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  1. I was just arrested the other night by a cop (Venatus) and he seized my MX. He revoked my bounty hunter license as well! I argued and asked, "Do you really expect me to fight a fully geared rebel with a P07?" He laughed as he made me lose $15k in total fees. I would be happy to use the Spar-16 if it were legal to avoid such encounters in the future.
  2. Well, why wouldn't you just buy a 120k house rather than a 220k house? My point I was trying to make in my original post was that there should be a variation. Otherwise, there is no point in jumping 100k for no extra storage.
  3. As an off and on player of Asylum for 2 years, I have seen few changes to the server. To keep up with competition against Olympus, I have decided to add a few of my suggestions to the server. These could be great additions to Asylum. Now, it is up to the players to vote for these changes and the developers to implement them. I hope that you take them into consideration for making Asylum great again. Government Changes Impeach Governors: Too many times have I seen a governor promising 0% taxes and legal weed, only for the governor to get elected and raise taxes to 20% and stay offline the whole term. This has been stopped mostly by me on Server 2 by always running and endorsing trustworthy candidates, but there is always the occasional tyrant who gets elected. This could all be fixed by the addition of an impeachment system. Maybe if 75% of the people who VOTED in the election can cast another vote to impeach the governor, that would fix the tyrants from rising to power. People who did not vote for a governor are unable to vote for impeachment. This feature of only allowing the voters to vote on impeachment would prevent false impeaching from major gangs when their member did not win the election. Term Increase to 7 days: As a frequent candidate running for governor, I find it hard to keep track of when the election will be concluded. If the terms were based on 7 day terms, we wouldn't have to think about when the next election would be, we would just know. If I get elected Monday, I have to think forward 5 days to when the next election would be (Friday) instead of just knowing that it would be the following Monday. Also, each person might not be able to play as governor during the week, so they could at least have a weekend each term.This isn't a necessity, but it is surely a commodity. Plus, when paired with the impeachment system, we could get rid of any lazy or lying governors during that week's worth of time. Government App on Phone: (offers 4, 5, and 6) Way to check the Polls: When waiting for the next election, you never know how much you need to campaign. Do I already have enough votes, or do I need to campaign more? Well, with a semi-live poll (either updated every restart or if possible updated every time a vote is cast), we would no longer need to ask that question. We could see who is winning the race, and who the next governor is going to be. Way to see the current Governor: Who is the governor? Well, unless he or someone who knows is on, there is no way to tell. If we had a governor app on the phone, we could easily see who the governor is by the click of a button. Easy way to see the Governor's policies: Unless you are a fan of checking the map to see if weed is legal, checking the money tab to see taxes, and refueling your car to see gas taxes, being able to see the policies enacted by the governor on your phone all in one organized app would be significantly better. Housing Changes House Ownership: I am unsure on the legitimacy of this point, but I heard that if you own a house on server 2 and stop playing server 2, going to another Asylum server, your house will not go up for sale for as long as you play on that other Asylum server. If this is true, then I would like to see if we could get rid of this feature. It is legit impossible to find an industrial shed on server 2, and if the owner never even gets on server 2, I don't think it is fair for them to keep that shed on server 2. Seeing House Owners: I would like to be able to see who owns each house so that I could possibly negotiate with the owner to buy the house from them. I always see every house is owned, but I never know by who. Instead of wasting time either making a forum post, hoping the house goes up for sale, or asking in side chat who owns the house, I would rather be able to know by pulling up the house menu. Adding Lights: Sometimes, I spawn in my house at night when it is pitch black and am unable to find my way throughout the house. With adding just two or three simple "bulbs" (aka random entities of light sort of like the blinker lights) that are able to be turned on and off, not only would night time look a lot more lively, but when spawning in, we could actually find our storage crates. Sure, if we had NVG's, we could see, but when spawning in without them on a pitch black night, it is a little annoying finding your way around. Adding Furniture: I think that it would be nice to be able to customize your house with more items than just a crate or barrel. If we could add some chairs or a desk (like the house in Kavala), it would feel more like a house instead of just a place for storage. Also, we could have practical uses for furniture, like a table that we can place a map down onto and mark on it whilst on the table. We could draw gang plans for cartels, place markers, etc. all exclusive to that specific map on the table. This, again, isn't a necessity, but it would be cool to see this implemented, because right now, the housing is a little bland. Garages: When pulling out a large vehicle out of a garage, you are sometimes met with that vehicle blowing up. This could be fixed by either the vehicle spawning outside of the garage, or just by a little error message at the top right telling you that the vehicle is too big to be pulled out of that garage. House Storage Capacity: I think that the house capacities should be varied. A 70k house can hold 2 large storage crates. A 220k house can hold 2 large storage crates. When buying a more expensive house, you should also be buying into a higher amount of storage. Otherwise, it is pointless to buy the more expensive houses, other than location. Every price jump, you could add another crate. 70k house holds 2 crates, 120k and 150k hold 3, and 220k hold 4 crates. Vehicles Different Vehicles: I would like to see an expanded variety of vehicles and their colors. Either you could add in modded vehicles, which would be pretty cool, or add in just a bigger variety of vehicle colors to choose from. Bounty System Hit and Runs: I am tired of playing as a medic, or just a civilian, when people run out in front of my car to troll. Either make it to where medics are unable to receive bounties, or just take the hit and run charge off. If the person is blatantly VDMing, a 1k ticket isn't going to stop them. A 1k ticket on the other hand will prevent a medic from continuing on as a medic after the next restart. Bounty Hunters Weapons: I have begun using the bounty hunter class just to get an MX. These weapons are one hit down weapons. If someone is telling you to freeze, you can turn and spray a mag at them with an MX and as long as one shot hits, you are good. I wouldn't view it as a problem if rebel gangs didn't use them. They use them so that they can down you, and then kill you. If you just nerfed the guns enough to where they aren't one hit down, maybe it would be more balanced. Talents Scotch: Scotch is a great moneymaking strategy, but it could be a little bit better with the addition of talents. Every illegal item has a talent for it except for scotch. Now, it is already easy enough to do, but it would be better to have a talent like Age 23 Scotch Each Restart so you don't have to wait for those pesky 7 scotch bottles to finish aging. You could also add like 10% faster processing so you can get out of that scary scotch distillery faster. Also, you could add a chance for a higher yield out of a barley bush. Talent Points: It would be cool if we had more talent points. It is annoying having to unlearn half of my talents to be able to learn a different set. If we rounded up to 30 or maybe even 35, it would be a lot easier to access different talent trees.
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