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  1. This is genius! Well done @Luke SwagWalker
  2. Faze you said? i got that too, watch this 180 hatchback push into deerstand.
  3. I guess it really needs some clarification because thats how i see it. From my experience players that i know have been doing this all the time and have not been banned for it. So like i said, they probably mean it in the way i explained it. I'm not trying to justify anything. I never even used it myself, nor would i be against disabling it or making it bannable. @Mason *Poke* do your CM thing
  4. Midamaru

    COVID Baby

    I got braindamage reading this
  5. Midamaru

    COVID Baby

    Do some research before you call a virus which is classified as a pandemic nothing worse than a flu. Colleague of mine is italian and lost half of his family due to this "normal flu". Absolutely devastating to watch him cry as he was informing my team that he was taking some time off to deal with his loss.
  6. I have NO shame into my pronunciation of garage either.
  7. Damn i guess you are wearing a tin foil hat that prevents me from changing your mind. Meanwhile, the rest of the server will be allowed to bomb people with a speedBOMB.
  8. You're misinterpreting it, using a slingloaded car with speedbomb is currently allowed. Let me break it down for you. Dropping a sling loaded vehicle from a helicopter to intentionally kill a player or cause destruction by "bombing" them is also considered VDM and is not allowed. Not allowed: Bombing is refering to dropping a slingloaded vehicle from a helicopter to damage/destroy a vehicle or kill a player. In this example, the slingloaded vehicle is doing the damage to the player/vehicle. This is NOT allowed, and is considered VDM. Allowed: Attaching a bomb to a car, slingloading it with a helicopter into the proximity of a player/vehicle to kill or damage them. In this example, the explosion of the speedbomb is doing the damage to the player/vehicle. This is allowed and NOT considered VDM. If you are looking for clarification then the staff can add this to the rule clarification thread. However i think you are trying to make a suggestion to not allow speedbombs to be attached to cars which are then slingloaded into detonation. I think the developers could even disable that, but i think you would have to rephrase your thread to make that clear for them.
  9. I don't know, ask @Ethan Darrell. It's his decision, but i think it's because that i haven't been banned for anything for so long. Like i said, you rammed me with your ifrit to get your first kill. That's VDM because my vehicle isn't armored like an ifrit. That's why i came back and VDM-ed you. And don't break the server rules just because i did, what i did was wrong.
  10. This is not a justice system with laws, its a game server with rules. It wasn't so severe, you guys were laughing your asses off, lost a few loadouts but in the end got the tempest. I got a day ban, should've been longer in my opinion because i got all 4 of you. But don't accuse me of racism, my actions were because you initially started ramming. I would've come back and do what i did to anyone. I just mentioned the "chinese" gang, i'll refer to them as Dragon. Because i have seen you RDM/VDM/Exploit a lot, just think its a bit hypocrite to call me out when people of your own gang do way worse things regularly.
  11. What they don't show is that once i heard an ifrit incoming i started to leave in my tempest and they absolutely rammed the living soul out of me. I came back with my own ifrit to take revenge. I'll take the ban but i think the "Abominable person" are the guys in that chinese gang who do nothing else than RDM/VDM/Exploit themselves. For example, wanna know what happened with my tempest? Got into an accident with a shed after they took it. @manhua I think it's been 4 years since i was last banned for something. The way it works on asylum is that they start with a slap on the wrist if you break the rules, but if you continue doing it the ban duration will increase.
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