Good to see you man, are you working for NASA yet?
  4. Please work on your formatting, i'm not even going to read it as it is now.
  5. You guys are missing the time where almost every thread was being locked within a few replies, then a new thread would start on the same topic until the creater got modqueued? The time we had Asylumleaks full with obnoxious staff and other reports/suspicions ect? Captains that did outrageous shit and started wars with the big gangs on the server locking down HQ's for entire days ect? Yeah me too
  6. That doesn't solve your problem, if there is a gang in kavala who are groupped with a friend who is not in the gang. He can still kill you. We already have the system in place that whenever someone shoots you, all members of that person's group will have red names for your group. This is probably the best system you will get for this problem.
  7. Wait why is half ION applying to DS? whats going on
  8. Midamaru

    Zaros Shed

    700? friend price pleaseee
  9. Midamaru

    Zaros Shed

    Hajajajaja 500k mannnn
  10. Red is dead. However it's risky, if you accidentially down/kill someone with that initial shot, you can go on a nice vacation.
  11. What is wrong with the current earbuds? You toggle between 100%, your custom set volume, and half of it. For me it feels like the best feature ever.
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