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****APD Policy Update 8/29/2022****


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The following has been changed in regards to illegal areas:

  • SGT+ are no longer allowed to use drones to search illegal areas.

    • SGT+ are still able to fly over in helicopters. 

  • Each SGT+ may only have one drone in the air at a time.

The following has been changed in regards to APD staff playtime.

  • Once playtime hours are met (25 hours), playtime will now count towards APD activities.

    • 1 activity will be earned for every 3 hours played increasing by 1 hours for every additional activity earned in this way. (First activity at 28 hours, second at 32 hours and so on..)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, or would like to discuss a policy change, feel free to contact a Captain.

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