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  1. I just notice dragons use too much lag if theres no admin ONLINE =
  2. you guys are sooo much lag!!! sometimes you guys invisibile in your lag! even you guys vpn. make you guys moreee laggyyyyy! RIP HENRED I HAVE A LOT OF VIDEOS OF YOU GUYS!!! YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOOD JUST LAG
  3. msg me in the game i will give you 100k to buy 2 hummingbird
  4. even we're from asia and china is not so far away from us they're lagging so bad and they're teleporting in my monitor. im playing with my 2 friends they're from new zealand(more far away than beijing china(location of dragons) they're not laggy or lagging to me they're stable like americans that more far away than china) so maybe the problem is not the server the problem is your connection chineesseeeeeeee you guys have better internet provider and fast internet speed than philippines but i think were more stable than you guys if you will reason to me you guys using vpn thats why you lag, as far as i know VPN is to provide you a stable and good connection. you GUYS ARE STABLE WHEN YOU'RE NOT FIGHTING!!! BUT WHEN YOU GUYS GOT DISCONNECTED AND CAMEBACK YOU GUYS ARE LIKE IN SUPER SAIYAN MODE!!! YOU GUYS TELEPORTING AND FLYING!! SOMTIMES INVISIBLE!!!! IF YOU THINK YOU GUYS ARE GOOD! LOOOOL. YOU GUYS ARE JUST LUCKY THAT ASYLUM DOESNT HAVE A LAN TOURNAMENT CUZ WE CAN SEE WHO IS THE SHIT AIM IN THE GAME
  5. hahahahahahahhahahaha very true my friend they're teleporting
  6. You guys aren't Good in game actually. you guys are just lagggggggy
  7. Toooo muchhhh vpn very laggyyy
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