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  1. Sir we have two people. Me and Farmer Steve and we’re not in the same gang.
  2. real talk, whens governor coming back?
  3. Give farmer Steve cop back, he doesn’t break rules. Big brain.

  4. Maybe if the only weapon u get is a pm9
  5. I'm a law abiding officer of the APD so if I drive the speed limit of 80 kph and The Bank of Altis is about 20 km away from Kavala, my preferred city. It will take me roughly 15 minutes to get to The Bank of Altis. By that time, the robbers have already made it to Rebel. I'm sorry, but this will not be happening sir.
  6. shits wack tbh, i go there to get banned and thats about it.
  7. u can’t say shit when you’re still on these forums making shit fucking beats.
  8. I would take them but that'll take years to get them out of your house, bring them to kavala. switch between server 2 to server 1 and transfer each weapon individually.
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