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  1. i remember pulling ppl out of helicopters in the sky, that shit was funny.
  2. If only higher ups listened smh my head
  3. Pretty fucking easy if you ask me
  4. Bag Of Funyuns


    I'm sorry but like what the fuck goes through your head?
  5. Bag Of Funyuns


    “i’m a jealous boy, really feel like john lennon” -Juice WRLD John Lennon’s death: 12/8/80, age 40 Juice WRLD’s death: 12/8/19, age 21
  6. my point was that i dont say it ingame, i literally admitted to saying it out of game, but alright. LMAO those guys messages were pretty funny
  7. my point is that i dont say it ingame, luv u also, can i see that video?
  8. a privated video that I made???
  9. sup ron

    1. Calle.


      Dont give him the attention he wants

    2. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      He is upset because I denied his ban appeal. Obviously this was the right call to make.  

    3. Bag Of Funyuns
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