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  1. I was just arrested the other night by a cop (Venatus) and he seized my MX. He revoked my bounty hunter license as well! I argued and asked, "Do you really expect me to fight a fully geared rebel with a P07?" He laughed as he made me lose $15k in total fees. I would be happy to use the Spar-16 if it were legal to avoid such encounters in the future.
  2. Well, why wouldn't you just buy a 120k house rather than a 220k house? My point I was trying to make in my original post was that there should be a variation. Otherwise, there is no point in jumping 100k for no extra storage.
  3. As an off and on player of Asylum for 2 years, I have seen few changes to the server. To keep up with competition against Olympus, I have decided to add a few of my suggestions to the server. These could be great additions to Asylum. Now, it is up to the players to vote for these changes and the developers to implement them. I hope that you take them into consideration for making Asylum great again. Government Changes Impeach Governors: Too many times have I seen a governor promising 0% taxes and legal weed, only for the governor to get elected and raise taxes to 20% and stay offli
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