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  1. Good to see you around @BaDaBiNg_10-8 , hope all is well!!! When are you gonna jump back on?
  2. Old video of Regiment getting taken down by a group of constables on server 4.
  3. @YuSheng's lips are more chapped from the cigarettes and ginseng.
  4. Sad to see you go @Clint Beastwood... Been fun times man! Hope to see you around every so often. Take care brother... o7
  5. Please don’t reinstall Arma. You’re fucking cancer on the servers. Thank You.
  6. You'll be missed @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Hope to see you hop on from time to time. It was a pleasure to play on the servers, serve as an admin and hang out with you in person. Hope this won't be the last we hear from ya. o7 Buddy. Congrats to @Jesse, I haven't had the pleasure in meeting you, but you must be a good dude, if you joined forces with @Clint Beastwood ! Looking forward to see the new changes!!
  7. Great Job guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  8. Subaru


    I dindu nuffin....
  9. Looks like a pretty good patch.... Looking forward to play cop and some civ. New weapons will be fun. Oh, who the hell let Google back?
  10. Farewell buddy! Best of luck in your future! Hope to see you around here, when you have the time. It was fun times playing on Asylum with you! o7
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