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  1. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY New Federal Event - Mental Asylum: Officers are required to show up to the Mental Asylum Federal Event for the first 15 minutes. Meaning, you will show up indefinitely for the first 15 minutes. If the rebels are able to enter and successfully hack the laptop the two life rule will kick in. You MUST give two additional lives once the hacking timer begins. Officers may use the Kore checkpoint to deploy to this federal event. However, you will take all suspects to a police HQ for processing. Response Priority: In the rare situation that more than one event is triggered, officers should attempt to respond to these events with the following priority: Federal Reserve robbery Bank of Altis Evidence Lockup Mental Asylum Prison Break Shipping Robbery Ignition Bomb/Thermite: Anyone found with an ignition bomb or thermite will be charged with possession of explosives. Keep in mind the Mental Asylum Event is new and policy is subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact a Captain.
  2. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY OYSTERS: Oyster gathering has been added and charges shall be added as applicable: Possession of Oysters if suspect has fresh or cooked oysters Possession of Fried Oysters if suspect has fried oysters If a civilian has both fried oysters and cooked/fresh oysters only charge the suspect with Possession of Fried Oysters. CIVILIAN STRIDER: Civilians may now purchase and use striders. They are an illegal vehicle and shall be seized. The driver shall be charged with Driving an Illegal Vehicle. SHIPPING ROBBERY: If the Shipping Robbery Vehicle has been spawned in for 3 minutes without rebels leaving the designated chop shop red zone any APD Officer may enter the driver seat of the vehicle and attempt to drive it to a safe location where a 1 minute all clear must be observed prior to seizing. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact a Captain. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2021! Oorah! - The Captains
  3. Effective Immediately Evidence Lockup After Evidence Lockup is robbed and deemed "All clear" officers must enable the power at the Evidence Lockup. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  4. Cops can revoke a license for a server cycle only when a bounty hunter kidnaps an officer or civilian who is not their bounty. If they don't meet these requirements when they can "seize" the license, you can just buy it again. Cops can seize a license for a $5,000 bounty or the Bounty hunter execution charge.
  5. Raza was a SGT years before he got admin... Also, lets keep this thread to the suggestions and not another promotions complaint post. +1 to all of these. ESPECIALLY cop ratio.
  6. Effective Immediately Prison Breaks Assisting or initiating a "prison break" will no longer be a straight to jail charge. Any civilian who initiates or participates in breaking anyone out of prison will have the right to explain their charges. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a Captain.
  7. Effective Immediately Illegal Items and Weapons The IR Laser is no longer considered police equipment and may be purchased by civilians and CPL+. The long barrel shotgun is now an illegal weapon. One Minute Procedure Officers will now have the ability to send a suspect to jail at any location when the two minute server restart mark hits. Any suspect in custody within one minute server restart must be giving a chance to pay their ticket. If you are inside or outside of an HQ if they refuse the ticket, send them to jail. Bounty Hunters Officers may seize a bounty hunter license if: You witness them commit a crime worth $5,000 or more (that they do not have role-play justification for). They have a charge of "bounty hunter execution". You should only fully Revoke a bounty hunter license if the bounty hunter has kidnapped an officer or civilian who is not their bounty. Revoking a bounty hunter license for a server restart will be limited to Corporal+ and it is expected that you use your best judgement. Abuse of this function will result in disciplinary action. Vehicle Seizing (Lieutenant+) Lieutenant+ may repair illegal vehicles and drive them to the closest HQ for seizing. Only LT+ only may drive the illegal vehicle. In order to drive the vehicle all occupants must be in custody or lethaled. You may not use the vehicle for armor on armor attacks. You may only defend yourself if you are disabled or flipped. Federal Gold bar Seizing During federal reserve robberies Captains may now search and seize vehicles involved in the robbery regardless of combat occurring. This only applies to vehicles that have entered than left the federal reserve.
  8. Yes. there will be a new process that we are currently working on.
  9. Effective Immediately Casino Policy The Casino will be off limits for on-duty APD officers. However, officers are allowed to go to Casino with legitimate reason, such as: Active Visual Pursuit Rescue a kidnapped officer Once officers arrive at the casino they may only retrieve the suspects involved. They may not restrain anyone else at the casino, you may only apprehend the suspects involved in the active visual pursuit and the suspects involved in the kidnapping.
  10. I added on to what I said Yeah think about like the Training team. They are a sub division from PD and it's ran by LTs/SGTs, they recruit their FTOs and all.
  11. Swat ranks? Swat should be a sub division to the APD, not a separate department. Not sure if it was already said, didn't read the comments. Swat commander should be an LT and Major should be a SGT or another LT. There's not reason for a Captain to run SWAT since they run PD. By making ranks that have nothing to do with SWAT you separate it from PD, turns into NATO or Military Police, might as well call it that. Either way thats my opinion.
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