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  1. Effective Immediately Corporal playtime requirement The APD staff team have decided to move to a 10-hour playtime requirement for Corporal. No activity warnings will be given. Applicant playtime requirements There will now be a 20-hour civilian playtime requirement to apply to the APD (Medic playtime will not count). To apply to the APD, you must meet the following requirements: Able to use voice communication (TeamSpeak 3). Able to speak fluent English. Must have at least 12 talent points – Screenshot will be required. Must have at least 20 hours played on the server. Must be 16 years or older. Must not be currently blacklisted from the APD. Must not have any active bans on Asylum. Keep in mind that playtime requirements may change at any time. Probable cause section in the Guidebook A new Probable Cause section has been added to the guidebook. Eventually, the Probable Cause section in Patrolling will be moved to this new page.
  2. Lol most definitely not me. But I think I know who you are referring too
  3. Good now I can hop on without getting flashed 100 times
  4. I think you misunderstood what i said... Had nothing to do with processing or robocopping. Just simply with the traffic stop shown in the video but okay.
  5. Falls under common sense. Why would you not instruct a suspect with a 126K bounty to step out of his vehicle with his hands up? Someone with a 100K bounty is someone who can be deemed dangerous. better safe than sorry...
  6. Bro you had a 100k bounty... How are you not "Marked dangerous"???? Doesn't matter you didn't run, you also had clear intentions to shoot the officer. You're also blasting some music, no wonder you cant hear anything.
  7. I'm no captain but I don't see any issues with this. If your not feeling like role playing then you're better off handing the suspect over to an officer who is.
  8. I agree nothing worst than a bare minimum inactive LT taking up a slot.
  9. You are currently blacklisted for lying about your age. Please do not re-apply until your blacklist has been removed. It may be appealed here.
  10. I was having the same issue yesterday and I tried everything and nothing seemed to fix it. Until I just let it play out and it fixed it self. Give it a few minutes after it starts skipping.
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