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  1. hahahaahahhaahah if youre fighting chinese expect the impossible to possible. clearly lag switch.
  2. remove smoke problem.solved try to remove the smoke and letsee the result and feedback from players and majority feedback will won. these is my best options remove smoke or put smoke remove blurr remove tilde which is i think fair
  3. thats my boy i train tyrone in kavala everyday he fight with 100rdmers in sq
  4. Richard stance user tell me to use Stance to get better kills. imagine he is playing with 6ppl or more than v.s me playing solo and none stance user
  5. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS TIER! BEAST!!!
  6. theres a lot of ppl using esp in the server junke. yes sir thats the real problem there lol. so manyyy theyre obvious. FOR FAIR PLAY. What about JUST SHOW THE NAME? SO we whos not using cheat or esp or any special software can fight fairly with the cheaters? JUST SHOW THE NAME!!! and let us do the kill
  7. ULTRA INSTINCT! youre just a shit aim darnell
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