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****APD Policy Update 6/26/2020****

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Effective Immediately

Illegal Items and Weapons

The IR Laser is no longer considered police equipment and may be purchased by civilians and CPL+.

The long barrel shotgun is now an illegal weapon. 

One Minute Procedure

Officers will now have the ability to send a suspect to jail at any location when the two minute server restart mark hits. 

Any suspect in custody within one minute server restart must be giving a chance to pay their ticket. If you are inside or outside of an HQ if they refuse the ticket, send them to jail. 

Bounty Hunters

Officers may seize a bounty hunter license if:

  • You witness them commit a crime worth $5,000 or more (that they do not have role-play justification for).
  • They have a charge of "bounty hunter execution".

You should only fully Revoke a bounty hunter license if the bounty hunter has kidnapped an officer or civilian who is not their bounty. Revoking a bounty hunter license for a server restart will be limited to Corporal+ and it is expected that you use your best judgement. Abuse of this function will result in disciplinary action. 

Vehicle Seizing (Lieutenant+)

Lieutenant+ may repair illegal vehicles and drive them to the closest HQ for seizing. 

  • Only LT+ only may drive the illegal vehicle.
  • In order to drive the vehicle all occupants must be in custody or lethaled. 
  • You may not use the vehicle for armor on armor attacks. 
  • You may only defend yourself if you are disabled or flipped. 

Federal Gold bar Seizing

During federal reserve robberies Captains may now search and seize vehicles involved in the robbery regardless of combat occurring. This only applies to vehicles that have entered than left the federal reserve.

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