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  1. Was looking for a suggestion section didn't see one so i figured i'd post in off topic and see if someone points me in the direction of one. I know we aren't allowed to buy empty store front buildings and/or bombed out buildings. is that an arma thing or server thing? maybe it could be possible in the future to buy them maybe storage not so much respawn? because a lot of us don't have millions upon millions lingering in the bank. and it would be cool to RP living in shambles.
  2. Why nerf the coke brick sale price? You basically just made it harder while reducing the sale price by $260. Buffing Heisenberg meth makes sense due to how far you must travel to complete the process but why buff regular meth and not, at the very least, leave coke bricks at $960? You could still make the argument that meth is harder to do than coke (it is) but the sale price of bricks is complete dog shit now given you have to do it across 3 locations.
  3. any chance we can get phone app games to able to play a game within a game, for those of us who are bad at pvp?
  4. Have you ever took a dump, wiped and showered and still had swap ass at the end of the day?
  5. I sit to poo, Depends on my mood if i wipe or not, I squat in front of the toilet and sweep all obstructions out of the butt-hole before proceeding, Either i shower and go on with my day,
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